Hero Buff & Nerf Balance Change History - (See Post #2)

Is there a thread that keeps track of all the buffs/nerfs of heroes over the years?

As a newer player, reading old threads about expressed opinions of heroes, it can be hard to follow if the shiny new hero you just received is worth spending resources on.

Reading some threads from 2018, you see a lot of complaints about heroes and then you read newer posts that say they were buffed and are now better and worth the AM.



Here it is…


  • Leonidas - special damage increased from 350% to 360%, special mana reduction increased from -25% to -40%
  • Elkanen - special damage increased from 285% to 300%, health steal increased from 25% to 33%
  • Lady Locke - full special skill damage done in 4 turns instead of 6
  • Captain Sargasso - special damage increased from 325% to 335%, healing reduction increased from -60% to -75%
  • Domitia - special damage increased from 375% to 390%
  • Guardian Owl - special damage increased from 200% to 235%, damage increment per dead ally increased from 45% to 60%
  • Alberich - mana recovery reduced 20%
  • Guinevere - Dark defense reduced from 94% to 54%
  • Ares - health regeneration reduced from 800hp to 720hp
  • Thoth-Amun: Increased animation speed of minion attacks


  • Master Lepus - Special defense reduction from -25% to -20%, mana speed from average to fast, base attack slightly increased
  • Jack O’Hare - Special defense reduction from -25% to -20%, mana speed from slow to fast, base attack slightly increased
  • Squire Wabbit - Special defense reduction from -25% to -20%, base attack slightly increased


  • Guardian Kong: Increased special damage from 200% to 210%
  • Thorne: Increased special damage from 445% to 460%
  • Kadilen: Increased special damage from 160% to 170%
  • Captain Sargasso: Increased special damage from 335% to 345%
  • Leonidas: Increased special damage from 360% to 365% and increased the healing effect from 50% to 75% of damage dealt
  • Domitia: Increased the radius of opponent buff removal from single enemy to a group of enemies
  • Skittleskull: Increased special damage from 175% to 185%
  • Chao: Increased special damage from 305% to 315%
  • Boomer: Increased special damage from 174% to 184%
  • Zeline: Decreased special damage from 153% to 143%


  • Rumpelstiltskin: Increased Skull special damage from 255% to 270%
  • Boss Wolf: Increased duration of all status effects from 3 to 4 turns and increased enemy mana reduction from -24% to -34%.
  • Sargasso: Increased special damage from 345% to 355% and increased reduced healing on enemies from -75% to -80%.
  • Elkanen: Increased healing received when damage dealt from 33% to 38%.
  • Quintus: Increased special damage from 260% to 270%.
  • Guardian Kong: Increased special damage from 210% to 220%
  • Kelile: Increased burn damage from 306 over 6 turns to 360 over 6 turns.
  • Gunnar & Kailani: Spirit Link’s defense buff split into a separate status effect.


  • Khagan: Damage changed from damage to target and minor damage to nearby enemies to damage to target and nearby enemies. Direct damage increased from 305% to 320%.
  • Aegir: Removed +54% defense against Nature buff. Added +30% defense buff. All buffs affect all allies.
  • Justice: Direct damage increased from 220% to 240%. Accuracy for all enemies decreased from -35% to -40%.
  • Horghall: Direct damage increased from 225% to 235%.
  • Thorne: HP stat decreased from 1421 to 1339, Attack stat increased from 605 to 638. Direct damage increased from 460% to 480%.
  • Elena: Direct damage increased from 196% to 202%. Amount of counterattack increased from 115% to 125%.
  • Elkanen: Direct damage increased from 300% to 330%.
  • Domitia: Direct damage increased from 390% to 410%.
  • Natalya: Damage over time increased from 700 to 752.
  • Kadilen: Direct damage increased from 170% to 190%.
  • Valeria: Direct damage increased from 155% to 235%.
  • Boomer: Direct damage increased from 184% to 204%.
  • Hu Tao: Direct damage increased from 175% to 200%.
  • Cyprian: Amount of counterattack increased from 115% to 125%.
  • Boril: Amount of counterattack increased from 115% to 125%.


