F2P first 10x summon - December 2020 edition

That is going to be my first 10x summon. I am f2p player and recently i’ve got enough gems to make something big. I know that for many players, 10x summon on every event is normal, but i am not one of them. It was a big thing for me to avoid summon with gems for last months, i was only using coins at certain events.

Now we have December, second round of Ninja Tower and last round of Costumes. I am leaning toward one of those events to make 10x. I have a deep roster with many good heroes and my newest 5* hero is Richard C, right after Malosi in April this year. It was so long for me without any new 5 star. I have enough material to ascend 3-4 5 star heroes in every colour and i want to keep playing, because lack of luck in summons make this game boring.

Among my 5* star heroes i have only one season 2 hero (Ursena), one event hero (Guinevere), one costume (Richard) and 7 hotms. I do not have any season 3 or seasonal event heroes yet. My defense is kinda solid, i can change heroes and swap emblems to another hero, that is not the problem, i have plenty of them.

What do you think guys, are we going to see ninja heroes nerf, or do you think that costumes batch has better heroes and chances overall? Or maybe should i choose another summon portal to try my first 10x on it?

Thanks in advance,


Personally I would summon in Valhalla. Especially if you don’t have many s3 Heroes, and most of em are pretty decent.

I haven’t caught a liking in the Ninjas yet, So I (me, myself) wouldn’t summon there lol.

I have been playing for quite some time and the only event 5* I have ever managed to get was Finley. So I dont expect spectacular things from events either.


S3 or new Costume Portal

Both have more unique heroes that are useful if you get them.

Best of luck on your 10 pull!

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First of all, well done on getting those gems for a 10x, it’s pretty difficult to get them,especially as a F2P!
As a F2P you’ll benefit more from doing a 10x pull on the costume event because your roster probably has a lot (maybe all) S1 heroes and those costumes will boost the heroes you’ve already ascended. Plus you have higher chances of getting a 5* hero and even some of the upcoming 3* and 4* heroes will be very useful in tournaments and events.
Good luck in your 10x, hope you’ll get a 5* hero! :slightly_smiling_face:

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You have quite a lot 5* hero. I am f2p player as well and plan to use 10x summon soon. I aim for S2 or S3 summon. I wish you lots of luck then.

I forgot to add, that the 5 star heroes i have mentioned above are not the only one i have. I’ve got all S1 i want as well :wink: I am also thinking about S3, but i don’t put ToL into consideration. I know that the time has come and before this year reach its end, i must do something to extend my roster, something that keeps me in for another months. My hero academy is going to start produce at level 10 next month, so i am not interested in ToL and S2 for 10x summon. Whatever i will choose, i will be back with reply in this thread.

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Costumes all the way for me. You will upgrade your S1 heroes a lot.

MagniC+ThorneCB = instadeath for any tank.
JoonC+LeoC = Also
2xMarjC = Also
LiannaC + Almur (s3 4*) = Also
DomitiaC + SartanaC = Also.

C.Kadilen is very good tank (tanky Inari with damage instead of mana bonus), C.Vivica is Kunchen without resist and element link, and also.

All healers should be costumed ASAP. C. Chao is also good, C.Caedmon and C.Sonya also very useful.

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As a F2P of over 2 years, I’m gonna agree with this wholeheartedly. I’ve been champing at the bit for the new costumes to release. Some costumes turn a completely unusable hero into something better (Prisca, Renfeld). Some make great heroes even more useful (Rigard, Melendor). At the least, anyone with max costume bonus gets about 5-6 talents worth of stats. And with new costumes releasing this time, you minimize your chance for dupes. And costumes don’t take many rare materials to max, so bonus.

I have enough keys saved to do 21 pulls, and I’ve also been saving gems for a while, enough to do at least two 10-pulls. I have yet to get a five-star costume, but I’m hoping to change that soon. Only thing that will keep me from pulling next time is if I don’t like the featured costumes. Ideally, I’m hoping for two of Leo, Marjana, and Thorne. If it were someone like Obakan and Justice, who I don’t plan to max out of costume, I’d probably wait. Otherwise, it’s on like Donkey Kong a week from Monday! :gorilla::muscle:

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It seems like costumes got most votes. What about ninja event? Do you think that those heroes will be nerfed? Or the odds are pathetic compared to costumes? Does anyone stand for ninjas?

Ideally Target Valhalla…
but then I am thinking, that Valhalla will provide similar heroes who are a bit OP compared to heroes you already have.
forget doing 10x & do few pulls in ninjas and few in Valhalla… or do a 10x in Ninjas… to get ninjas who are different to play with, due to their 3 options…

Earlier today, I pulled Cobalt with my free coins got from playing ninja stages of last time and this time… So you never know you might get a good ninja…

Good luck…

@Lucky_Luke : don’t waste on spending on costumes, which can be done free od cost… being an experienced F2P you would already know and have collected many keys for costume pulls this month.

I have collected 95 keys in last 4 months, all free…

As said before, ideal pull few in Valhalla & few in Ninjas, to get a chance at different kinda heroes…

Good luck.

I would go Costume, Valhalla a close second choice.
Costume because even if you dont get your 5* you will (hopefully) get some worth out of it
Valhalla because it has the best heros (IMO). Frigg, odin…they are game changers.
Ninja portal is the portal I totally lucked out in, so it would be my personal advice. Heros are superb on offense, not as bad as expected on defense. And even the 4 stars shine (except for Shane)

Wishing you the best of luck!!!

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Costumes for sure. Valhalla is second, but costumes for F2P is better for me.

Costume portal is probably the best place to spend for a f2p. As mentioned by others, it will aid your mostly s1 roster. Not only that, but you only need 1 costume to use on all the season 1 duplicate heroes you may have. So one lucky break could potentially boost 3-4 of your 5* heroes. You’re going to have many duplicate 4* heroes to buff with costumes as a f2p, so that’s even more support for that portal [until you receive most of the ones you want].

Marjana and Leonidas will gain elemental defense down debuffs on their costumes. This increases the utility of the costume portal by quite a bit (I am partial to elemental defense debuffs). Without these additions, I might consider Teltoc being worth a 10x since the odds of getting Falcon or Jackal are higher than getting any 5* from the portal. Valhalla does have some elemental defense down heroes like Nordri and Almur, so that might help fill out the elemental defense down niche.

Costumes is easily the best place to pull for a FTP player.

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