Emblem pain


Why not share? ( Linky, linky)


Click for lots of Jackal details


An interesting discussion that includes Jackal and Domitia. Including discussion of 4* / 5* heroes in roster and summons RNG ( linky, linky)

Emblems to get more emblems

Discussion of Sabina ( linky, linky)

Monkey not on your back

Sorry about that :frowning_face:.

Smart not to wait ( linky, linky)

Proteus versus Hel

That is up for debate.

But Proteus is pure DOT ( like Natalya) so avoids reflect damage, DOT is colorless, and bypasses high DEF ( looking at you Guinevere versus Hel ).

purple 4* heroes

This is a great place to be, but also frustrating ( linky, linky)