Use case for Atomos?

Pulled Atomos recently and I did not think it possible you could actually be disappointed at pulling a legendary lol.

I’m honestly struggling to find a use case for him; on offense his special relies on enemies having close to max mana to do maximum damage, itself a very risky proposition. This isn’t helped by a very middling attack stat, and his SLOW speed is just cherry on top. I’m all for high risk high reward, but if a special requires me to (artificially) charge up the enemy team’s mana to boost damage, it damn well better guarantee it wipes out half the team when it fires, and Atomos just doesn’t do that. Sure the resurrection sounds nice on paper, but it only applies to himself and can be dispelled.

Surprisingly enough I’ve actually met a few teams using Atomos on defense, invariably as the tank. I always cringe because his defense stat just isn’t high enough to defend against red stacking, and even with just 3x 4* reds (Wilbur, BT, Scarlett) I can take him out in 3-6 tiles (depending on the board and his level).

So basically he sucks at both offense and defense, and him being a legendary means he’s extremely resource intensive to level, making him an even worse value proposition for resources. The only thing I can think of where he might shine is during rush tournaments where red isn’t allowed, and you use exclusively Atlantis family heroes to boost the team’s defense. But that’s a very niche and limited use case for a legendary that takes forever to level…

Am I missing something here?

Atomos and suggestions to fix him have been thoroughly discussed here.
Throw in a vote if you so desire to the re-balancing request thread.


Maybe he has to go to an academy to become worthy. :wink:

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Please continue the discussion on the thread posted by @voidstrike :+1:


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