Who to emblem? Proteus? Or Anzogh?

I’ve been playing for a little while but could use some input from more experienced players. I’ve got both proteus and Anzogh at 40+ lvl on their last ribbon each. I’m looking at 432 wizard emblems and wondering who / how to distribute them. I’ve got Kiril way behind, not currently getting feeders anyway.

Are you completing challenge events?

Proteus is absolute dynamite against bosses so I use emblems to toughen him up. Ok, his DoT doesn’t get improved, but he’s all about the mana block.

I would give him the lion’s share.

Anzogh has his uses and is a decent, tough utility hero, but he’s not a game changer.


I gave some of those emblems to Kiril. He’s my only blue healer and I need him to not die when he’s sneezed on. Proteus is more useful overall, though. Reset tokens are handed out at a decent pace so I don’t think you can make a wrong move here, aside from lost ham and iron.

Thanks I currently have lotl at 4< 57 so when I get them together firing its usually the end for the other teams chance of being able to fire back, my concern is he usually can’t hang yet in the battles … dies too quick. I’m hovering just under diamond right now. Im completing challenge events (the last 3) my defense team now is kingA, lotl, emblemed cyprian Anzogh and emblemed boldtusk. I throw telluria into rotation for fun every once in a while but she’s at 2<43 so I cup drop that way.

For me personally putting emblems on four* I kinda take to level 7
With some expectations. Proteus is one who can get more than others.
Have proteus at +7 does me good in trails raids challenges. Def worth putting some on.


I have my Proteus at +19, and he can survive long enough against most all-5* defenses to cast his special once or twice. He has been amazing during Challenge Events.


i choose proteus because his mana control was amazing. my proteus got +19 def route. pair him with 1-2 atlantis family (i choose triton) and he get more defense.


I choose Proteus and Kiril, and Anzogh only +3 (because he is my red tank in AW). But later I plan to remove Anzogh emblem (not decided though), for now it stay at +3.
Next emblem will goes to either 2nd Proteus or more in Kiril and 2nd Kiril.
Anzogh is sturdy without emblem.
I also have Onatel at 3.70, and I think she is sturdy like Anzogh, so I do not plan to emblem her if maxed, except maybe if my AW is yellow tank, will give her +3 not more.


Give it Proteus. Def/Life Route as Jonah said to live longer. Attack will improve his poison but one attack node will only give 2 poison dmg per round more. That is so small it won’t have any impact.

His talent - more damage is not important as he does no direct damage at attacking. So take him to node 6 at least or 9 or 14 or 19.

Wizards emblems
Kiril +15 - use him every day in raids
Proteus + 9
Victor + 7
Next one Sartana waitin’ at 3.70 won’t get emblems.

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Thanks everyone for the input, got a plan forming, I will probably stop ignoring Kiril as well, I’ve been feeding kingA and nordri my blues recently

Inferring where you’re at in the game from your post I’d guess you’d best be served to give some to your best four stars first. Kiril and Proteus definitely both fit that description. At the least I think you could go to +6 and re-evaluate (going to disagree with the standard +7 advice here as neither of them benefits much from the Jinx Talent). They’re much cheaper and faster to emblem.

FWIW, I took both of them to +17, following all defense and hit points routes, while Isarnia, Onatel, and Anzogh sat and watched. Although Proteus’ usage has tailed off, he’s still very valuable. Kiril still sees regular play in the Diamond Arena and he gets the healer spot against red titans over Aegir and Ariel (9 and 10 star titans - if it were higher I’d maybe have to take a more robust healer).


@JonahTheBard even the few attack nodes that you will inevitably end up taking when embalming him does increase his DoT even if it is not by a significant amount, it is still good to increase it however you can. Especially when DoT don’t care about defenses.


Embalming… fits…lol my phone will autocorrect too…

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