Wizard emblem help

Kiril 19 (only epic on my War Def do have Magni at 7 though) have Kunchen as center tank at 10 also. Onatel at 6 and Proteus only at 3 just recently maxed.

Have plenty of reset tokens available.

What would be best way forward just spend new emblems on Prot or take the resource loss and reset Kiril to node that Scarecrow guide recommends?

Also only Paladin with emblems is Cyp at 20 and have a maxed Sonya no emblems. Is Caed, 2 × Mel, 2x Sab enough for dispelling purposes?

For reference to other readers: Embleming heroes - a C2P/F2P guide.

I wouldn’t use a reset emblem unless you took totally wrong paths with emblems. If you followed HP+Defense all the way through, just keep them on Kiril. Mine is at +18 and he survives plenty of hits, and helps a lot in countering the Richard, Santa, and Kunchen tanks I commonly run into for diamond raiding.

I think it’s best to just spend your new emblems on Proteus. Follow HP+Defense too with him, since his mana stop is the best part of his skill and you want to cast it more often than not.

Since you have Kunchen, you really don’t need that many emblems on Cyprian unless you really want to keep a 4* tank around for buff booster tournaments. For offense he works well at +11, which is where I personally stopped mine.

Paladin emblems are better spent on Sonya. I followed the defensive path to +18 myself so she can take more hits more reliably and dispel more, but I can see the logic in boosting her attack as well since she could use the extra damage.

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Ty for the insight. I do have a few other dispellers already in Caed, Mel, and Sabina but know it’s important to have one for each color with Sonya.

Will have to think on doing resets on either Kiril or Cyp. That resource loss is no joke.

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