What to do with all my extra 5*s

So this has probably already been asked but what do I do with all these extra 5s? I have the HA, every 7 days I keep getting junk. I’m tired of hanging on to 5 Junes and 4 Magnis. Should I just level them away or keep hanging onto them? The HA is a big let down. I was wanting to fill that thing with extra 5s but you have to do them one at a time.

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If you aren’t plannng on using HA 10 anymore, I’d eat them


The question that has been ignored for years.

Small Giant have yet to conjure a way to make the duplicate hero issue profitable for them.
No money for them, no honey for you.


I have the same issue. So far I gave up on Hero Academy. They need to allow us make a queue. Training one by one is insane…


It’s SG, every aspect of HA is by deliberate design. As mentioned, if it’s not profitable for them they’re not gonna lift a finger.


i keep at least 2 of each legendary. You never know when you’ll need a spare. Besides, they may come out with an event that may require duplicate heroes

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I second @Chadmo, as long as it’s a S1 5* (trainable in tc20).

If you don’t have costume for Magni, I’d only keep one for collection. You could do the same for Joon.

I don’t have non-S1 5* dupes, so I’d hesitate to feed away any.

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I’ve been wondering the same thing to myself. I’ve got all the S1 5* heroes except Domitia but I have Seshat so I really have no need for her. They’ve talked about making 5* dupes valuable in the past and a lot of people hoped it would be with the HA 10 but it isn’t. With the 2021 plans for the year already announced and nothing about a HA rework or something else to make the dupes valuable seems to indicate things won’t change anytime soon and while it’s hard to give up those 5* heroes it seems like it is time to just feed them away.

For HA10 I get that they don’t want it turning into a way to bank 5* heroes but it would be nice if we could at least queue up two trainings so we didn’t have to try to collect it immediately to be able to keep it going. A bad as the odds or i have gotten a Poseidon from it so I will keep running it.


I just ate a couple this morning - Magni and Vivica. My thinking was: great as they are, I don’t need more than one unless I get their costume, which comes with another copy anyway; most HA retrains (all of mine so far bar a new Marjana) are s1 dupes, so I don’t need many spaces for exciting output; and in the unlikely event the pool of unneeded 5* dries up I can always give HA10 a rest for a while. It’s 400 gems now to open up another 5 spaces and it’s already a pain scrolling through a large roster - nicer problem to have, you may say, but it’s a lot smaller if you discount the dupes and feeders. It would be so nice to have a vault/resting room sort of place to keep out of the way the ones you aren’t going to get round to soon.

It’s funny, I went for ages with no Magnis or Vivicas at all, then once I got the first one they started pouring in. I’ve eaten or retrained about five Vivicas already, and still have a spare Magni locked just in case of… I don’t know what.

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I still have a few S1 5s I’m missing so I’ll be glad to get those, I’m just a few days from finishing my HA10.

But at the same time over the long run I’d rather balance out to 2 of each 5* S1 rather than 5 elenas and 4 azlars. So I look at it as a way to “balance” my roster out, with a 5% chance at a rarer hero, and then when another solution comes I still have them ready to go if I prefer that.

This. If SG is just considerate and emphatic enough to feel that getting 5* heroes, classic or not, is just too darn low so that even if they are dupes, they are valuable enough that feeding them to other better 5* heroes or 4* heroes makes me shudder. I did. 10 of them. I just cant continuously buy hero cap increase from the in-game Shop as it is progressively getting expensive.

This topic has also been extensively discussed in various threads, including this:


yup, agree with many others.

I’ve fed away a couple of duplicate S1 5*s if I do not have the costume. pulling the costume will give me another anyway. Bye bye dupe Elkanen, for example.

I don’t foresee ever needing more than three of a 5*, and even three could be a stretch. so 4th Richard got fed, despite me having Richard’s costume…

would not be a problem if hero slots were cheaper, but I am at 150 gems for 5 hero slots now… nope!

I’ll be going through my dupe collection later… I have so many dupes sitting and gathering dust…

To add to that. people say “but it’s great with the costume!”. If you are lucky enough to pull that costume, you get another of the same hero. Load up on ham, and have a rotten hero feast.

completely agree. I’ve just gone through my dupe 5* list and fed away the following dupes - where I don’t have the costume.


I figure, if I ever do get their costumes, I will get another base dupe. All the above were sitting at 1/1 anyway.


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