[Implemented - V35] Alternate Raid and War defense formations - Please add your ideas and comments here!

(First, sorry for my English, I’m not a native speaker, but i’ll try to make my best. My game is in Spanish so probably not all translation will be correct).

i’d like to make a suggestion about the PVP part of the Game (Assaults).

As you can test during your adventure in the game it is important not only how many enemies you have, but also how the are deployed against you. Even when you have five enemies, they can be deployed with different Battle Order.

For instance, the default one for PVP is a Wedge, but you can see another like Inverted Wedge, Two at the Front or Three at the Front.

My suggestions is to let the gamers select which formation or Battle Order their Defensive Team will make to defend your stronghold. Depending on your heroes you may want a different one ( and it may be a hidden decision, so the attackers will have to managed with this feature after deciding to attack).

Probably the rest of the Users may have an opinion about it and improve it, but i really feel it is a good idea and something that the game is already capable of doing it.

Thanks for reading!


What effect would these different formations have on gameplay?


Thanks for your reply @Rook

It will take a little time and words, but i’ll try to explain it.

Now, we you attack another player he defends his stronghold with 5 Heroes (normally) and at the very beginning you can attack them with 7 lines, following the next structure (1-1-3-1-1) so you normally put your best hero in the middle. (It`s also important to say that normally you can attack the heroes with 2 lines, but one that can be attacked with 3 lines).

It is also necessary to say that if you attack a hero he/she also recharge his/her mana (so he/she will use his/her power more often).

Imagine another (call the first one, Wedge), this would be the “Inverse Wedge” with the following structure (2-1-1-1-2), so your are risking two heroes, but not as much as the one with 3 lines (in this case, the hero in the middle would be attack with 3 lines when the other 1-1 are defeated).

Another one could be Front Attack, (2-3-2), with two heroes at the back, protected until you defeat one of the front row.
The last one could be (1-2-1-2-1), two heroes at the front and three at the back… may be not so usefull, but you could use it if you want.

There are more posibilites like (3-1-1-1-1) or (1-1-1-1-3) Flank Attacks, similar to the first one, but other options…

This is my idea, just to put some more posibilites in the Assault phase… trying to enhance your defence according to your heroes…

That’s all, more or less…
See you!


This is an excellent idea. There are 7 Columns of tiles, in a typical layout, the middle 3 always hit your middle person. The next to the left is only column that reaches the hero to the left, and the left most column is the only column that hits the left most hero.


With this layout, your front hero gets hit by all three central tile columns.


With this format, the out two heroes take damage from the outer two columns of tiles, and the central hero only takes damage from the middle column… Interesting…


Bless you for making a picture for us less verbal types! :grin:


I’d like this option! It would freshen things up again, and wake up my brain into thinking up new strategies for attack and defense.


@Penari Thanks for the picture!

I’ll try to draw the different types, using letters for each hero and the columns of tiles that can attack them



Inverted Wedge:


Front Attack or Wall:


Hard Defence:


Right Flank


Left Flank


This may be the scheme of the different formations, more or less… You can see some of them in the game, Province 13, battle 6, I think… you can battle from 14 to 17 monsters in 4 battles for 4 world energy.

I’m happy you feel it is a good idea


I’m highly visual and cave drawings are a must! Thanks for the original idea AND the helpful drawings! :grin:


It would be cool if you could set your defensive team to different formations other than the default V-formation. Maybe an inverted V-formation where the center hero is all the way in the back and doesn’t have to be tank. Or maybe a formation where, from left to right, hero #1 is front line, hero #2 is middle, #3 is back, #4 front, #5 middle. It would add another dimension to this game and help in strategizing. The more customizable it is for the player the more enjoyable the game. This has been my experince in the past anyway… It would also help narrow the offensive disadvantage and perhaps then the defensive special attack rate can also go down. Less reasons for people to complain about the raid imbalance favoring the defense greatly.


Yes this will be a nice change. And maybe at 2 more, 2 in front and 3 in back or the other way around.

I mean i have seen some other bring it up to.

Hope the make this change for more raid fun.

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We asked for this months ago in line chat! @Wif I’d love to see it happen!


Yeah directly asked petri and rubiking about this in a line group containing the top beta players back In April I think. They completely ignored the suggestion. Chances are they won’t even read this post but we tried. Even asked them in an email too. Nothing but a generic response. Guess the small giant is too big to hear the players calls.
@Petri @RubiKinga @mhalttu


We do listen. It’s just a matter of priorities and resources. So many great ideas and so little time.


Thanks for taking time to respond. It goes a long way for us knowing that you guys are listening. As you can see there are a lot passionate players here who would love to see a good game turn into an even better game. I think we all see the potential of this game even though it’s not quite there yet. Keep up the good work.

Resources? I just gave you guys $200 the other day in gem purchase :wink: (I’m sure others have more with the prices you guys are selling stuff for). I’m kidding, of course. I understand.


As mhalttu commented, we definitely read your feedback and discuss it within the team. We might not always have the resources to reply to each one separately, but we do listen and your feedback is very much valued. Thanks for the great ideas, keep them coming! As an additional note to this, we are considering to create a combined post to the Ideas & Feature requests category, of the suggested ideas we are considering and the ideas that will be ruled out for the time being. We hope to start it sooner than later.

EDIT: You can find the post here Shortlist of Frequent Requests (Ruled Out & Considering - Please Read Before Posting!)


It will be more interesting to use different formations for defence team.

Now you always use V formation.
I think that reverse V will be usefull too.

May be
And reverse can be used too.

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It have been request and been seen by the staff members.

multiple defensive formations (22 days ago, no link just the name og the post)


I love the strategic element of the game, and the multiplicity of possible hero skills and combinations is a massive draw for me.

I wonder if it would be too difficult to add alternative hero formations to the game? Right now, as far as I can tell, there is only one arrangement for heroes during raids, and that is with one hero in the front row, two in the second, and three in the back. If we could choose alternate formations—say, two frontline and three in the back; or three in the front and two in the back; or three in the front, two in the second, and one on the back; et al.—the strategic possibilities would be greatly expanded, and the balance of slower AoE and fast-attacking single-strikers would be even more complex. It might allow developers more freedom in the creation of new and more diverse characters, as it would be easier to justify the creation of more specialized characters. In any case, it would certainly open up gameplay options for raid configurations.

Also, if it were possible to include a difficulty rating or a chance-to-hit based on one’s position in a formation—both for raids and for other battles—whereby players in the front row are easier to strike and players in the back row are more difficult to land clean shots on, that could add an interesting wrinkle to the game as well (particularly as things stand now, with tanks and AoE heroes being considerably disadvantaged in titan battles and raid attacks).

Monsters already have several options in terms of their configurations, so increased hero formation options doesn’t seem too difficult an option to implement. I don’t know about “to hit” odds, but these seem calculated in at least some sense (at least in terms of “blinded” attacks).

Just a thought… Thanks for listening, and for creating for us a fun little game.

All the best,


While I’m aware of at least one other post with the same topic, May I say that your posts are cleanly written, neatly arranged, and a pleasure to read? :wink:


Thanks, Rook. :sweat_smile:

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