Seeking confirmation prior to the next roster decisions


After couple months I think I understand most of the heroes and what I need, but the forums were very helpful last time i made such topic so never hurts to ask.

I don’t plan to pull excessively for a while so I can definitely spend the next month working on what I already have. Would be nice to get some feedback on these choices.

I have Magni at 4.73 and probably gonna spend a week or two on maxing him, then my plan is finishing Kiril (4.1 currently). I think this is rather straightforward. I am in a desperate need for all-team healers. My other options are Aegir, Richard, Triton, Sonya, Grimm, Valeria, Boril.

I have maxed Kashhrek (my current tank), Caedmon 3.70. Working on Zeline, currently 3.36 and have the rarest mats to max her. Missing two shields. Hoping to get them before I get to 3.70. Not working on any 4* here since I need these shields so I’ll stop here.

Now the real questions.

I have maxed Tiburtus and now finishing my Proteus. I have Ameonna at 4.4. I am really confused here. Should I finish Amoeonna or start on any other Purple? I don’t really like her, she dies fast and doesn’t work well with Wu Kong on Titans (which is the only place I use her, beside war). I have Merlin (but don’t think I need another Purple mana controller), Cyprian (worse tank than Kash and no other use really) and dupe Tib/Proteus. I have to say I didn’t have luck pulling purples. Surprisingly, I have more trap tools than anything, despite ascending 3 4* I still have 11 at stock. Really looking forward to Kunchen.

I have maxed Wu Kong and now finishing Jackal, Chao at 3.60. I don’t like Chao so not thinking about maxing him. My options are: Guardian Owl, Danzaburo, Hu Tao, Li Xiu. I don’t really like Dan and I feel Li Xiu and Hu Tao are good on defense only (where I think I have better options already). So I really think about getting Owl to at least 2.60, to use him in my 3-4th tier war team at least until I get my hand on better yellows. Is he really that bad to work on someone else instead?

I have Marjana 3.70, now finishing Wilbur. Also Kelile 3.60. Now my bench is: Natalya, Zimkitha, Elena, Sumitomo, Scarlett, Colen, Falcon, Boldtusk, Gormek. Missing two rings (and Damascus blade, since the one I have goes to Zeline for sure) but surplus of hidden blades. I feel Kelile and Marjana are redundant so not thinking about getting Kel to 4th. I am torn between Zimkitha and Boldtusk. Zimkitha would work great hand in hand with Zeline, plus I don’t have cleanser. Boldtusk is cheaper and all team healer, which I also really need. Thoughts?

Current priorities - getting to the diamond raids. I am currently between 2200-2400 cups and would be nice to start getting higher tier chest rewards on regular basis.

My def:
Tiburtus - Kiril - Kashhrek - Magni - Marjana

Probably maxing Kiril will help a lot. I am thinking about replacing Marjana with Zeline and perhaps move her over to left flank, once I only get her to 4th ascension. Not sure about Tib.

My most often used raid offense:
Wilbur - Kashhrek - Magni - Proteus - Wu Kong

Depending on who I am fighting, I may swap Proteus with Jackal (purple tanks) or Wilbur with Marjana (excessive healers). My plan is replace Kashhrek with Zeline when she’s higher level but raiding without a healer will be dangerous. With Kunchen out in Feb only (and unreliable chance of getting him), I need to figure it out somehow.

Thanks for any responses in advance!

Definitely agree with what you have for blue and green.

For purple, since you’ve already used trap tools on her, I’d continue to work on Ameonna unless you end up pulling a different purple like Rigard or Sabina. Leveling her up will help make her less fragile for titans and wars.

For yellow, I’d ascend Chao, actually. On his own he can be a bit underwhelming, but he pairs really well with other heroes that slow mana (like Little John and Proteus) and forms a great 1-2 punch combo when paired with Guardian Jackal in a yellow stack. Guardian Owl is decent for wars as a “bench stretcher” when combined with the weakest heroes in your bench, but other than that he’s not very good. As someone who has and uses a maxed Owl, I would only recommend leveling him if you literally have no other yellow heroes to work on.

