🧪 The Beta Beat (v30) – Hero Balance Updates; Updated Alchemy Lab; Hero Academy; Updated Sand Empire Seasonal Event; Updated Path of Valor; New Season 3 Heroes; Jun/Jul/Aug/Sep HOTM – Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

When beta version 31 released with changes in the next 3 HOTM ? And no change in the this month traven of legends ?

I don’t know.

Nothing has been in Beta.

I do expect the Quest to be different, though.

Probably the version we saw in Beta, since the one last month was a second version that wasn’t tested in Beta.

That’s how the Costume Quest release worked too.

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Was the beta version also has turtle speed?

Is there any indication when V30 may go live?

Just did not want to kick off 2 x 7-day upgrades if HA is just about to be released…

My guess, and it’s based purely on intuition, is that we’ll have patch notes by tomorrow with the update rolling in the next couple of days.

I’m halting my builder too waiting for more info.
I really wish this update hit as soon as possible, just to be able to use my 5* dupes this fall/winter


I wanted to share this post here after initially posting on in our Beta Lounge:

This is the final version of Hero Academy for V30. I want to be transparent about our thinking behind the feature.

We have read all of your feedback and recognize that we need to figure out a way to improve the quality of life for players regarding duplicate Heroes. At the moment, there is no truly rewarding way for retiring Heroes and Hero Academy is not solving the issue. It is our opinion that the solution should not be the last tier of an Advanced building, something that a very small group of players would be able to benefit from. Instead, we would like to, at some point down the line find a better way to solve the problem so that it would be accessible to a wider range of players.

The reason we are releasing the Hero Academy now is that we sincerely believe it does provide real value to the players, despite not addressing this specific issue.


That is pretty vague but at least understandable.
So hero academy is not the solution for dupe heroes.

That is good. Locking it behind such a long building time would cause problems. I get that. But it all depends on one point: how long more do we have to wait?
Is there already a new feature (not building!) in the work to use dupes for something other than retraining and it will hit beat soon with version 31?
Or is this another carrot on the string like the vague announcement of hero academy so long ago?


I wonder if that also include my feedback in regular forum (I am not beta tester) about 3*/4* retraining with chance for 3*/4* S2/event.

In the AMA the promise was retrain heroes within same rarity. So I originally believe it is 5* for 5*, 4* for 4*, and 3* for 3*, not only 5* for 5*.


@zephyr1 wrote in the HA topic that including 4* S2/event heroes was under consideration.

We may see it later or not :smiley:

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Are you sure???


Thx for the correction.
I think I was read this as wishful thinking and I skipped the “no” in this sentence :slight_smile:

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I have a solution, why not reducing the cost and building time so it become more accesible to wide range of players?


I feel you have hit the nail on the head here. 541 days waiting on HA for it not to do what we expected. So add on another xxx days


Would be possible in theory but I highly doubt it. They would also have to adjust ever other building as well.

But even if they shorten the building time and costs to halves for ALL buildings it would take nearly a year for a new player to reach hero academy. Better than 2 years but still not really friendly. Plus it would cause a huge uproar from the long time players who would feel kinda cheated.

I feel like:

Our logic: this is a feature that need long time to reach, it has to be great.

SG logic: this is a feature that need long time to reach, we shall not make it too great as only those with patience and commitment can reach it.


I could see a number of likes on SG statements, kind of wonder if there is anything to like in there…a feature that was promised to address players needs…and after a very long delay probably intentional or not…and prior to the feature’s final release…it is now declared that the solution would not be addressing the issue as expected…

Shouldn’t there be a better reason why it would not address specific issue generally suggested by player base? Other than the thought of it now being of value as against players expected value?


If the HA will not help us with our dups why we have to build it, just to throw ham and irons on the wind? This is ridiculous, but what did we expect. I dont know why its looking to destroy their own business.


Don’t build it then. You don’t have to.


You are truly an inspiration to all of us with your level of constructive feedback.
Thank you kindly.


So another 2 years? Roger that.

I don’t think that SG thinks much of their players’ intelligence.


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