Green Ascension Advice (later war team)

So I have

Horghall, 2/4
Elkanen 2/4
Gaderius 3/4

And 4 sheilds. I’m looking to take one of them to the next step. I’m thinking Gaderius as I like the healing. These will only really be used for later round war teams.

My current war defense is

Boldtusk - Grimm - Kashhrek - Elena - Chao

And I don’t think any of my greens will replace Kashhrek really.

Anybody use these greens and can advise?


Gadeirus for offense.

Don’t need to change your defense team.


Thanks AirHawk

Is he worth using emblems on, I’ve got 271 Druid emblems as I don’t have a decent druid to max out!

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Depends on your need for a druid at the moment.

I would hold on to the emblems to see for future luck on TC20 or pulls.

There are probably a handful of 4* heroes worth embleming and Gad is not one of them IMO.

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While I’m here, would you change Chao on the wing for any of these?


(All maxed)

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I would use a powerful AOE in the right wing usually.

Quintus would be the main choice. When all else fails, you hope for a win from a powerful skill at end raid.

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Haha that’s exactly what I’ve just done.

Although my team is slow, I know that Kashhrek can be a pain if not killed quickly with a good board. This will hopefully give enough time to raise the mana for Elena and Quintus. If Boldtusk has buffed everyone, Grimm has taken their defense down, then Elena and Quintus go off, it could be a massacre!

Thanks for your suggestions

I can tell you that I very much dislike fighting against Kashrek as a tank. Lately he’s the one i have the most trouble dealing with. It seems like he can out-heal the tile damage and takes multiple special attacks to kill him… lol

Falcon might be better than Chao

My only worry with Falcon is that I have a couple of reds in the team and that might not be great for defense.

Kashhrek you either need a super red board at the start, or don’t even bother stacking reds I find.

I have a decent roster for reds but with a bad board Kash will just outlast you. That’s why I’m hoping he can stay alive long enough to heal up the flanks until the big hitters can fire

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