🧪 Early Information on Assist Dragons and Dragon Riders [Part of The Beta Beat v67]

NOTE: Please do not, under any circumstances, share IMAGES OR VIDEOS from Beta in this or any public Forum thread. Violations can cause players to lose their Beta accounts, or threads to be closed down.

This thread is to provide early insights and discussion on the Assist Dragons and Dragon Riders

Don’t get too attached

Details from Beta, especially brand-new Beta content, don’t tend to be very reliable for actual release.

It’s incredibly common that features are changed during Beta testing, or sometimes even after testing but before release. That is, after all, the purpose of Beta testing.

So I wouldn’t get too attached to any of this — it’s not unheard of for entire portions of features to be removed or reworked, or for radical changes to functionality to be made.

Assist Dragons

  • Dragons function as Assist Dragons in the Stronghold.
  • They have Assist Skills that can be used in battles in the basic game too.
    • This includes Raids in Offense, Tournament is Offense, Map stage, Quest Stage and Titan battles.
    • Probably Hero Legague and War will be affected too later.
  • Assist Skills can be leveled up with new Assist Skill Parchments.
  • Activate your Assist Dragon by first summoning a Dragon in one of the summon portals of Dragonspire and selecting it in the Stronghold Team View.
    • There is no restriction of which Dragon you select. So it can be different rarity or element from any of your heroes in the Team.
    • You can unselect a selected Dragon any time.
    • Durnig the fight the Assist Dragon is charging seperatly from your heroes based on the Assist Skill’s mana speed.
    • Your Assist Dragon is shown on right button of the screen right above your heroes.
    • You can see icon and mana bar of you Dragon.
    • You can check your Assist Dragons’s skill similarly as you can view Hero skills in the game.
    • You can charge the Assist Skill when the mana bar is full any time you want.
  • For Tournament, where there is a rarity restriction, then Dragons for the allowed rarity is allowed. (Probably the same applies to element restriction too, but it can not be tested.)
  • When selected to a Team, Assist Dragons increase the stats of allied team members in the Stronghold through the Dragon Spirit Bonus.
  • The Dragon Spirit Bonus is based on a fraction of the Dragon’s stats, and they are applied to the Hero’s base stats.

Dragon Spirit Bonus

The X, Y, Z percentages can be different per each dragon.

Assist Skills

  • Each Dragon has an Assist Skill, which can be different for each dragon.
  • The Assist Skill has an own name and mana speed (which can be different from the Dragon’s basic skill’s mana speed).
  • All Assist Skills have 10 levels.
  • The actually available maximum Assist Skill level is depends on the hero’s ascension tier. Level 10 is only available when the Dragon is at the final Ascension Tier.
  • An unleveled dragon has 10% of the Assist Skill of a fully leveled Dragon.
    Eg: If the skill deals 400 damage, then it deals only 40 damage on level 1.
  • The Assist Skill can be upgraded with Assist Skill Parchments.
  • This skill upgrade can be done in the Dragon Roster.
  • Each level increasing the Assist Skill power with the same amount as the skill is on level 1.
    Example (Luminare):
Assist Skill Level Skill
1 Deals 40 damage for all enemies.
All enemies receive 20 Burn damage over 5 turns.
2 Deals 80 damage for all enemies.
All enemies receive 40 Burn damage over 5 turns.
3 Deals 120 damage for all enemies.
All enemies receive 60 Burn damage over 5 turns.
4 Deals 160 damage for all enemies.
All enemies receive 80 Burn damage over 5 turns.
5 Deals 200 damage for all enemies.
All enemies receive 100 Burn damage over 5 turns.
6 Deals 240 damage for all enemies.
All enemies receive 120 Burn damage over 5 turns.
7 Deals 280 damage for all enemies.
All enemies receive 140 Burn damage over 5 turns.
8 Deals 320 damage for all enemies.
All enemies receive 160 Burn damage over 5 turns.
9 Deals 360 damage for all enemies.
All enemies receive 180 Burn damage over 5 turns.
10 Deals 400 damage for all enemies.
All enemies receive 200 Burn damage over 5 turns.

Dragon Riders

  • Heroes from the Stronghold function as Dragon Riders in the Dragonspire.
  • Each Dragon can be ridden by one Hero.
  • Dragon Riders must be of the same rarity and element as the Dragons to be able to ride them.
    • You can select the Base heroes, and not the costumes.
  • When a Hero is selected as a Dragon Rider for a Dragon, the Hero increases the stats of the Dragon based on the Hero’s stats.

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Is this normal raids or dragonthingy world?

Have you seen any mana speeds other than very slow?
The dragons charge based on tiles of that element (haven’t tested defense yet).

I’ve found different values for different dragons.

I’ve only been able to use bases and not costumes of heroes and the boost is the exact stats of that hero.

I’ve used dragon assist in offense. Can it appear on defense?
Dragon assist will activate on autoplay which is nice.


I have not checked yet.

You are right.

I am not sure yet, but I could set it for the defense team even in Wars Defense team.


why does this sound severely overcomplicated


Thanks for confirming. Wonder how much of a difference those skills will make. Glad the assist skills are very slow as of now! Imagine fighting against an annoying Fast assist lol

I found it pretty simple and straightforward. Biggest complication is more things (dragons, items) to know. But it’s fairly simple to navigate (which is to say as simple as current game is).


So is the Dominion of Dragons stuff being dripped in or is this separate from that and is a new thing of its own? Will this also mean we can use battle items in Raids now or are these dragons special treatment?

No, battle items are not usable in Raids.

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I used to call " Call of Antia " a big crappy game but at least they dont use dragons in pvp
E&P was a good game
Well i dont regret my retirement :slight_smile:


I used to play that game, much more “giving” than this crap, unfortunately I think I forgot to sync my account and lost everything so never went back.

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The power creep in that game went insanely fast and the whales ruined every war/quest/etc
Now a one new 5* can kill a team of 5 old 5*
Lots of new 5* fully awaken are immune to death even they have 1 hp left…

All am seeing is more summoning coming :joy:


One thing you can add to probably make this part easier to understand is that heroes basically works as troops in the dragon world. In the UI when you prepare your team of dragons to play in the dragon world (map, quest or raid), the UI is basically the same with dragons replacing heroes and heroes replacing troops.

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Fair enough, guess I didn’t miss out on much then.

The artwork, animations, and sounds were 100000 times better than this rubbish though.

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Could pff or someone explain this for me? I don’t understand this sentence. Or is it just saying that each level increases by the same amount? Or…?

If this DoD affects normal game and dragons also enhance war teams and similar, I think it’s the end for me. I have a live outside, and no enough time to grow a new base & heroes/dragons from the beggining. It’s another big hole between FTP and whales… They’ve ruined a game I was enjoying very much.


It just means that if an assist skill Damages áll enemies with 200 at max level, and gives +40% defense, then this will be the progression:

Level 1: 20 damage, 4% defense
Level 2: 40 damage, 8% defense
Level 3: 60 damage, 12% defense

+20 damage, 4% defense in each other level too

Level 10: 200 damage, 40% defense

I will add an example to the OP.


Dragon assists will overwrite other buffs. I tested a HOT and a dragon assist which heals over time and my regular heal (of ~200 per turn) was replaced with 5 per turn.

It’s not a big deal when it happens, but a few players will post about it. The leveled dragons won’t have as much of a negative synergy here. But it does mean consideration for team comp is important. That heal over time can be great for heroes/troops with an additional heal passive for each each heal received.

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My head hurts only from reading half of it, ffs.