Gryph, Doc - Can I get your advice?

Hey @gryphonknight, @kerridoc, and anyone else kind enough to chime in…

I feel unsure about what direction to head next with my hero’s, and I would love some input! I have (what looks to me) like an embarrassment of good green hero’s and I’m not sure where to focus that, and I feel like my progress has me teetering on the brink between focusing on getting more 4* to 70, or starting to turn my focus to 5*.

I also just got Tarlak in the last few days, and Wu Kong today, and am a bit overwhelmed by where I should focus for building my future team. Anyways, here is the top of my roster, and ascension mats:


I also have a dupe Tibs and Sabina at 1.1 that don’t show there.
Misandra and Viv are leveled to where they are at because I was lacking blue and yellow options - now that I have 4* of those colors, I am catching them up. I pulled Wu today and will be taking him to 70. I know he’ll be good for wars, titans, tourneys, at the very least. But I’m not sure where he fits with the team, if I also have Tarlak now.

Gryph, I love your math-heavy well-reasoned play style, it inspires me. Kerridoc, I love your generous advice and game perspective. I would love both your input on the following areas:

  • should I continue to focus on 4*, and if so, who?
  • is it time to put some energy into my 5*? If so, in what order?
  • how can I create a really synergistic team with my current 4*, and my future 5*?
  • and any specific input on emblems? Obviously I’ve been a bit gun-shy, but also probably spreading them around too thinly. I’m ready to get serious but conflicted with who should get them. Mel for Druid, I think? Or maybe level gadeirus? Tibs or Buddy for Ranger?
  • anything else you see that I should be thinking about?

I am co-leader of a baby alliance- 5*/6*/7* titans; so doing my part to kill the titans is important, but we are not doing the really intense ones and probably won’t for a while. I am on the top end of platinum raiding, and enjoy it, but I’d like to edge into diamond, but it doesn’t keep me awake at night. I am currently able to complete all but one or two of the class quests through all 3 tiers, but could use an edge to use fewer mats, and really ensure good wins. I am f2p, but running 2 tc20, so I will see more 5’s, but not a ton of event hero’s, hotm, or Atlantis…just a sprinkling. Mostly just want to have a good time, and enjoy a fun and powerful team.

Thank you and mahalo for your generous assistance!!

Oh not doc and not gryph but here my thoughts: no doubt Tarlak is fantastic for Titans…then bring Evelyn to 3/70 and you can use her for blue titans too…
Missandra as you have nearly the mats would be my next choice.
As for 4* Ceadmon…Grimm…Sonya…Chao before LiXiu
Lot’s to do :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Hi Griezella, I would empower first some key heroes for class trials who are also good for titans, rare quests and events.

For example, I would surely empower Sabina to 4.70: she would be a good healer for your sorcerer & rogue / wizard quest and she have a lot of attack for titans.

Wu Kong and Tarlak are excellent heroes, you will love them both… Tarlak is better but I would focus on 4* heroes first as they would help you to get matrials faster (less leveling time)

  • Purple— finish up Cyprian then Sabina to 70. Stop wasting feeders on Boomer
  • Yellow— Vivica to 70, then Wu Kong to 70. If you get Jackal in Teltoc, he follows Wu
  • Blue— finish Grimm, then Sonya to 70. Misandra is scope-worthy
  • Green— tough calls. Since you will have Wu, I would hold off on Tarlak and focus on Evelyn. Mother North to follow (you already have a green healer)
  • Red— Gormek then Scarlett.

You are glove-constrained, I realize. With the above plan only one is needed immediately, for Gormek, and Evelyn will be soon. You’ll need one more soonish for Sabina and Sonya, then another for Wu Kong in a bit. Sonya is the lowest priority, IMO.


This is wonderful, thank you all for your prompt replies and thoughtful help!

Thank you for your very specific outline and timeline @kerridoc!

And thanks for sharing that Graphic FraVit…I had not seen it, but will add it to my resources now…how useful!

Btw - boomer only has the levels he has so that he I could complete the trials of strength. With BT and Grimm where they are at now, that won’t be an issue and he can go back to being a benchwarmer.

Thank you thank you all!!

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F2P roster

Well this was an interesting puzzle.

