[Play style, Guide] No regrets Lab v2.0 and Academy

[Play style, Guide] No regrets Lab v2.0 and Academy

Design specs

Both Lab v2.0, and Academy, are designed to get rid of access recruits, iron, food and 1* to 4* ascension items / ingredients / Battle items

No regret play style

Using my no regrets play style,

I will be keeping

Ascension item hoarding


ALL 1* Kits/ backpacks ( Uncommon recruit training - RT02 )


1* Clothes, Rugged 6,295x ( Extra fast recruit training - RT19 - for leveling costumes especially 4* 3.60 and 5* 2.60 )

1* Manuals, Training 545x to 1,090x ( Guaranteed rare - RT12 - Food storage for 5x to 10x 5* 1.1 to 5* 4.80 power leveling )

1* Sword, Practice 6,295x ( Common recruit training - RT01 - leveling costumes especially 4* 3.60 and 5* 2.60 )

Ingredients Hoarding


ALL 3* and 4* ingredients


Common Herb 250x to 750x

Clean Cloth 150x to 450x

Crypt Mushroom 50x to 150x

Firestone 50x to 150x

Large Bone 150x to 450x

Leather Strips 100x to 300x

Metal Ores 50x to 150x

Oil 100x to 300x

Potent Leaves 100x to 300x

Battle items Hoarding


Harpoons ALL

See above ingredients - Common Herbs, Large Bone, Clean Cloth - for why listed here

I also use as an iron sink ( see notes )

ALL Tornadoes

ALL Timestops

ALL 1* Battle items

My least used 1* Battle items are Arrow attacks, minor healing 100 HP, and healing 225 HP but I just recently needed the health potions - 100 HP & 225 HP


Axes 50x to 150x

Bomb attack 50x to 150x

Dragon attack 50x to 150x

Healing 500 HP potion ( Potent ) 50x to 150x

Mana 60% potion 50x to 150x


Not using, but still hopeful

Revive scroll 30x to 60x

Miracle scroll 5x to 10x


Click for notes

Iron sink


Battle item ingredients





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