🎪 Director Zuri – 5* Holy/ Yellow from Starfall Circus

Director Zuri

Rarity Element Class
Mana Speed Attack Defense Health
Origin Family
Starfall Circus Starfall
:dizzy: Special Skill: Director’s Blessing
  • Recovers 45% Health for the Ally with the lowest remaining HP. All other allies recover 30% Health.
  • Summons a Clown Minion for each ally with 13% HP and 20% attack, inherited from the caster.
  • Cleanses status ailments from all allies.
All-In-One Reference, courtesy of @Lumi
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All-in-one still under construction, will be added when available.

:hugs: Family Bonus

The new heroes form the “Starfall” family and have a family bonus for each unique hero in the team:

Starfall Family
Bonus for 2 / 3 Heroes:

  • 40% / 60% chance to cleanse the Hero’s most recent dispellable status ailment at the end of each turn.

:test_tube: Beta Changes

Director Zuri’s healing to “all other allies” was increased from 25% → 30% compared to last seen Beta Build.

Beta Information: 🧪 Early Information on New Starfall Circus Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v38]

:money_with_wings: Avoiding Overspending & Heartache :broken_heart:
Or: How many summons are needed to get a Legendary Challenge Event Hero?

It’s important to remember that Challenge Event Heroes have EXTREMELY low summoning odds. No amount of summoning will guarantee a Challenge Event Hero.

On average, in a 10-pull, you have a 1.65% chance of summoning Director Zuri.

But that statistic can lead our minds astray in exactly how our odds play out as we continue summoning.

Some useful insights:

  • 15 times out of 100, you’ll get Director Zuri by pull 100 (26,000 gems)
  • 56 times out of 100, you’ll get Director Zuri by pull 500 (130,000 gems)
  • 95 times out of 100, you’ll get Director Zuri by pull 1,796 (467,200 gems)
  • 99 times out of 100, you’ll get Director Zuri by pull 2,761 (717,900 gems)

Putting that in Perspective

  • 85 out of every 100 people won’t get Director Zuri by the 100th pull
  • If 1 Million players each spent $259.97 (US) to summon :one::zero::zero: times, 846,364 of those players wouldn’t get Director Zuri
  • 5 out of every 100 people won’t get Director Zuri by the 1800th pull
  • If 1 Million players each spent $4,671.53 US to summon :one::eight::zero::zero: times, 49,663 of those players wouldn’t get Director Zuri

More Insights & Reading

I highly recommend reading these two threads for more information and context on summoning odds:

If you’ve read them a million times before, you may consider reading them again before deciding on your budget for summoning. A little time spent deciding on how much money you want to risk on summoning goes a long way to avoiding disappointment, frustration, and regret later. :slight_smile:

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Feedback Poll - Director Zuri (post release)

:question: Is Director Zuri worth Summoning For?

  • Yes, absolutely
  • Only if you’re P2P
  • Yes, but only if you’re summoning for someone else.
  • Not really
  • Not at all

0 voters

:question: How many copies of Director Zuri would be useful to keep & Level?

Note - this is roster space dependent & isn’t the same for everyone!

  • zero
  • Just one
  • 2
  • 3
  • All of them

0 voters

:question: What do you think Director Zuri’s Primary Purpose is?

  • Direct Healer
  • Minion Maker
  • Cleanser

0 voters

:question: What do you think of Director Zuri compared to other Heroes?

  • Over Powered (OP)
  • Little stronger than Most
  • On Par with Most
  • Little Weaker than Most
  • Completely Broken (Under Powered)

0 voters

:question: How does Director Zuri’s Special Skill and Intended Purpose match her Base Stats?

Note this means her Class, Attack, Defence & HP Stat

  • Perfectly
  • Better than Most
  • On Par with Most
  • Worse than Most
  • Terribly

0 voters

:question: Is Director Zuri worth giving Sorcerer Emblems to?

  • Yes absolutely
  • Depends on who else you got
  • Hmmmm, not sure yet
  • No I don’t think so
  • No… Not at all.

0 voters

:question: In Defence, where do you think Director Zuri is best used?

  • Left Wing
  • Left Flank
  • Tank
  • Right Flank
  • Right Wing
  • Not on defence at all.

0 voters

:question: How do you think Director Zuri is best used?

  • PvP Raids/ War attack
  • Normal Defence
  • War Defence
  • Titans
  • Farming
  • Tournaments
  • Event Teams

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she seems like a sort of improved delilah with regard to social and stats, indeed, but unfortunately she is sorcerer whereas delilah is fighter…
any thoughts on her? how do you guys rank her in context with the other yellow healers (prof., delilah, costume vivica, yellow porc)?

To me she’s on par with the Prof.

She’s definitely better than delilah because she cleanse and yellows lack of cleanser

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Honestly, to me Director Zuri would be my pick of the Circus heroes. As @Artamiss said, she’s a direct improvement on Delilah and also on Vivica (average vs. Slow)…

Can’t go wrong imho.


Zuri, when emblemed has got nice beefy stats

I think Director Zuri’s Sorcerer class fits with her minion-making ability. Each minion on her could proc the mana delay on the enemies. I have seen Krampuses on defence inflict mana delay on my heroes whenever they produce minions with their special skill.


I’m gonna pair Krampus and Zuri together and see how they do


As others have mentioned, she’s a direct improvement over Delilah by including a cleanse, and is only the 3rd yellow healer to do that after Viv and Lidenbrock, and she is the only average speed yellow 5* cleanser, which makes her all the more valuable IMO.


I got it yesterday after 60 pulls! Do you think it’s worth ? Her statistics look ok to me

We have Roc too as an average yellow cleanser :wink:

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@Guvnor it is 30% in the live game and not 25%


Thanks, OP Updated

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I won’t complain but I managed to get her. Felt like it’s a waste they turned her into an updated Delilah. Initial thought is that she’s the most average one of the bunch. I guess she’s good at ensuring survivability to your team.

Really need a yellow heal all as I didn’t want to waste mats on non costume Vivica. So happy to have gotten this one. Got her and Theobold in the same ten pull which never happens to me!

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What is with the buffs on the circus heroes?? Almost all of them got buffed from beta. BUFFED! WTF is going on? Why have a beta if they don’t listen to the beta participants??

I am not sure what is happened.
Usually they release the Beta tested versions of the heroes, and that is the last tested version, but now SG has performed changes after last Beta.
SG usually gives as a Beta feedback summary at the end of the testing, and I have just checked the summary of the last version where these heroes was tested, and in the summary only Emilio was mentioned as some testers wrote that he might need a bit more burn damage. While other changed heroes was not mentioned at all in this summary or I could read that they are ok, or they are already OP in this summary.

I’m pretty sure minions cannot proc Delay. Special skill damage can in addition to tile damage and slash attacks.

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Also I find her title to be awkward. Master of circus is like a vague title. Wouldn’t ‘ringmaster of starfall’ be a much better title?

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Are you really sure? Somebody else has also claimed that minions, when on a Sorcerer-class hero, can proc mana delay. This post mentions Thoth-Amun, another Sorcerer hero who produces minions:

I would love to get clarification on this! Maybe you could even feature this topic in one of your Youtube videos, if it merits your time. :grinning:

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