Legendary training x1

Click for details

I would stop running 2x Legendary training ( RT20 ). Legendary training goes from an average of a 4* hero per ten days ( one camp ) to five days ( two camps ). For a F2P it consumes a lot of recruits and food for very little return since you are sacrificing an Extra low cost training ( RT11 ) which is very slow but very high Hero XP per recruit. With a good set of 4* / 5* heroes you are better off chasing Epic Hero Tokens and Atlantis coins ( Season 2 normal is worth 810 )

rainbow 3* 3.50 / 4* 3.60 teams

You have a decent selection of 3* 3.50 and 4* 3.60 heroes for color stacking.

Wu Kong- Fine Gloves 1 of 3

It is worth building a team around Wu Kong. Currently there are only three heroes I would level solo, Wu Kong is one. Use rainbow feeder heroes to level up Wu Kong to 4* 4.70. He is very fragile so it helps to run 2x healers with him, and 4* 4.70 will give him a lot more defense and HP then 4* 3.60.

He is not great for defense, but that is true of a lot of Classic yellow 4* Heroes. Still my Wu Kong 4* 4.70 was on my defense team until I leveled Guardian Jackal to 4* 4.70 and then Joon to 5* 3.70 .

Rainbow 4* team- Fine Gloves 2- 3 of 3

After Wu Kong is 4* 4.70, then level Sabina ( purple ) , Grimm ( blue ) , Scarlett ( red ) to 4* 4.70 to use purple, blue and red feeder heroes.

Either Hu Tao to 4* 3.60 for farming or Vivica to 5* 3.70 to use yellow feeder heroes.

Mother North to 5* 3.70 or Tarlak to 5* 2.60 to use green feeder heroes.

Waiting for Godot, er, Fine Gloves no. 4

Reflect damage is a very good attack special ability - not as good on defense. If you still do not have more Fine Gloves, level Cyprian to 4* 4.70 using rainbow feeder heroes. If still waiting, level Sabina to 4* 3.60 using rainbow feeder heroes.

rainbow 5* team

I would like more depth to your 4* roster before you level any 5* heroes higher than 5* 2.60 since it requires 3* ascension items but 5* 3.70 are less powerful than 4* 4.70 heroes, require more Hero XP to get their, and are less common for a F2P than 4* heroes.

F2P - the patient ones

Click for more F2P or C2P advice

One way a F2P can even the playing field is Extra Low Cost training ( RT11 ). I currently have in Legendary training 15 unclaimed heroes ( waiting for Hero Academy ) and Extra Low cost training has 4211 unclaimed heroes - spread across 3x camps - waiting for a good rainbow 5* 2.60 team or a Wu Kong level 4* hero.

Twice I have used this wealth of unclaimed training to level a hero from 4* 1.1 to 4* 4.70 in less than a day - first with purple 4* Proteus and second with red 4* Wilbur - both are tricky to use, but very powerful.

If I was missing them from my roster, I would use this wealth, and level the following to 4* 3.60 when I finally got them and then 4* 4.70 when I finally got the 3* ascension items - Wu Kong, Rigard, Melendor, Grimm, Scarlett ( the original, insanely, over powered Wu Kong cascade squad - the only you are missing is Rigard but Boldtusk or Sabina can hold down his slot ), Boldtusk ( Revive talent + 27% Heal ), Tiburtus ( Pierce talent + Ramming Pulverizer ). Honorable mentions ( both of which you are currently missing ): Kiril ( 28% Heal and Blessed Brew + Jinx talent ), Little John ( Delay talent, Attack all for farming, reduced mana generation for Bosses, and very high attack stat ).

Useful Notes

Click for useful notes

Wu Kong

Some idea for emblems
Classic 4* heroes and emblems or Gryphonknight's emblem spending plan EXPOSED

Old Post - so outdated - but an interesting starting point for discussion of 3* heroes
[Play style] Gryphonknight's 4* & 3* leveling planner EXPOSED! or might as well share on the forums

Off color, 1 day, power leveling, or why I am hoarding finished heroes
[Play style] Free, 1 day, 5* Hero 1.1 to 4.80 leveling or hoarding finished heroes

Looks like 1* / 2* Tourneys are coming. If you are out of 3* / 4* ascension items and 3* heroes to level, you can always level 1* / 2* but it helps if you are Cheap 2 Play since roster slots are tight for F2P.
[Discussion] Gryphonknight's 1* / 2 * Tourneys teams EXPOSED

Raw Notes

Click for Raw notes, only for my future reference

Mostly for future my reference if the OP has questions.

