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I think it has been debunked already that a sorcerer’s minions can proc delay

Yeah, I am reading a little more on this topic. But after Petri’s comment, there has been no further clarification issued despite others also claiming that the minions proc’d delay.

The thing that makes it hard to determine is that Delay doesn’t appear right as it happens, it appears after all actions in that part of the turn have occurred. So to definitely answer this you have to control for all of those other instances. If another sorcerer slashes in that turn then you can’t be sure.

Maybe I’ll set up a friendly raid experiment :thinking:


For sure, it would be a tedious experiment on your part. But as we love science (or at least how we verify information here, haha), I hope you would be able to do something conclusively about it. :grinning:

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What would the preferred emblem path be? HP + ATK seems nice considering the minion synergy and sorcerer emblem path. Just feels weird leaving DEF alone for a healer.

I will be going HP > Def > Attack. Same emblem path I would use for any Minion Summoner


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