Team buidling, Tarlak, Buddy & Wu Kong

Hi everyone,

I am new to the forum and I want to start by saying that I really appreciate the time and effort people are putting in providing comments and advice. I am mostly a free player (total spending of $10 in 5.5 months of playing) so I work with what I get from epic hero tokens and Atlantis coins (can’t really complain so far) but I just upgraded my TC to level 20 so I will (hopefully!) have some more options in terms of 4* and 5* heroes soon. What I am lacking is the ascension mats that’s why I need some advice on team building and who to prioritise for ascension.

My main team currently consists of

Sonya 4/61
Sabina 4/44
Li Xiu 3/60
Skittleskull 3/58
Colen 3/60

I have some additional 4* heroes I am trying to level up

Wu Kong 2/20
Boldtusk 3/7
Kiril untouched (just got him)
Buddy untouched (just got him)

And 5* Tarlak who is just sitting there waiting for me to decide what to do.

Now my choices are not that many; I will obviously keep working on Boldtusk and pick up Kiril as soon as Sonya is fully leveled but my dilemma rests with Tarlak, Wu Kong and Buddy. Since I got two better greens I will leave Skittleskull at 3/60. From what I’ve been reading, Tarlak and Wu Kong do not work well together and I am also tempted to start working on Buddy, who looks like a really good 4* green. My question is, how would you set up a team if you had to choose from the 10 heroes that are available to me.

Have to say - you have great future ahead on blue titans:)

What ppl I guess suggest is to stop leveling Wu if you have Tarlak, get Tarlak at least 3-rd tier for now and then start Buddy

At the same time I see no other defence down heroes, so maybe Buddy first?

Skittle can stop training for sure i guess, with Tarlak You should find a good allience and do some major titan damage

Hi JoyDivision, thanks for the input; I am also inclined to start with Buddy, exactly because of the defense debuff but also because it will probably take me a long long time to collect the ascension materials to bring Tarlak to tier 4

Personally, I would do Buddy first. The defense down will help you everywhere, plus he lowers attack and summons minions. Wu is solid enough to carry you til you get a chance to level Tarlak. If you didn’t have Wu, then I’d definitely do Tarlak because that buff is crucial for Titans and events. Since that’s not a problem for you, and since 5* are more time and resource consuming, I would definitely do Buddy first.

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Thanks @RandaPandah, I am glad we are of the same mind. It’s just so tempting when you get your first 5* hero to start feeding him/her right away but it’s not always sensible planning! Anyway, in terms of team set up, what do you think of Buddy, Kiril, Boldtusk, Wu Kong and Sonya (for lack of another strong hitter) and not necessarily in this order.

Yeah, I definitely know how that is :sweat_smile:

And that team isn’t bad, but you only have two hitters. Might be worth it to take one of the healers, or Wu, out and switch them for another hitter (even Skittles) if you have to. I typically like running two healers and three hitters personally. Plus, Kiril and BT attack buff will clash so not ideal to run together, but it could work as long as you activate BT last. As for teams, it depends on what you’re using them for. Defense?

With the heroes you’ve listed:

Sonya-Buddy-BT-Li Xiu-Sabina

(To go full rainbow)

I prefer fasts in the wings, and don’t like Sabina in that wing but Li Xiu and Buddy might be more helpful flanking. Dispels should be on the left, along with attack buffs, defense downs, etc. since the Al moves from left to right. BT makes an excellent tank, so he’ll work for now. Li will cut their Mana, and Buddy will lower defense and a bunch of other stuff, so best to flank (although, Buddy could probably tank too). I prefer running rainbow defense, but that’s your call.


Thanks so much for the advice Miranda, this is really helpful!

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