Emblem pain

So I had just finished Kelile and popped some emblems on her when I in a last Hail Mary on Teltoc pulled Jackal. Wasn’t all that sure about Kelile so only took her to the third node. Now I’m in pain - should I put the rest of the emblems on Jackal? Rip the ones Kelile has from her even? Or max her out? I also have Domitia but she’s a baby still and will stay one for quite some time.

For fighter I have BT, barbarian Grimm and Druid Caed. Paladin will go to Frida, Cleric to Kunchen and Monk to Wilbur if I’m not so lucky as to pull Wu before I max him.

Ranger - Triton or Chao? Both babies atm but if I do settle on Triton I might raise him before a second Frida.

Wizard - I was thinking a pinch to Anzogh, the rest to Hel when the time comes. Or all to one of them? Also have Proteus already maxed but doesn’t feel right putting emblems on him with big sis just a step behind.

Sorcerer - I’ve got Sabina as one option but she will stay at 3.60 for a long time, the other is CC but he’s not a priority either (he’s been left at 2.50 after performing some horrible switcharoos during wars - I was aware of the gamble and don’t mind Danza all that much but this…! Mate!). Hopefully an addition to this class shows up soon…


Jackal is widely regarded as one of the most valuable 4 star heroes. If your post gets a lot of responses you will be broadly encouraged to max Jackal and then give emblems. Whether or not to remove them from Kelile probably depends on your inventory of emblems and whether or not you’re planning on eating the emblem cost or burning a reset emblem (which are very rare).


I vastly prefer Triton to Chao. Chao doesn’t hit that hard, and even when you land his mana cut just right…it really isn’t game changing. Triton has a very useful buff (for both raids with healers and for using items on the map), and will provide a nice family bonus when you get him into the same team as Proteus.


I have no direct experience with Anzogh or Hel, but have fought each of them (though only a little due to newness, and availability, respectively). That said, Hel is widely regarded as one of the best heroes in the game. Hard to see you making an error with her. Though it’s also worth noting that Proteus is also highly regarded - clearly one of / the best four star heroes. I have a ton of experience with Proteus and have joked in my alliance that I’ve never lost a raid when he fired. That’s not quite true, but I probably don’t need to convince you of how great he is, since you said he’s been maxed for a while.

Other Classes

Although you don’t list the alternatives, the candidate you list in each class is at least very strong, so I can probably commend you for making good decisions even without seeing the rest of your roster.


Many thanks @IvyTheTerrible!

I had a few to choose from for the other classes but decided to go with the heroes I use the most and like the best.

As you say, Proteus is fantastic. I’m now raiding low diamond thanks to him - wouldn’t be possible otherwise (I do get bashed down back into platinum almost every time I go offline, my def team isn’t the best). I just reckon that Hel is basically him but sturdier.

Jackal - alright, thanks! He’s not up there yet (third tier) so even if I already find him invaluable against titans (filling him up with mana pots right away - he usually gets picked off right away after that) I’m still to see how he plays for raids and wars.

Won’t put anything more on Kelile then. Have 90 emblems left waiting for Jackal, maybe not worth it taking hers - I only have two reset emblems and will keep those for when I one day in the future have enough emblems and 5* to consider a transition.

And Triton it is! I love raiding red tanks with Frida and Grimm, he can come along and top Proteus up. More to choose from in the way of snipers for challenges won’t hurt either.

Again, thank you for your great advice!

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As I was writing about Triton I totally forgot you mentioned Frida as your Paladin. That makes Triton even more the choice over Chao, though I honestly think he wins out anyway (the synergies with Protues and Frida just make him more useful).

I think what you say about de-embleming Kelile makes sense. Probably not worth it now - oddly, it would make more sense if you had already poured more into her already.

I think you’re right on with Hel being a super-charged Proteus. I’ve very envious since my modest number of pulls didn’t yield her last Atlantis. Best of luck to you!

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Just use gems to reset her and give to jackal.
5% loss is 6 gems so you get 54 back.


Cheers! I’ll see how he goes at the fourth node first. Must say that the dodge comes in very handy for Kelile, I use her a lot for offensive raiding and it’s a hoot seeing Sartana missing and then receiving a revenge burn from mini-Marjana!


Wizard = Proteus

Proteus emblem-ed = Hel , aim for Def & Health. he need it more than atk , his special based on DOT , more ATK wont increase damage

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But I do have Hel. Emblemed Hel = super-Proteus!

