February/March Atlantis – is there an unusual advantage? Will Kunchen still be available during Atlantis in addition to Frida?

There has been discussion about how the Feb/Mar Atlantis will have unusual advantages. Is that only because the HOTM will change Mar1? Anything else I’m missing?

Thank you!!!

There are two things I know I’m looking forward to:

  • The timing means I can summon on this Atlantis cycle and have a shot for Frida, by waiting for the turnover from Kunchen :heart_eyes:

  • There will be new featured Atlantis heroes, with two out of Ariel, Atomos, and Poseidon — I’m personally hoping Ariel will be in the mix, as I’m the most excited about taking a shot for her

There’s also been plenty of speculation about the returning HOTMs

…I hear a lot of people think Gravemaker will be in the mix this time…

…which no one has suggested since last month…or the month before…or the month before…or the… :wink:


Thanks Zephyr! Are there always 2 new Atlantis heroes or is it just because of the Feb/Mar split?

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No, neither, actually.

The cycle is based on Season 2 families.

It essentially goes something like:

  • Month 1: A + B
  • Month 2: B + C
  • Month 3: A + C

Then the cycle repeats with a new family.

January was the end of a previous cycle for the Sakura Family, so we expect now to see both featured Season 2 slots occupied by new Atlantis Family heroes as we enter the first month of a new cycle.

So it’s not because of the month split, nor because it’s always that way.

It just happens to be one of 3 times in the 9 month cycle that it’s a “first” month for a new featured family of Season 2 heroes.


Thank you Zephyr!!! :cake: :coffee: :four_leaf_clover:

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I’m really hoping ariel and poseidon are in the mix this time so I can pull for both of them and frieda. The April HOTM doesn’t really entice me, so if ariel and poseidon are together that month I’d have a tough decision to make.

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The difference is, this month he’s actually been out for 8 months, which is the earliest SG has ever re-released a HOTM. So the speculation is not completely crazy this time.

But yeah, GM’s going to break the bank when he comes around again.


Who’s the April hero of the month?

Here you go:


Thank you…

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Does anyone know if kunchen is still available with the next atlantis summon? Because ots about 11hrs till the new chapter comes out. Does atpantis summon replace elemental summon or pops up as a new one? ( i cant quite remember )

My understanding is that Kunchen will be here until March.

So basically the next Atlantis summon will cover two HOTM period: February & March

Based on the countdown clocks for Atlantis (currently at 11h 32m) and Kunchen (currently at 1d 4h), there will be a short window were Atlantis overlaps with Kunchen.


so elemental and atlantis summon can be there at the same time. Because the countdown on that is 1d 4

I dont need kutchen, got like 4 already. 2 came from 1 pull.

Atlantis is going to start at 2am Eastern time in US on thursday the 28th. Looks like Kunchen is available until somewhere between 6pm and 7pm Eastern time the same day. So if you’re in the US you’ll have roughly most of the daytime to do atlantis pulls while Kunchen is still HOTM.

Or as my auto-correct keeps trying to call him “Luncheon”


Everytime I hear or see Kunchen’s name I think “Lisa Lisa…and Kunchen (Cult Jam)” from the 80’s. Showing my age there I know…