Proteus vs. Kiril who gets emblems?

Just wondering? I was reading some of the forum earlier (should I take emblems from Belith 2 give to Caedmon) and someone said that 2 wizards would not work on the same team. Would like to know why because Jinx is awesome & who everyone feels deserves the emblems more some pics of what I have
Screenshot_20190325-085626_Empires Screenshot_20190325-085541_Empires

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I vote Proteus. He is an awesome hero to have. Mine went to Onatel.

They may have meant 2 wizards won’t work as they wouldn’t have emblems on both. I think people are putting too much into these classes sometimes and changing the way they play to accommodate that. I have 2 wizards on my defense team (Onatel and Victor) and it works fine.

I would probably take them off Belith and give them to Caedmon as you are starting to move up and she won’t be used a ton anymore. Mine are on Caedmon and the lil guy is cool.

Kashrek is also a Wizard I believe and you almost have him maxed out.

I’ve just got Kiril and now I’m deciding between Kash and him to get emblems…

Proteus would get more value out of jinx. You can certainly spread your emblems around, it’s all about preference
My opinion is to have the strongest defense team I can meaning I am only concentrating on the best in class heros for me.
Others prefer to build up their 4s because is so much faster and get them to 5 strength.

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You will use Kash up to 3500 then hardly ever again. You will always be using Kiril. Easy long term choice for the brewmaster.


My Kash is up to 4/56 now and I have 111 Wizard emblems to use…My Kiril is 1/12 haha, so could be a while…

I’m hovering at 2400 team power / 2000 cups generally

Personally I made Kiril 4*+1 since Blessed Brew and Jinx work well together.

But Proteus 4*+6 ( eventually 4*+19 ) since Proteus is a mini 5* Hel.


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Sharing emblems

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I have no interest in giving emblems to Kashhrek & I don’t have Caedmon but I do have Melendor at 4:1 so right now BT, Proteus, & Grimm are getting emblems for sure

Proteus won here: :smile:

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I gave them to Proteus. Haven’t regretted it one bit.

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