New Player Looking For Help

I’m relatively a new player. I have joined to an alliance last week and some people told me that i should work in a rainbow team and recommended me this forum. I have leveled the following heroes


And now working on Isshtak and tyrum

This is my list

This is the team i want to level. I dont like Kailani what should i do with her? Is my only yellow besides Bane who is already leveled

Does it sound good to you? What should i do with my duplicates? And with the heroes i cant full develope the ability like Valen or Bane?

Thank you very much

I would finish 3* heroes first. Leave Grimm and Sonya for later and max Ulmer and Gunnar. Hawkmoon and Belith are healers, so they should be maxed first.
I keep 1 copy of every 3* hero. Sometimes I keep two, when I have their costume. Having wide variety of 3* heroes will help you to finish many quest and events that can provide rare ascension materials for 4* and 5* heroes.
When a hero is maxed, but still their special is not at 8/8, you have to just keep feeding them with 1* and 2* heroes of the same colour - the best way is to give them 5x2* or 10x1* - 2* heroes increases a chance of levelling a special by 20% and 1* heroes by 10%.


3* are generally easy to level and their materials are can be found in normal stages, so nothing is wasted.

as for your roster, yes your alliance is right, start with rainbow then build on it. costumes are an extra bonus.

kailani is awesome for events, she’ll make your team survive but i see you have gunnar with costume and he is great

you can work on your 4* once you have a good 3* team

I would definitely recommend upgrade your 3 star heroes first and keep doubles as you need 6 teams for wars and as your roster is quite new you can use duplicates during quests, tournaments. Kailani and Gunnar are mini versions of Wilbur and they will save your heroes many times so they definitely worth feeding! Try to play with different heroes this way you will see who works better with who.

Is Tyrum or Renfeld any good? I see Renfeld costume has a “tricky” ability. None of those has particularly good attack like Valen. They are the only purples i have right now

Finish Tyrum in purple first. He does not hit hard because of his low atk, but he is fast mana, has high health and dispels Boni like +atk or riposte…

Kailanis spirit link is Fine (like Gunnar). Pair one of those with Brienne (she will come for sure) And the fight will get bloody for your enemies.

Tyrum is very handy, and even more so if you can get his costume. Non costume Renfeld is pretty poor, but his costumed version is quite good. I would level him until you’ve got the costume


I was stuck with Layla (2*) for a very long time, and could not progress. I just could not get a 3* Purple, then finally I got Tyrum, and it was a game changer. He made all the difference.

Kailani, I can remember helped me complete Season 1 against The Dark Lord.

But as others have said, since you’re a new player and low level, building still being upgraded, etc concentrate on all of your 3* first, and then move on to 4* when you have completed all 3*.
Even if your Alliance is facing 4* and 5* in Wars, if you have multiple sets of 3* teams, it will be better than slowly doing some 4* and 5*.


Am i right if i say that before leveling Jahgnir i should do Hawkmoon and a second copy of costume azar?
As far i can see the heroes with costumes have much better stats. So they should carry me further

Renfeld works very nice against bosses. At your level (rare quest, and some hard levels) you will thank to have a kind of mana controler(thats what Renfeld[C] does)

Looks like you’re getting some great advice here :slight_smile: And your alliance mates gave you very good recommendations too.

You want to level a team of rainbow 3*s first ideally so that you can compete in events and finish as many quests as possible. 3*s are very quick to max and have the best quickest available stats, so that’s why they’re recommended first. They’re also allowed in every rarity tier, while the higher rarity heroes (while better) are not allowed in rare events and tournaments.

You are correct – costumes give a very nice stat bump to your heroes.

With that in mind;

Yes, personally I would say so. Jahangir is decent but he’s very outclassed now compared to the newer 3*s that have been released. I would definetely do Hawkmoon + costume first.

Isshtak is a great hero, I think you chose correctly to level him. With costume he becomes a force to be reckoned with, his defense debuff is high. I use mine without costume personally for the higher damage, as I have other defense debuffers that I prefer over him in 3* rarity – so both forms are useful :slight_smile:

You should work on Gunnar for blue next, he’s one of the best 3* in the game with his costume. Costume ability forces enemies to share damage while getting reduced defense, that means you can target the weakest link in the enemy team (the one with the lowest defense) and hammer them with special skills to spread a lot of damage amongst the enemy team. He is an extremely useful hero, I even bring costumed Gunnar in Legendary challenge events! :wink:

Kailani is like Gunnar expect she has no costume currently, so her usefulness is much lower than his. I would still max one of her personally, she is helpful early on to boost your survivability. I actually completed the entire Season 1 campaign without a single maxed 5*, all thanks to Kailani as she was part of one of my key teams. So yeah I’d say she’s worth maxing, she will eventually be benched but she’s useful while you are this current level.

You are correct that Tyrum is weak with his hit, but his main purpose is more so to provide support for your team. With that in mind he has nice survivability for a 3* and his main appeal is dispelling enemy buffs, which is very useful.

I would level Renfeld + costume eventually as well, and only use him costumed (default is rubbish). As Wizard said he’s a great asset against bosses with costume.


She can be useful for the last stage Seaason 1, her spirit link will save entire allies. But only need 1x, or also you can pick Gunnar instead.
I’m seeing Bane is not yet maxxed his skill, see here how to make it happen easy:
[Master] - Hero Level Maxed but Special Skill is Not
Max his skill to make his full potential special skill hit and blind effect.
And also Nashgar and Valen.

Advice and suggested is 2-3x 3* maxxed, then work on 4* heroes.
I will level plan each color:
Red: Hawmoon, Azar-C, wait for 4* red… in no, then Jahangir is good for turney and high attack stat for Event Challage
Blue: Finish Valen skill, Gunnar, Ulmer, Grimm, Sonya.
Green: Belith, Berden-C, Melendor, 2nd Berden, Ishhtak
Yellow: Finish Bane skill, Kailani
Purple: Tyrum, Regular Renfeld skill maxxed on 3rd tier (no need to be maxxed), then finish Renfeld-C to maxxed.