1.5 Release Notes


Version 1.5 Release Notes

Update is out now for both iOS and Android!

Here are the release notes:

  • 5 New Nature Heroes added to game
    • Rare : Friar Tuck
    • Epic: Kasshrek, Little John
    • Legendary: Kadilen, Elkanen
  • Quest Improvements
    • 4 Uncommon Quests added
    • 1 New Rare Quest
    • Loot for the final stage of Rare Quests now includes larger variety of Epic Ascension items
    • Variable Quest Difficulty - every time a Quest appears it can have slightly different difficulty
  • Story Map Loot Improvements
    • Many provinces have increased chance for specific items to be found as loot
    • Please check item descriptions in game for more details
  • Balance Changes
    • Azlar, Colen, Kelile : Burn damage increased
    • Isarnia : Effect of Defense debuff increased by 10%
    • Wu Kong : Gamblers Stance accuracy penalty lowered by 5%
    • Magni : Defense buff is applied to nearby allies instead of all allies
    • Status effect Blind : accuracy penalty lowered by 5%
    • Status effect Defense : max Defense buff bonus lowered by 8%
    • Status effect Spirit Link : Defense buff bonus lowered by 2%
  • Alliance and Titan Adjustments
    • 1 Alliance Energy gained in 4 hours instead of 6
    • High Level Titan hp increased to balance the faster energy recovery
    • More loot from high level Titans
    • Better chance of improved loot value for Alliance members with lower contribution
  • Various Bug Fixes and smaller improvements

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