Gryph, Doc - Can I get your advice?

Poor Gormek

I believe you also have Guardian Falcon at 4* 4.70 to run Falcon, Wilbur and Boldtusk for color stacking. Falcon given you Red defense debuff and damage to replace the damage from Gormek’s Ramming Pulverizer.

Like Wu Kong, Wilbur does not do any direct damage.

Wilbur versus Gormek

Since I do not have Guardian Falcon, or a good 5* hero, I have to balance using Wilbur 4*+1 versus the damage from Gormek’s Ramming Pulverize at 4* 3.60 .

This also applies with OP’s roster.

Wilbur versus Scarlett

Matching damage

Even dead, Scarlett 4*+7 does truly insane matching damage due to her very high attack stat. This is negligible compared to the advantage Guardian Falcon gives with Red defense debuff, but I do not have Guardian Falcon.

This also applies to OP’s roster.

Fast and long

Wilbur’s special skill only lasts 4 turns for average mana speed. Scarlett’s special skill only effects nearby, but this is good enough for most triple, double or single bosses. Scarlett’s special lasts 6 turns for fast mana speed. So it is applied earlier, more often, for longer, and has a damage component.


Matching board damage, damage component, long duration, and mana speed combined means a Scarlett on a double healer team ( like the original Wu Kong cascade squad ) can auto play 75% to 80% of Season 1 and Season 2.

Wilbur’s special is too short, too slow and too complex for auto play to use it properly.


Wilbur’s Withstand talent helps. But Scarlett’s Evade talent is a huge benefit to her glass cannon set up. Allowing her to have high attack stat and low defense and low HP but still avoid damage from special skills.

Wilbur and Guardian Falcon ( together they fight crime )

I have not leveled my Gormek to 4* 4.1 because I expect to one day replace him. Hopefully with Guardian Falcon, but RNGoddess has not been kind for the Guardian’s summons.


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