  • Fixed a bug where Misandra’s additional attack hit allies if Misandra missed the enemy. Misandra is not giving mana to allies for missed hits anymore.
  • Fixed a bug where Hel and Proteus were not blocking Onatel from gaining mana.
  • Fixed a bug where Kageburado didn’t always deal higher damage on Titans when they had over 50% of health remaining.
  • The attack increment per hit in Khiona’s, Namahage’s, and Brienne’s attack buff does not change anymore when the hero’s special level increases. The attack per hit value is the current maximum value on all levels from now on. The base attack modifier of the buff will work as before: it will increase when the hero’s special level increases.
  • Items cannot be used on Heroes that are in Ghost form.
  • Fixed Athena’s defense debuff: the defense reduction was showing incorrect values in the character’s info panel.


  • Ranvir’s passive skill “Resist Poison” works also against Poison Mist.
  • Battle items can not be used on a hero who is in ghost mode.
  • Fixed a bug where Atomos was invisible in battle.
  • Fixed a bug where Hatter stole the enemies revive status effect but the enemy was able to revive.


  • Ameonna: Removal of dispellable and undispellable status effects now happens in the beginning of their Special Skill.
  • Elemental Barriers and similar reflecting status effects only reflect direct damage and status ailments. Everything else is blocked, but not reflected back to the opponent.
  • Fixed a bug where Elemental Barrier didn’t block dispel.
  • Fixed a bug where Kingston’s attack debuff did not reduce target’s attack as much as it should have.
  • If a hero has both dodge status effect and evade talent the dodge status effect is applied first.


  • Heroes turned into zombies by Marie-Thérèse now correctly inherit 100% HP from the original hero.
  • Heroes that heal based on how much damage they deal now heal the correct amount even for large damage numbers.


  • Fixed a bug where Marie-Therese’s and Atomos’ special skills didn’t always work correctly due to an issue of Stage Property in the final Season 2 stage.
  • Fixed a bug where Ursena’s and Mitsuko’s reflecting status effects were not blocking negative effects such as mana reduction.


  • Minions inherit their owner’s element instead of the summoner’s element.


  • Marie-Thereses zombies not reviving as original characters when killed by counterattack damage fixed.


  • Fixed a visual bug where the boost from Ratatoskr’s special did not show on all green tiles.
  • Guardian Chameleon’s colour change not working properly with Ice/Holy reflect status effects is now fixed.
  • Guardian Chameleon’s colour change not working properly when the hero is killed with tile damage is now fixed.
  • Visual fix between Guardian Chameleon’s and Zimkitha’s specials, for colour change not showing in UI.

Before V30 (May 19, 2020)

