Thoughts and Advice, anyone?

Hello all,

I’m a relatively new player(springvale this year was my first event) and I’ve built up a decent roster. I did a lot of things wrong early on, but i found the forums a month or so ago and feel like I’m moving in the right direction.

I’ve settled in to leveling quality 4s, and building depth.
As it stands i have 2 maxed 5
(g. Panther and Guin, both +1), 8 maxed 4* with 3 more 4/30 or higher and Gretel moving up fast. By the end of Aug. I expect to have 4 maxed 5*, 2 maxed 4* teams, and most of a 2nd max 3* team.

So, i’m looking for some general advice or comments on my current roster and team construction.

I hope this image explains what i’m doing fairly well.

I currently gave 3 solid 4/5rainbow teams, a fully maxed and lightly emblemed 3 team and an ascension queue of whats next based on my current roster. I dont have any specific questions, just wanted to hear from the forum.

Misandra, G Panther, Guin, Kage and Gregorian. The 2 monster that flanking Guin will then buy time for Guin to recharge instead of the other way round.

@AliceCooper. Mats are the bottleneck. I’m currently holding tonics for Kingston, and rings for someone not named Elena(grazul maybe?) I don’t expect scopes for a blue 5* for several months. Kage is gonna be a while too, currently have 3 tabards and as it stands, those are 4 Seshat. But that does present a scary lineup once its leveled. Thank u

If you are in active alliance, mats will just drop by as a surprise. I maxed a lousy Richard and a Lianna about 3 month back. Right now, I’ve had 6 tonic and 6 scopes!
Got 'em mostly from titan loots. The longest wait was tabbards. Kunchen has to wait for half a year to get his due.


Yah, my alliance is currently fighting 5&6* titans. I’ve gotten good loot the few times we’ve hit 7* titans but most often those escape us. We just had a 6* get away today.

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