Attention Wilbur users

Those of you who play Wilbur on offense along with some high damage dealing heroes, make sure you don’t use any heroes that dispel buffs from enemies (Domitia, Panther, Evelyn, Zeline). The shared damage granted to your enemies by Wilbur is considered a buff (rightly so), so when you fire one of the above mentioned heroes AFTER you trigger Wilbur’s skill, the sharing buff disappears.


Or fire Wilbur after dispellers!


Also goes for Caedmon, Sonya, Melendor, Sabina, even Tyrum and Belith


Thanks for posting this! I did not notice that. Does all that also apply to Wilbur’s reducing everyone’s defense?

The dispel will dispel the spirit link portion not the defense debuff.
Unless you have an AoE special like Azlar or Zeline, single target damage will not be shared.
The defense debuff stays.

I see it as more of a useful tactic than a hinderance. In war I’ll potentially take wilbur+caed or sonya


Starting to use Wilbur in war now, he’s still a baby but as long as the defense down remains, it can be a strategic advantage like @Rigs mentioned.

I like to take out specific heroes (wu, alby, healers…) and whoever is near max mana so break that spirit link.


Well, actually I DO dispel the damage sharing on purpose (with Sabina or Caedmon) to benefit of the decreased defense that is (IIRC) -63%. Without the damage sharing, it’s almost one-shot-kill on any enemy hero.

What Wilbur fears are defenses with dispellers like Rigard or even with buffers like Kiril (whose increased defense overwrite the decresed defense). If you are not careful about those, you’ll end up gifting your enemy with a free damage sharing buff.


wilbur followed by mok arr,groot then magni , lovely combo, charge em fire em together bonus bit , heal any damage self done with vivica :slight_smile:]

kinda knew this after using wilbur the third time with zeline lol. next step is they make wilbur 5* and the soul link undispellable lLOL mauahahahhahaa :smiling_imp:

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The spirit link is very useful on enemies with aoe hero.
I have a nuclear button that won me every game I had the chance to use it in - activate Wilbur, Ares, strike with Lil john = game over.

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This gives some flexibility. One option is to preserve spirit link on enemy, when you want to kill multiple targets having one sniper or see a combo on a board. Another option is to dispel spirit link and hit individual strong heroes and damage sharing is not needed. Both are possible.


I agree of course. Since I play two Delilahs it is kinda cool to have shared damage from all the 15 minions. I use Wilbur only in map battles.

That is the good thing…early on you can dispel the enemy spirit link and hit them one at a time with a huge def down. As your battle progresses and you have eliminated one or two, next time he casts you can keep up the spirit link and hammer on the lowest defense hero, doing massive damage to all.

Confuse a bit…

Why is using Wilbur + AOE like Lil’ John or Colen very useful?

Wilbur has a -44% defense drop which is 2nd best in the game

And when using AoE their damage is already spread across 5 enemies so the damage share wilbur casts on opponents doesnt help, so they just each get chunked while defense is down


That is why if Wilbur fires ot is about to fire and I have a dispeller with me, as soon as Wonderful Feast goes off, instant dispel from me. I would rather have the shared damage on me if I have the defense down but if I am dishing out the attack, then I want the opponent with the minus 63% defense and no shared damage.


What I normally do when I take Wilbur

  1. Fire Wilbur’s special.
  2. Fire of Azlar / Helena / Other AoE hitter
  3. Fire of dispeller.
    4 Fire of Snipers.

Normally that clears a large chunk of my enemies.


I use Wilbur with Wu Kong & AoE, so the AoE still hits all enemies (if not all are missed thanks to Wu :smiley: )