Wu Kong
Melendor +3
Sabina 3.60 ( finish Sorcerer )
Grimm 4.42 ( 4.70 or higher )
Scarlett 3.60 ( finish Rogue )

Fighter Boldtusk +5
Ranger Tiburtus +3
Sorcerer Sabina

Wu Kong ( 1 day level )
Melendor +3
Sabina 3.60 ( finish Sorcerer )
Boldtusk +5
Grimm 4.42 ( finish )
Tiburtus +3
Gormek 3.60 ( perfect for now )
Scarlett 3.60 ( finish Rogue )

Mother North 2.60, Tarlak 2.35, Evelyn 2.59
Vivica 3.63
Misandra 3.70

Wu Kong, Li Xiu 3.60, Chao 3.60
Melendor+3, Buddy+3, Gadeirus 3.60
Sabina 3.60 & 1.1, Ameonna 3.60, Cyprian 4.32
Tiburtus+3, Grimm 4.42, Sonya 3.60, Boril 3.60
Boldtusk +5, Kelile+3, Scarlett 3.60, Gormek 3.60

Tyrum +2, Balthazaar+5
Valen +3 & 3.50
Brienne+5, Friar Tuck +2

Tiburtus and Sabina 1.1


@Kerridoc, @Gryphonknight would you mind giving a brief explanation of your thinking on not recommending Caedmon before going for 5*? That’s who I’d have recommended as the next green to level, so I’m very interested understanding the factors you see as deciding against him.

On a different day I might have gone that way. With both Melendor and Evelyn dispelling, though, I thought that Caedmon at 4/70 doesn’t add as much to the overall hand as Evelyn, who will be extremely useful on titans.


The OP is really constrained by Fine Gloves.

OP will have Druid Melendor - Companion makes Melendor less squishy - eventually have Sorcerer Sabina - Delay compliments Fog of the Fallen. For dumping loot 1* / 2* feeder heroes OP may end up with a second Sabina at 4* 3.60 while waiting on Legendary training or Hero Academy.

OP Sonya 4* 3.60, Evelyn 5* 2.59, and Tyrum 3* 3.50 can do in a pinch.

OP can overwrite with Buddy, Scarlett, Grimm and Tiburtus.

Tiburtus gets Pierce.

Ignore reflect damage is Ameonna reason for existing. Sorcerer Sabina 4*+1 and eventually Sorcerer Ameonna 4*+1 ( together they fight crime) color stack and can both proc Delay.


Wow, there is so much to unpack here, thank you all for this!

First of all, what a stupendous suggestion, not running two tc20…and a little obvious now that you say it. I had two running to get me Wu (maybe that was unnecessary, but I just felt so yellow weak), and now that I have him I definitely don’t need two. Just waiting on Rigard and Kiril and they aren’t urgent.

So, I hear lots of general agreement…get Wu up, of course, and I think I will rainbow feed him per Gryph. Then Sabina as a purple using a pair of gloves, and finish Grimm.

For red, though, @Kerridoc you suggested Gormek first, and @Gryphonknight you suggested scarlet. Can you say more about your thoughts on those two?

And then Greens, @kerridoc you were suggesting Ev first, and @gryphonknight your thought was Mother North or Tarlak? Green is definitely where I have the most uncertainty since I feel I have too many exciting hero’s in that color, both leveled and unleveled.

Is Buddy emblem worthy, or is Tibs the better choice? Tibs is so powerful, and his debuff is so much longer, but I love Buddy’s dual attack down/defense down, and his elf minions. and he is so tanky.

Just hearing this gets me all jazzed up and excited to get going on all of it :smiley:

Cheers and thanks!

Btw - I am very relieved to know that I have at least one hero duo (Sabina and Ameonna) who, together, fight crime :wink:

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  • Red: I did waffle between Gormek and Scarlett. I settled on Gormek so that you can have a red -defense attacker on green titans, rather than bringing neutral Tibertus. Wilbur is who,you really want in this role; my poor Gormek hasn’t left the stronghold since Wilbur came along. Scarlett has much higher attack but is quite flimsy; her -attack dies help team survival, but I think the overall titan score will be helped most by Gormek.
  • Side note: I think performance on titans should be foremost in your thoughts while you assemble 30 war heroes. No other activity gives you daily chances at rare mats.
  • Green: Again, my preference is driven by titan performance. Her -nature ailment is huge against blue titans, when you’ve got a stack of green heroes. Tarlak also helps, but his +attack buff is functionally very similar to Wu’s. Tarlak brings three extra, secondary bonuses over Wu: healing, durability, and no-miss stuns. These aren’t critical until you’re on 11* titans. Mother North is a superb hero, but not against titans.
  • Ranger emblems: I think Buddy > Tibertus. Tibs is already a nicely balanced hero; Buddy would be hugely improved by going on an attack-focused emblem upgrade. Do not underestimate the value of those minions.
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F2P Roster- Scarlett and Mother North ( together they fight crime )