  • Telluria:
    • Mana generation for all enemies decreased from -34% for 3 turns to -24% for 2 turns.
    • HP inherited by Minions reduced from 18% to 13%.
    • HP regenerated reduced from 411 over 3 turns to 306 over 2 turns.
  • Vela:
    • Amount of extra Water damage to Fire enemies reduced.
    • Attack ailment to all Fire enemies reduced from -54% to -34%.
  • Margaret:
    • Deals 150% damage to the target and nearby enemies added.
    • Increased minimum dodge probability from 20% to 30%.
  • Guardian Kong
    • Direct damage increased from 220% to 250%.
    • Dispels status ailments from all allies added.
  • Guardian Owl
    • Direct damage increased from 235% to 280%.
    • Damage increase per dead ally decreased from 60% to 50%.
  • Guardian Chameleon
    • Element change duration increased from 3 to 4 turns.
  • Queen of Hearts
    • Direct damage increased from 230% to 240%.
    • HP inherited by minions increased from 13% to 16%.
  • Atomos
    • Direct damage increased from 150% to 170%.
    • Maximum direct damage based on enemies’ mana increased from 270% to 290%.
    • Mana Speed changed from Slow to Average.
  • Mok-Arr
    • Direct damage to all enemies increased from 250% to 270%.
    • Direct damage to all allies decreased from 80% to 50%.
  • Gobbler
    • Attack decreased from 737 to 641.
    • Defense increased from 450 to 614.
    • HP decreased from 1302 to 1215.
    • Amount of HP recovered for each minion destroyed increased from 50 to 80.
    • Direct damage increased from 155% to 170%.
  • Sir Lancelot
    • Direct damage increased from 250% to 265%.
  • Sumitomo
    • Direct damage increased from 280% to 300%.
  • Danzaburo
    • Direct damage increased from 240% to 255%.
  • Hu Tao
    • Direct damage increased from 200% to 210%.
    • Accuracy status ailment increased from -35% to -40%.
  • Smaller Fixes and Changes:
  • A bug where values for some buffs were rounded incorrectly fixed. Heroes affected: Boldtusk, Sir Lancelot, Gadeirus, Rumpelstiltskin, Rigard - Dapper Noble Costume, By-Ulf, Silthus, Jill, Shaarkot, Toril, Belith, Namahage, Khiona, Black Knight, Musashi, Ameonna, Aegir.



Amazing work @jinbatsu



Yes it is, thanks @jinbatsu… this is very bookmarked. :slight_smile:


Thanks @jinbatsu

I’ve changed the thread title & category so your work to review all the notes and collect this can be easily referenced (and/or updated).

@JonahTheBard correct me if I overstepped.


wow, thanks for summarizing!

It’s funny how many times some heroes like Sargasso, Elkanen, Leonidas, Domitia, Kadilen, Boomer, Thorne had to be buffed. Some of them received buffs three separate times!


Thank you very much for posting. I’ll tell my alliance members to search for this post.

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Good lord Sargasso must have been awful at first. He got 3 buffs and still isn’t anything special


Is there any hero get nerfed after released?

I see this post from a moderator and wonder what he means.

@robin102, I’ve moved your thread. See above for the answer.


Same as Leonidas… Seems still sub-par even after repeated buffs

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I really wish SGG would do regular balance patches. Yes, there is a history of it, but v20 was the last proper BALANCE patch. They really should be doing them every month. 5% tweaks, etc. They’re surely aware of most of the buff/nerf discussions, so would be nice if they actually acted on them. E.g. boost Neith damage by 5%, reduce Ursena damage by 5%, etc, etc. Nothing major unless broken, but regular small tweaks would be very welcome.

So they can change the mana speeds of heroes I see… Can they bump Khagan up to average speed already?


Fixed a bug where Atomos was invisible in battle? Nah, i dont think so. He is invisible in battle because he absolutely sucks and no one uses him. XD


Yes, I would love to see that as well. And in my opinion, if the buffs/nerfs are frequent enough, people wouldn’t get mad about them. Sure, they nerfed my Black Knight now, but they may buff him in 3 months again…

Meta is too stale here, and being able to use only 5 heroes at times leads to make this boring and repetitive. Does it have to take a release of an OP defensive hero such as Telluria to bring some new life to the game? And once we’re past the freshness of “new green tanks meta”, what else is left?

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Yeah bump him to average or make him AOE.

And I will say don’t nerf any, just buff up the identified weak ones to match up.

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@jinbatsu where is Kadilen buff time increase?

Think v28 is still unfolding lol

Probly should be prepared to add to the list @jinbatsu

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Red tank meta


Athena, alberich, guinevere off the top of my head

And what she means is that any hero in beta isn’t technically nerfed since they haven’t been released and are always subject to change in beta but people act as if whatever form is their favorite is permanent and will be released as is, then get ticked off when it gets altered pre release

After release is technically a nerf and is something devs try to avoid and have improved on since the early days


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