How to use Wilbur?

Hi everyone,

I’ve been playing this game for like 40/45 days now. Put a bit of money in the game & got a few heroes.

I recently got Wilbur, wich I found awesome, so maxed him the higher I could, with means 3-60 for now.

My question :

I used to play with Gormek as red heroes in my team, but since I got Wilbur, I chose him instead of Gormek.

But, is there a “special way” to use his power ? I mean, a special time ? Cause Wilbur already made me lose a few raids, as he shares damages between ennemy’s heroes as well…

So what ? Better use his power when the ennemy only have like 3 heroes alive ? Or… Or I don’t know.

Any advices will be welcomed.

Thanks !

ps : my actual team is composed of :

:droplet: Magni
:melon: Melendor
:strawberry: Wilbur
:eggplant: Rigard
:banana: Chao

Actually working on Little John to use him instead of Melendor, since 2 healers are maybe too many & since I really lack of damaging heroes. My actual goal is too get a decent team (not the best, but decent at least) for Raids.


I use wilbur just for titans, and there he is broken.
I tried to use him in raids but i felt he is god and bad. I personaly go with 3 sniper, magni, grg and hensel plus two healer. He can be good to protect your team, but it takes longer to get the opponent down and you give your opp the opportunity to fire more often.
If you heal with your melendor, the buff (sharing dmg) wil go away from the enemy.


Hi, thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

Yes, I thought about it. To use Wilbur’s power then Melendor’s one but kinda hard to set up sometimes, so I gave up for this point.

I guess that I’m gonna try with Little John, since (in my head), it could be kinda strong. When maxed, LJ’s power deals a lot of damages so I was thinking to use Wilbur’s power then Little John’s one to destroy the whole team in one combo… Buuut, that’s the plan in my head… Not sure that I’d even work.

So, not sure that Wilbur’s is so good in raid. Hum :frowning:

LJ is strong, but slow in mana. It would take a while to charge him in raid. Do you have other green offensive heroes?

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Hello, thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

Nope, my green heroes are only composed of : Krashnek, LJ & Melendor… Sad :smiley:

Chose LJ cause he deals some damages, not the others ._.

Took 1:11 to destroy a team 300 TP +
Great fun

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Watch this Vid


I did. Thanks for the link. :slight_smile:

I didn’t say that Wilbur was garbage & made me lose every raids, just that, sometimes, I didn’t feel him really usefull. But sometimes, just like in this vid, yes he is ! He saved me a few times for sure !

But in this vid, the guy has a lot of damaging champ, that’s what I actually miss I think


Watch this vid


The trick with wilbur is focus your 1-2 punch against weak colour, as you can see Guardian Jackal 1st then Joon on purple heroes, the damages are shared, you can destroy alot of teams very quickly


You have Magni, level Kiril and Grimm, there are a lot of Red tank for defense right now. Wilbur and another red, single shot hitter like Marjana, even Ramming Pulveriser like Gormek. Focus your blue on red, or Red on green. You get to see heroes exploding 2 or 3 at a time, you never get tired of seeing that stuff.

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It might be that the combo of jacal and joon will work with the shared dmg ability, but it does no matter if you hit with joon, righard or lianna. The dmg will be the same.

I am dead … ROFL Chao is a banana hahahaga


We all cook with the ingredients we have. :slight_smile:

Kashrek is a good defensive tank, but early in the game you need offensive heroes and healers especially for getting good loot and ascension materials from titans.

You could consider start working on LJ and see if something else pops up before his final ascension.

If you have training camp lvl20, keep it running for expanding your bench.


Thanks everyone for your answers :slight_smile:

I’m far away from lvl 20 of anything aha, I’m more arround lvl… 12 :flushed: But that will comes with time, I’m not really hurried about it tbh.

Gonna work on LJ, should be better with his damages… We will see ! :slight_smile:

Do you think Boldtusk is a better option for raids?


Best 4☆ tank Oh yah.

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I’m using him to spread titan damage out so my heroes don’t get one shot by 12* titans.


Wow all those nice combos and only 29k
Dude I thought its a 100k lol


haha I wish. Was using Tarlak instead of wu.