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Like the title says i would like some help from veteran players. Rn i am having trouble on what i should focus on. This is my roster atm and i have a tc at level 13. Should i get heroes from tc? And what level, 11 or 13? And how should i progress further?

Units atm

Ty in advance

Hi there!! Try and work a rainbow team. Finish bane, Starr greymane and renfeld. Try to feed the same color heroes to the other. I wouldn’t work on two star heroes. And Li Xiu will take a long time to fully max. Have fun!!

PS: muggy too!

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Right now use 1 and 2 lvl for feeders(1* and 2* heroes)
Focus on upgrading your TC to lvl 20, you have pretty good chances for 4* and a small chance for 5*(better than in summons)

You want 3 rainbow 3* teams, don’t upgrade 4* now, they cost much much more than 3* and you can max 3-4 3* in the same time as 1 4* (and 3 maxed 3* are more usefull)

Bane and Muggy ate very good, Graymane and Renfeld not but keep them untill you get 30 maxed heroes for wars (and don’t eat them if you will max them, never eat maxed 3* or higher)

Best yellows are
Bane, Melia, Gan-ju and Fairy
Bjorn, Balthazzar, Tyrum and Chohin optionally
Namahage, Hawkmoon, Nashgar
Hisan, Berden, Brienne, Belith, Mnesseus
Gato, Valen, Nordri, Gunnar

And most of the sezon 3 3* but I don’t remember them

Good idea at the beggining is to upgrade 5 heroes at the same time by specific color, green by greens etc.

Keep diamonds for sezon 2/3 or mascarade, they are best for beginners, you can get really nice 3* and 4* there

4.Very important, find active alliance with some older, comunictive players (40/50+) and ask about everything you not sure (or you can just tag me using @Radar1 here (you can make more topics but if this isn’t necessary don’t do it) and I will answer)

Have fun and don’t focus on 5* if you be lucky and get 1 soon


I won’t repeat the advice above, just point you towards some other sources of information:


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