New and need help

I’ve been playing for about 2 months now and really want to get into building a better defense and attack team. I generally run a rainbow team but open to any advice on which characters to level up and which characters to team together. Also which characters to not waste time or resources on. Here are my current character roster and thanks in advance.

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First you should have at least 2 3* rainbow teams (personally I recommending 3 rainbow 3* teams)

It will let you get loot from tournaments and will be helpfull for wars for longer than you think.

Costume Bane, Valen, Gunnar, Shrubbear, Grevle, Brienne, Tyrum, Nashgar and Azar are all worth maxing

Second, don’t upgrade 5* right now, they cost huge amount of resources and time and single 5* won’t change that much.

After 3* you have to focus on 4*, they will be hearth of you rooster, you can start working on 5* when yoy finish 3 4* rainbow teams (you can do more but this is amount you need for finishing events and quests without problem)

I would max your current 4* in this order:


Wu-kong - LiXiu- Chao

Caedmon-Kashrek-Little John


Wu-kong will be your main buffer for titans and will help you beating hard map stages/events

Its worth to use purple heroes fir feeding purple heroes etc. etc. at your level, you will get more heroes in shorter time in total


Is probably your best def but don’t care about this now

Offence is a lot more than 1 team, there are 3 most popular strategies in offence

Mono - 5 heroes in 1 color
(In strong color against tank or most dangerous hero)

3-2 - 3 heroes in color A and 2 heroes in color B
(3 against tank, 2 against stronger flank/wing)

4-1 - 4 offensive hearoes in color A and healer in different color

Very often you have to build specific team for specific enemy, some people prefer mono others like 3-2 so strategy depends on you but rainbow is terrible in late game


I just pulled some new characters

Tbh all S4 heroes are at least good

Gramps, Vollenmork are awesome 3*

Zilla Lei and Rokkamush are must have 4* IMO

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You rate him that highly? I pulled one and saw him a Sumle upgrade. Fast, which I love, but want to see that 50% chance to miss in action.

Yes, fast mana and high damage for all (hopefully) is something what I love and his bleeding effect is nice addition, fir me he is one of the best offensive red 4*

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