He’s saying an emblemed proteus would be close to having 2 held. An emblemed Hel would be a little stronger early but only a few talents worth, and regular proteus would be same old mini Hel. I’d probably go proteus now, especially if Hel not maxed and when you have a lot more emblems use a reset to move to Hel if you feel that’s needed at that time.


Valid point! I have 2 Hel though… (yes that was a very very lucky 30+ on last Atlantis as it also rendered me 2 Fridas - I shan’t ever see a 5 in the portal again I suspect).

At the moment two tabards short on ascending the first Hel, that’s why I felt giving the emblems to Proteus was overdoing it. What is best, two regular Hel or one Proteus and one super Hel??

Rogue - Jackal (reset if you have to)
Ranger - Triton
Wizard - Hel (unless you plan to emblem Proteus and reset him at a later date)
Paladin - Frida

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Definitely don’t max her out. But I wouldn’t waste the emblems just yet by stripping them either. How many total do you have. And how close is Jackal to being ready for emblems?


I’m very much in agreement with @IvyTheTerrible on the relative merits of Triton vs Chao. And Triton makes a strong defense option for Field Aid wars. Embleming him would not be a bad decision.

That said: do you have Tiburtus? For going after yellow tanks, he’d be my first choice between those 3 options.


I’m not in love with emblems for Anzogh unless you plan to tank him. Ultimately, to me, this decision is all about constructing a bench that is as strong as possible for as long as possible.

Proteus maxed and emblemed plus Hel maxed is significantly stronger for two flags in AW than Proteus maxed plus Hel maxed and emblemed is.

My thoughts on how best to emblem Proteus are here:

There may come a time when your roster is such that this decision no longer makes sense. But you’re probably several reset-emblem-gaining-events away from that point.


Sabina is actually a very strong choice here. With emblems, her dispel, plus good tile damage, plus Delay, make her uniquely well suited to being the purple healer in your anti-Guin stack.


Thanks @Garanwyn and @AirHawk!

I have 90 emblems left, only used 60 for Kelile. Jackal is 3.32 with orbs waiting. I don’t do colour specific trainers in my camps so not sure when I can max him - shouldn’t be too long though.

Argh yes I do have tibs… had honestly forgotten about him. I am overloaded with purple and pulled him recently, he slipped my mind. Could sure use him for titans and wars, but Hel and Kunchen will go before him. As will maxing Sabina, now that you pointed out her usefulness in raiding! I’ve just recently reached low diamond and its getting expensive re-rolling all those Guins…

I will give Proteus a good ponder. I DO bring him almost everywhere and he IS very squishy (and targeted! I swear ;)!).

Big thanks for your awesome advice!

Oh and btw - where do the reset emblems come from? I cannot remember receiving them but have two.


Reset emblems from chests and rewards I believe.

Or pay 75 gems to do it.

Color specific trainers is the right call for a growing roster :slight_smile:

Don’t fret the emblem decision until Jackal is 4/70, and even then, I wouldn’t really start sweating until you hit a big node (40 emblems) that you really want but just can’t buy. At that point, it may be worth losing the 5 emblems in a reset.

Kelile is good war depth at a minimum. It’s not like those emblems are useless where they sit. There’s just a much better choice now.

Then emblem Triton without fear. You’ll get plenty of use out of him. I use him about 50/50 in my blue stacks (Sonya subs in when a dispel is needed). Even better, the family bonus with Proteus in Blue/Purple stacks means he can shrug off a hard punch.

War chests only, as far as we know.

You’re very welcome, and best of luck!



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Sorry about that :frowning_face:.

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Proteus versus Hel

That is up for debate.

But Proteus is pure DOT ( like Natalya) so avoids reflect damage, DOT is colorless, and bypasses high DEF ( looking at you Guinevere versus Hel ).

purple 4* heroes

This is a great place to be, but also frustrating ( linky, linky)


Wow, a big thank you @Gryphonknight for the links! Very interesting reading, food for thought. I actually think it was one of your previous posts that helped me choose which heroes and pathways to go with for my first classes. There’s no arguing logic and structure.

Have you finished your Cat? If so, how do you like them?


Cat and Little John ( and Isarnia) keep getting pushed to the end of the queue. Currently I am most fascinated with the attack stat soft cap and 1* Tourneys.


Based on a very good friend’s impression of Cheshire Cat at 4*+5, I am taking Cheshire Cat to 4* 3.60. Because Cat is literally the most fun 4* hero currently in Empires.

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