🧪 Early Information on Dragonspire (Overview) [Part of The Beta Beat v67]

NOTE: Please do not, under any circumstances, share IMAGES OR VIDEOS from Beta in this or any public Forum thread. Violations can cause players to lose their Beta accounts, or threads to be closed down.

This thread is to provide early insights and discussion on the new Dragonbase Overview.

Don’t get too attached

Details from Beta, especially brand-new Beta content, don’t tend to be very reliable for actual release.

It’s incredibly common that features are changed during Beta testing, or sometimes even after testing but before release. That is, after all, the purpose of Beta testing.

So I wouldn’t get too attached to any of this — it’s not unheard of for entire portions of features to be removed or reworked, or for radical changes to functionality to be made.

General Overview

As it has seen in the Sneak Peek video Dragonspire is another base, and you can switch to it by Clicking the “Dragonspire” button. You can switch back by clicking the “Stronghold” button.

This game mode has an own energies called “Dragon World Energy” and “Dragon Raid Energy”.
You have getting exactly the same maximum “Dragon World Energy” as your regular World Energy, but two are not linked together. So if you use energy in Stronghold or Dragonspire mode the other Energy will be unchanged.
The same apllies to Raid Energies too.

Dragon World Energy is used Required for Dragon Battles
Dragon Raid Energy is used Required for Dragon Raid Battles

You have 3 Resources:

  • Fish: Used mainly to train and level up Dragons.
  • Dragonstone: Used mainly to construct and upgrade buildings.
  • Dragonlings: Used to train new Dragons.

There are 2 kind of Wanted Missions

The base itseft contains new buildings.

The layout of the buttons is similar to the regular game.


  • Dragon Raids
  • Map
  • Dragons
  • Missions
  • Alliance, Inbox, Chat: These are showing exactly the same as the regular game.
  • Menu: This button used to switch between showing the “Dragons, Missions, Alliance, Inbox” menu items and “Leaderboard, Shop, Options” Inventory"
  • Leaderboard
  • Shop
  • Options
  • Inventory
  • Summon Gate

Other misc itmes

Dragon Riders

Instead of Troops you can select heroes to ride your dragon in Dragon raids and Dragon battles. The selected heroes should match with the Dragons element and rarity.

Assist Dragon

You can assign a Dragon to you teams in the regular game, and use the help of the Dragon in Raid, Maps and Quests.
This gives your team stat boosts and you can also fire the Dragons’ “Assist Skill”.
Each dragon has different skill. The Assist Skills can be found in the Dragons topic.

This Assist Skill need to be upgraded by using Assist Skill metarials. I will wirite about these in the Dragon Roster topic.

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You just knew that Titan would sneak in somewhere :rofl:


I have fixed the typo :slight_smile:


:rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy: here we go again. The gap between spenders n non-spenders will widen even more.

Not sure how newbies view the 2 different concepts, shops etc etc. Will need way more time to cover both sides.


I think we have to quit our regular jobs in order to play all E&P content as soon as this $hit arrives.

It already takes quite a lot time timing all kind of energies in the regular version. Adding Dragon kind of version will only make it even tougher.

Instead of widening the calendar of events, they add new features. And with this everything starts again from zero.

First thoughts - not a fan.


What I’ve learned after 15 minutes of playing


I wasn’t expecting this part. Means your regular roster still helps. Although I can’t figure out the exact stat contribution yet.

2 Dragon assist

It does fire in auto play which is nice (unlike some other stage effects like seasonal events and COE)
All dragons are very slow. The first time I tried to use them in a raid, it was over before the dragon charged. The dragon only charges with like color tiles (unlike other games I’ve played where all elements contribute)

3 New Stuff

All new “heroes”, buildings, items. It’s going to take a bit to figure all of this out

4 Is it skippable?

I guess it is. My first thought is maybe that’s what I’ll do. But if I can use the dragon to help me, it will make things easier to have better dragons. We don’t know yet, but if we can use these in war, then it’s almost a must do.

5 Gems carryover

Gems seem to be the one resource that carries over. My initial thought is to use gems for the base game, since that’s what I care most about. But I’ll have to see how that changes as we see how dragons impact the base game. Or will we have separate dragon wars?

6 world energy

You get the same max in both versions (for me that’s 72) but they seem to have different energy

7 no loot tickets

Maybe they’re not enabled yet but I can’t use loot tickets on map stages. Timesaver is actively disabled for now. I’d say tbd on both for now.

8 more chests

There is a dragon monster and dragon raid chest. Both on the same 12 hour cooldown. I fill two of each. Am I going to double the amount of time I play to additionally fill 4 dragon chests a day too? Am I going to do that during AR when I’m farming as much as possible. Some future decisions to be made.


Thanks for the heads up.

Sounds exhausting


We wanted a better original product SG, not to have basically a whole new game added to this one…


When the number of players get discussed, players with alts often comes up. Will this lower the number of alt accounts as everyone has essentially a built in alt account?


The max level of the stronghold is 10. We don’t know upgrade times yet, but this might quell some concerns about too much leveling of a second base.

Is that as high as it will ever be? Or will they roll out higher levels later?

Does a second base mean level upgrades to the first base are less likely?

What a hunk of :poodle: :poop:

They’re just trying to push people away now.


I would suspect the answer to both questions is Yes.


It kinda sounds skippable. But will your alliance allow you to skip for fear of dropping out of the top whatever? How is war matchmaking going to happen in a fair way? And along that note, will raids be much fun or just pure rng. regarding whose dragons fire first. Who is going to watch you tube strategies of players sharing insights when the realization hits that they should be farming for dragon feeders instead.

I could envision the alliance ‘glue’ that keeps players together starting to dry up and fall away. I can easily see casual players who are already unhappy with the dismal choices of FS just turning away for good as the fun and entertainment aspect that kept them around starts to disappear.


Um… I’ll do it… But i don’t wanna.


I’m very worried about how big this update will be byte-wise. I sometimes consider deleting the app to get more storage space as is…


Same here.

I did comment on another thread sometime ago that this may force people with perfectly good, but older, devices out of the game.

But Zynga will know that whales will have an iPhone 15 / latest iPad Pro / Samsung S24 or some other cutting edge make/model of hardware.


I don’t need this extremely bad and graphically disastrous Dragon Castle, it’s as unnecessary as Athlete’s Foot, nobody needs it! Very, very poor Implementation, definitely doomed to failure!

Stop this TRASH!! :poop::-1::-1::-1:


So a new game inside the current one?? Having to start all way from 0?? NO THANKS
If this goes live, it’s either game over for me, or I’ll completely turn F2P until I eventually leave this game.
I rather download a proper separated new game


The eternally wise @Math-Teacher asked a few good questions in our alliance that are worth sharing with others.

Anything I can save now to make the jump easier later (like holding feeders when legendary troops were nearly out)?

I only see three interactions.
1 gems. This can mean dragon base will be a gem pit. Or you can “farm” gems for your regular base.

2 Dragon Riders. You can use heroes to act as “troops” for the dragons. The stats from the hero are the direct boost provided to the dragon. For example, my Lianna has 1034/952/1734 att/def/HP and that’s the boost provided to the dragon. However, I’m only able to use the base version and haven’t found a way to use costumes. Two things from this. One, your highest overall powered hero will be helpful. I only have two legendary heroes 2LB. I would want to increase that so dragons can have the additional boost. Two, Leveling the base of heroes has additional reasons even if you have the costume.

If you don’t care about dragons, this is easy to skip.

3 Dragon assist
Every dragon has their regular stats and abilities similar to a hero. But they also have assist, which essentially acts at very slow mana and allows you to use their ability similar to any other hero. If you play mono, does this give you another color to aim for while still maximizing synergy and tile damage? Some of the dragons can also heal. This can open up new strategies.

Dragon Spirit: dragons also as as a stat bonus to hero’s attack, defense, and HP that seems to be in the couple of percentages range (1-4% for an average around 2.3% (this is on uneleved dragons so may change)). This is the hardest part and perhaps the most genius/diabolical/stupid. If the regular game is now boosted by dragons, dragons may become important to the overall performance of your regular game/teams. This is a lot harder to skip.

What feeders do dragons use to level up?

Dragons have their own dragon feeders. That’s nice and easy (or perhaps bad if you want overlap).

Fun or just a moved goal post?

I’m not sure fun is the answer. It boosts stats for everyone. Rich will get richer. It adds “more” to the game, but not sure everyone wants more. If you want to call this moving the goal post go for it. It’s certainly more to do. Some may enjoy that. Others won’t.

**Closing **
This is a decision point for players and alliances. Is this something you want to engage in? Are there dragon requirements for the alliance? Or will it just come through in performance?

** extra thought **
I’ll do the base. That’s pretty easy. And farming I may just do what can be autoplayed to fill the chests. I’m not excited for more raids.
Will this push me to get timesaver since it’s twice as valuable now?


Assist Dragons and Dragon Riders topic is now added:

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