Need some team advice, please!

Hi everyone, I’d like some advice from the group. My current roster of 4*-5*is below (ignore the trainer, obviously):

I’m using the same team (top row) for everything - world fights, raids (both offense and defense), and titans. Is there someone I should be focusing on bringing up for one of the teams? Like maybe Scarlett to replace Gormek on raid offense?

Also, I have a few gems saved up, so any thoughts on what color to target next would be welcome.

I like your team overall. Checks lots of boxes: healer, dispeller, defense debuff.

You have three defense debuff heroes: Jackal, Gormek, Tibertus. Jackal stacks with the other two, but Gormek and Tibertus don’t stack. I’d bring up Scarlett, who has a crazy-high attack stat, to add some punch to the team. Likewise Chao could be a good addition to create a one-two punch with Jackal.

As your team matures, you’ll find you’ll want to shift around what heroes you’re using depending on what you face. Having two of every color is really helpful so that you can double up on a color that’s strong against your foe (e.g. double yellow against a purple Titan).

I’d suggest you do some pulls during the event next month, Knights of the Round. Your team could be improved by a lucky pull in any color, and the event heroes look very interesting, as does January’s hero of the month, Natalya.


Thanks for the advice Kerridoc. I feel somewhat hamstrung with Alby being my only healer. Not complaining too much, mind you, it just limits my options. I could really go for a 4* healer like Sabina that I have a chance of leveling in the next year!

Yes, Alberich is not a great starter healer. Melendor is a better option for a green healer. Personally, I like Rirgard for his team clean-up, but that would over-balance your team towards purple, at least for now.

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