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Adding to @JAWS1 helpful and extensive list:


Also, magic troops were created not too long ago:

& @GDIBass As far as what W3K is, well @Shunt essentially covered that for me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But yeah, it’s a five day long event (so… of course it gets its own hero portal :roll_eyes:) which is essentially: War (…But double the flags, and in an unknown clan, with 99 strangers :no_mouth:)

Currently still in beta testing though, which has been a perfect excuse for SG to drip-release some of these new heroes. Therefore, meaning (most likely) that next month we’ll be seeing the remaining 5* yet to be released - the three main protagonists - added to the game/portal as well (Cao Cao, Sun Quan and Liu Bei)

Oh, and as always…

Thank you :kissing_heart:


Thanks for the quick updates!

Just noticed Zhou Yu got the wrong skill (from the other red 4 star).

New hotm Silvaria

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Hello @GDIBass! I hope all is well! Can you add costume Finley to the database? I’m adding his info here along with the other costumes from the Challenge event! Thanks in advance!


Season 5 with 15 new Heroes went live today!

Hi again @GDIBass! More new hero were introduced today! Season V kicked off this morning! Several new 5*, 4* and 3* heros were added! Can you add these new heros to the database? Thanks in advance! :wink:





Unfortunately I’ll be away from my computer until next Week. I’ll get them added as soon as I can.


Thanks for your dedication, GDIBass

No problem @GDIBass! Let us know when the update is complete. Much appreciated! :wink:


@GDIBass Thanks for adding costume Finley to the database! I see you have also started adding some of the Season 5 heros! Thank you very much for all the hard work! :wink:


Thanks for all your hard work, @GDIBass.

Pulled all 3* heroes from s5 and 4/5 4* plus Papyros (I know… :frowning:)

Added the new heroes, sorry for the delay! If you see anything I missed or messed up, please let me know!




I’m trying to use the war team function, but it seems I can’t choose heroes. Am I missing something?

drag and drop? Or what are you trying to do?

Yes. I can’t choose a hero in order to drag&drop it. Clicking (short, long, double) does nothing.

Doing this from my android device using chrome app. If it’s relevant

It’s drag & drop, so you drag the hero from their position into the team.

Got it. Need to swipe and not click.
How do I assign troops to the war team?

Troops are click to assign, so if you click a troop slot your troops should pop up.



(Apparently my interpretive dance of appreciation is not permitted by forum posting rules so here are some words) :joy:

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@GDIBass Thank you for getting the last of the S5 heros into the database! I realize this is a tedious job, but it is appreciated by more than you know! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! :wink: