Atomos is a BEAST in underwater season 2

Help me, atomos keeps reviving with 1000 hp and also hits like a truck depending on enemy mana, what heroes to bring and what battle items needed? And his element was green. Fire is strong but reduced attack, help me!

If you got, everything that reduces or stop his mana. i used Proteus but any other mana controller is fine. Alternatively bring time stop with you.


If you have debuffers, you can remove his buff, so he won’t revive. (Take mana pots)


As @DBC suggested take in debuffers like Sabina, Sonya, Mel and Caed to counter Atomos after he’s fired his special. Otherwise, if his special is active when you defeat him, he’ll just keep reviving.

Good Luck :smile:


I brought Sabina, Tiburtus, Khiona, Gretel and Chao myself for the hard mode underwater stages with Atomos. Items equipped were two kinds of HP potions, mana potions, and turtle banners to help mitigate damage taken.

The reason for Dark + Holy stack is because the minions most of the last underwater stages are all purple and yellow.

If you use Atlantis heros in a underwater stage and the time runs out are they affected?

When in doubt, just bomb his *** :skull::bomb::bomb::bomb:

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Yep. You’d think Triton could hold his breath, but he’s a little wimp about it. And then he wants to wear fur coats… Don’t understand him at all.


Would take a moment to insert a shameless plug here to suggest a vote to have perks given to Atlantis heroes for different special stages.


And while the mer-people drown in underwater stages, Ranvir gets to breathe fine in Poison stages :man_shrugging:

Ranvir’s passive skill “Resist Poison” works also against Poison Mist.

From: Version 22.1 Release Notes & Status

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HoTM is gonna HoTM, I guess? shrugs

Let’s also not forget it is the Mer-people that “you” own that drown in underwater stages, but the ones controlled by A.I. are perfectly fine.


The AI is too stupid to breathe lol


Lol @mpolo, I had the same question about Frida? An armor wearing polar bear that needs warm cloaks…made from polar bears?

So, Frida lives in the north pole

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So you are saying she should wear Santa as a warm cloak?
So all these years those polar bears have been slowly freezing to death?? That’s terrible!!!

Dispel, Riposte, R.I.P. :slight_smile:

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