Legendary training and RNG paywall

Click for Legendary training 2 to 4 details

There is a long complicated math explanation involving - time to level your base, hero XP, gold Epic hero tokens, recruits, food and the nature of RNG ( specifically a non modified flat RNG ) - that explains why running 2 to 4 Legendary training to get Wu Kong - or in your case Rigard - may still not help a player.

But just pretend I gave it to you and all the lurking users understood it.

The Devs promised Hero Academy as a band aid solution and a better, actual solution in the works ( to be fair it is a tricky solution for an MMO ).


Click for Scarlett details

Scarlett is not as good as Gormek in isolation, but you are building a war roster and a team roster and your team will contain Wu Kong.


For emblems Gormek Falls behinds Tiburtus due to Pierce and Grimm because Cascade squad needs a blue and Grimm’s base stats at 4* 3.60 and 4* 4.70 help a lot for Barbarian Quests ( I run a Grimm 4*+8 and a second 4* 3.60 ).

I use my Gormek fine at 4* 3.60 for strong matching damage versus green, is 50% of the hero XP of 4* 4.70 and only requires 1* / 2* ascension items.


There is no green Ramming Pulverizer / Athena’s Bow. After Guardian Panther + Tiburtus was introduced it became a killer combo. This is why Frida is average mana speed and Devs are slow to replace Guardian Falcon with a 5* version.

Green 4* heroes really lack hitters. So Evelyn is not as useful until you have at least two more good green 5* heroes. But at 5* 2.60 Evelyn is better than a green 3* 3.50 and only uses 1* / 2* ascension items.


You are short on Fine Gloves and a little thin on your 4* roster for my taste. Wu Kong 4* 4.70 will serve you better for a set of Fine Gloves and the Hero XP of Tarlak at 5* 3.70 and 47% the Hero XP of Tarlak at 5* 4.80 - at least for now.

People always wanted a different color Wu Kong and a 5* Wu Kong so you will eventually level Tarlak. I have a lot of 5* heroes waiting for their time but I do not have the hero XP - this is a big consideration, - ascension items and roster support to do it now.

Mother North

Click for Mother North details

Mother North, Alberich, Delilah, Joon, Natalya, are some heroes that work fine at 5* 3.70 because of their special skills. They work better at 5* 4.80 or 5*+19 but fine at 5* 3.70 . When at 5* 3.70 they need a decent roster of 4* heroes to support them.

Click for discussion of 5* 2.60 and 3.70

Miracle Scrolls

The early game is all about completing rare quests, Class quests and challenge event’s tier completion rewards to get emblems and 3* ascension items ( and 4* if you can).

Miracle scrolls suck. Revive scrolls are not much better.

However, if you have Mother North and a decent anchor hero - stays alive so you can still do matching damage ( like Boldtusk 4*+1 or Ameonna 4* 3.60 ) - they can use a Revive scroll ( you can carry 3 ) on Mother North then a mana item on Mother North to revive your other 3 heroes.


And % Heal is more powerful with X*+19 heroes, especially 4* / 5* heros.


Poor Gormek

I believe you also have Guardian Falcon at 4* 4.70 to run Falcon, Wilbur and Boldtusk for color stacking. Falcon given you Red defense debuff and damage to replace the damage from Gormek’s Ramming Pulverizer.

Like Wu Kong, Wilbur does not do any direct damage.

Wilbur versus Gormek

Since I do not have Guardian Falcon, or a good 5* hero, I have to balance using Wilbur 4*+1 versus the damage from Gormek’s Ramming Pulverize at 4* 3.60 .

This also applies with OP’s roster.

Wilbur versus Scarlett

Matching damage

Even dead, Scarlett 4*+7 does truly insane matching damage due to her very high attack stat. This is negligible compared to the advantage Guardian Falcon gives with Red defense debuff, but I do not have Guardian Falcon.

This also applies to OP’s roster.