For red, 100% Boldtusk first since you need healers and his attack buff is strong. After that, I’d start on either Zimkitha or Guardian Falcon depending on how many rings you have and whether you end up pulling a different cleanser in the meantime.


Guardian falcon is amazing. If only even just leveled to 3/60 for titans.
But, i agree with Lexinen. Keep working on Ameonna until you end up pulling Sabina or Rigard. Chao is fast mana and he really isn’t that bad, especially with his mana cut. But, if you don’t want to spend mats on him just yet, that’s up to you.
Definitely Boldtusk, as another healer isn’t going to hurt. But, his heal is only 27% at full special. His attack buff is what makes him so deadly. Sabina, Rigard or even Melendor are the deep healers that you will want to work on when you get them.

Thanks to both of you!

So I picked up on Ameonna and (with very heavy heart) ascended Chao. I’ll try to play around Am’s superhigh tile damage while not taking Wu Kong with her. I really don’t know why they make her special to ignore buffs. I get if she could heal through ghost form that’d be OP, but Ghost not stacking with other attack buffs while not doing any damage on its own is meh. Maybe at max level she’ll proove it’s not needed (4.27 and she already has 700 dmg, in the ghost form each tile is a little special). Chao’s special gets the bonus of Jackal’s holy debuff I pressume? Perhaps stacking them will help to 2shot these fat Rigards.

Boldtusk was the voice of my reason while Zimkitha was the voice of my heart. Thanks to you I went with reason, remembering all these instances where I needed red healer for an event and didn’t have one. Hopefully he’ll fill that hole. Zim gets the next spot in the queue.

My SH is going to lvl 20 now (3 days left) and my top-level Camp is at the same time engaging the 2nd builder to get it from 13 to 20 asap (16 and counting). So it’s probably still 2-3 weeks before I start production on TC20, and not planning to pull on pirates - maybe Atlantis, if Kage comes back with some tempting previous hotms. So I do not expect any new 4* and 5* heroes for a loooong while. I plan to go all-in for Kunchen as he is composition of everything I need in my roster - a tank, an all team healer and a purple 5*, all in one guy. Rngesus please have mercy on me in Feb.

Ok, took nearly 3 weeks to finish Kiril, Ameonna and Chao. Super happy with Kiril, the rest is situational or titan meat.

My 30 Atlantis pull got me 30x garbage, and I am not pulling until at least the next event, which gives me few weeks to work on what I had already, so appreciate any advice!

Green: Zeline at 4.25 - need another month on her. Have maxed Kash and Caedmon at 3.60
Red: Boldtusk at 4.26 - work in progress. Have maxed Wilbur, Marjana at 3.70 and Kelile at 3.60

Now what would you advise for:

Blue - I have maxed Magni and Kiril, my options are:

Aegir (haha)

(I am leaning towards Triton)

Purple - I have maxed Proteus, Ameonna and Tib, my options now are:

dupe Proteus/Tib

(leaning toward Merlin)

Yellow - I have maxed Jackal, Wu Kong and Chao. My options:

Guardian Owl
Hu Tao
Li Xiu

since all are terrible, I consider also 3* Melia and Bane.

(leaning toward Owl, for 4 tier war team, to take advantage of the fact his underlevelled allies will likely all die before he charges up)


Grimm. having a defense down in as many colors as possible leads to much stronger hits on titans and he’s good for war.

I wouldn’t level any yellows at all from your list. Maaayyybe Owl down the road if you don’t get a better tanky yellow. If you’re rainbow leveling just feed the yellows to a different color for awhile rather than level a junk hero. You’re at the stage and have enough good 4 stars on the bench where leveling a 3 star isn’t worth it (3/60 4s are stronger).

If you’re rainbow leveling level merlin. nice attack stat for a 4 and useful for war. Leave yourself 4 trap tools for a sabina or rigard if you get them.

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