Newbie needs team building help

Hi, I am a new player, and brand new to forum. A little overwhelmed with all the info but am lost as to what to do with the heroes I have. Some basic advice would be great. Who to keep? Who to focus on leveling up.

Thanks for any advice. I am learning and it is always a little hard to be new :flushed:

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My advice would be to first focus on levelling 3 x 3 star rainbow teams (one of each colour) and then 3 x 4 star rainbow teams.
After than you can look to start levelling 5 star heroes.
Those heroes not to keep are your 2 star and 1 star and trainers - they are your feeders.
For your 3 star level up Nordri, Ulmer, Berden, Renfeld in costume, Belith in costume.
For your 4 star focus on Melendoin costume, Proteus, Boldtusk, Sonya, Kelile.
After that come back to the forum because you have got some new heroes
Good luck


My suggestion is to keep everyone from 3* and higher, buy rooster space instead.
Other than that JGE gave you very good leveling advices.

Also, this link could be useful for newcomers: Master List of E&P Links & Player Guides


Sound advice from @JGE & @FraVit93, only thing I’d add is to join a good training alliance, if you don’t belong to one already. They will help you avoid the new player pitfalls - there are many and yes, talking from personal experience lol.

Check out alliance recruitment - GL.


On which level are you? You must already have TC 20, or those 5 stars came from summoning portals? Nice ratio you have there :grinning: Your defense team is the first line of heroes, uncompleted 4s and 5s? On which cup range do they keep you?
Sorry for all the questions, i’m just curious.

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Hmm, I got the five stars from summoning portals. I have spent a little money on the dragon that gives you coins throughout the month and a few coin boosts but no more than $20 total. I am level 25 and my cup is silver I believe but was gold for a few days. Really just play for fun and have no idea really what I am doing. Just been trying to level up my big guys but sounds like I should have been focusing on my three stars first :grinning:

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Please join a training alliance that uses outside comms like Line or Discord etc.
They are really beneficial and have a huge amount of resources available to help you grow in the game.
Good luck

I believe i forgot one question, or you forgot to answer, how many months into the game? I heard the thing about 3* first too, but got bored of them fast, i leveled up some of the “worst” tough.
A shiny 4* is nice to ramp up the defense, and bring new playstyle… just try to not run out of roster space, and do enjoy yourself! See some youtube videos, and learn new tactics!

Melanie via Empires & Puzzles Community Forum <> escreveu no dia segunda, 8/03/2021 à(s) 00:43:

Right around six months.

That’s really great progress! Keep sharing your discoveries and advances :grin:

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