Fast and long

Wilbur’s special skill only lasts 4 turns for average mana speed. Scarlett’s special skill only effects nearby, but this is good enough for most triple, double or single bosses. Scarlett’s special lasts 6 turns for fast mana speed. So it is applied earlier, more often, for longer, and has a damage component.


Matching board damage, damage component, long duration, and mana speed combined means a Scarlett on a double healer team ( like the original Wu Kong cascade squad ) can auto play 75% to 80% of Season 1 and Season 2.

Wilbur’s special is too short, too slow and too complex for auto play to use it properly.


Wilbur’s Withstand talent helps. But Scarlett’s Evade talent is a huge benefit to her glass cannon set up. Allowing her to have high attack stat and low defense and low HP but still avoid damage from special skills.

Wilbur and Guardian Falcon ( together they fight crime )

I have not leveled my Gormek to 4* 4.1 because I expect to one day replace him. Hopefully with Guardian Falcon, but RNGoddess has not been kind for the Guardian’s summons.


Click for notes

How to use Wilbur?

Wilbur and Wu Kong on All Titans?

Attention Wilbur users


Thank you so much both, for putting so much thought, time, and energy into my questions, and providing such insightful and helpful guidance. I have a really new perspective on a lot of game play.

I am excited to work with all of this, and I really am taking this all to heart. I will be reading this over much in the days to come.

Thank you, mahalo, and have a beautiful day!

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Hey @kerridoc and @Gryphonknight!

Thanks again for all the awesome input you gave previously. I’ve been mulling it over (and acting on it) a lot, but it’s brought up some additional questions. You totally aren’t obligated to spend more time on this after everything you contributed before, but I thought I’d throw these questions out…

So, Wu is 70, Sabina is 4.51, and I went ahead and finished off Viv, too. Other than that not much has changed, except I pulled a skittleskull (so not much has changed :wink: )

Except…I did get two more fine gloves. One from a titan, as @Kerridoc predicted, one from a mystic vision or something similar. I’ve been more focused on titan kills…there are only about 4 members of my alliance who can compete in damage with me regularly, though there are 5 or 6 alliance members who are starting to breathe down our necks (and we are cheering them on :wink: ). But generally, as long as I make my hits, I’m in the top 3 or 4. Especially now that I have Wu.

So, from that perspective, who gets my current 3 gloves? (One went to Wu, one toSabine already, leaving 3). And who should I be aiming for to increase my playing depth? Rigard and Kiril seem obvious, and @Gryphonknight you suggested LJ. Do I want to level more dupes of my current 4* to 3.60, or above? Or am I waiting for Rigard, Kiril, LJ, or…someone?.. to drop? Or waiting for better non-legendary training hero’s from Atlantis, events, etc?

I have been putting a lot of focus on Atlantis so that I can do the biggest number of summons possible this month (come on Wilbur! Or Proteus!!)…but is that the right focus?

Thank you again, very much, for your continued contribution of your time and thoughtfulness to these questions!!

So sorry that you didn’t pull any of the Guardians this past weekend. Falcon, Jackal and Panther would have jumped the queues.

I don’t believe in holding 3* mats for hypothetical heroes. These mats drop with enough regularity that I simply optimize for cards in hand.

Given your tonic count, plus the tonic in Springvale, I’d think about ascending Evelyn or Mother North to 3/70. Either is very useful even at that level and will be poised for ascension when you get tonic #6.

You still have the Gormek/Scarlett option, debated above.

I think Hu Tao, who got a big buff in v20, is worth having.


Thank you @Kerridoc !

I am also bummed that I didn’t pull any Teltoc hero. I did just pull Jack O’Hare, though. Seems like he could be a good combo with Evelyn, for tile damage alone (not that I was in need of another green to level :wink: ).

100% fresh

As GENERAL advice I strongly disagree about 3* ascension items when discussing CLASSIC 4* / 5* heroes.

Sorry had to get that out of my system.



We already know you Classic 4* heroes so as pertains to your account Kerridoc is 100% match with my advice given your current roster, future ascension items and likely summons for the next 6 months.

Roster prescription

You are in a very specific place with your 3* ascension items and 4* / 5* heroes due to RNG. Just like you can not share prescription medications without checking with your doctor and pharmacist, and Lurkers should not follow the above advice blindly

@Noble_Weasel roster is a roster I keep getting confused with you because you have very similar situations due to RNG being weird ( so general advice is a poor fit ) but the advice for each account is very different because of your individual heroes.

As you both get more depth decisions will increasingly depend on your two play styles.


Since I was mentioned here as being similar to OP, I thought I’d jump in.

As a fellow F2P, Atlantis has been an absolute windfall for me. Two of my three 5-stars (Onatel and Poseidon) and many of my better 4-stars (even the classic ones) have come from Atlantis pulls. Some of that is just RNG weirdness, but I know you can certainly collect enough Atlantis coins for a pull much more quickly than you can collect the gems for an epic pull, plus you get the chance for season 2 heroes, which I think are mostly better than their season 1 counterparts. I’ve been rolling with Danzaburo on my defense team since Thanksgiving (and will until I get the darts for Onatel, which I currently expect in July - two more Shilohs!) Ameonna is niche, but I like her more than many. Can confirm that she and Sabina can be quite the dynamic duo. Namahage is an upgrade over Nashgar, Gato served me well in the latest raid tournament, and I just finished leveling Melia and plan to level Mnesseus for my next green so I can play those together for the family bonus late in wars. Still hoping to pull more of the Atlantis family (Proteus, Gaderius, and Triton; Ariel would be a dream, obviously) to pair with my Poseidon down the road.

And it’s driving me nuts! My two best heroes are both yellows, so it will take forever to get the mats to max them both. Meanwhile, I’m leveling a second Kelile to 3^60 and just ascended Sonya for the final time because I literally had nothing else I could work on (3- or 4-star) in those colors. Hoping for Boldtusk and Kiril, but would settle for nearly anything new. Made the mistake of leveling Sabina too early and neglected to max a three-star purple, then compounded that mistake by choosing Prisca because she was slightly more leveled than Tyrum (ugh!), so now I’m going back to level Tyrum and Balthazar before I can start working on my Domitia. Also have the option to level a second Sabina or a second AND third Tiburtus in purple (but sadly, no Rigard). In green, I’m finishing Skittleskull (again, taken to final ascension due to a plethora of shields and the absence of another 4-star to work on), and then I will be going to Mnesseus. Hope I get another green hero worth his/her salt by that time as well.

I did three pulls with gems for guardians this weekend and struck out (all dupe 3-stars), then I used three EHTs I’d been sitting on for Springvale (not because I like the bunnies so much, but because all three are colors I need projects in) and I struck out on those, too. Maybe the EHT at the end of Springvale will hit. If not, I guess I’ll be doing a couple of Atlantis pulls, but I had planned to save the coins for next month to maximize pulls for the May HotM. Long shot I know, but better for me than Anzogh, I think. Choosing between Evelyn, Tarlak, and Mother North must be a nice problem to have!


I can tell you that the heros do come eventually. I went for about 7 months doing pulls and finally got Joon. I then ran 3 tc20 and after 100 tries got Khagan, Elena, Vivica then Obakan and Domitia back to back. I stopped for a bit and just this week restarted tc20. After 6 total I got Ulmer, Gunnar, 3rd Colen, Rigard(after a year I finally got him). Then out came Magni followed by Isshtak.
I also decided to use 100 coins today in Atlantis where I have had good luck getting 4s and in my alt account I got my only HOTM in Aegir. Still no HOTM in main though. However I did get Mitsuko this morning. I have gotten these after stopping VIP and going F2P.
Luckily I have the mats for the heros by collecting from the rare events and challenges, etc.
I have also collected almost all the 4s from S1 except Boril,Cyprian, Kashrek, Sonya and Caedmon. At this point I would take Sonya and Caedmon but don’t need the rest. I also have Triton who I got very early from Atlantis who works well with Kiril and Gaderius.
So keep grinding and the RNG will pay out. I was so frustrated for so long. Now I have 5* and honestly trying to max level them is insane. Even running all 4 tcs they just eat up troops. But I guess its a good problem. I always said I’d rather have the hero then get the mats then have the mats but no hero. Now if only Tarlak would pop out and give me a green 5* that would be great. Good luck. I also checked and the odds of pulling Mitsuko is 0.3% as she is an unfeatured S2 legendary. Not that the featured odds are much better at under 2%. I have tracked my TC20 pulls though and after 100 I have 6% 5*, 14% 4* which is much better than any portal but limited to S1 heros. But with the fast heros like Magni and Joon with decent ones like Domitia plus the lucky pull like Mitsuko today I hope to be able to stay in diamond instead of just barely getting there with my 4s only to be smashed overnight. May the odds be forever in your favor…LOL.


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