Beta testers fix Atomos

I heard about the next three 5* heroes coming out of the Atlantis portal in February and I have to say, Poseidon and Ariel are amazing… Atomos is not. If you are a beta tester working with Atomos, please urge SG to fix him. As he stands now, he’ll be another useless green with slow mana. Remove his AoE feature that is buffed by the enemies mana and give him a generic AoE that is capped at 175%. Then give him average mana speed and reduce his resurrection ability from 5 turns to 3, but make it so that it cannot be dispelled, that way, the opponent has to play around him.

With the changes I’ve suggested, I don’t think he is too powerful (especially when compared to Kageburado and Ariel), he will just be a nuisance to get rid of.

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I don’t think he is useless, he got something that no one have in the game, that make him special…

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It can be dispelled, so his ability is useless with him being slow mana. He has the same three weaknesses that Mother North and Alberich have and they are Natalya, Alaise and Gravemaker. Pair one of them with melendor, Caemdon, G. Panther/Evelyn, Sonya and Zeline and his resurrection ability is removed and he is dead because what is the likelihood of him firing it again before he’s taken out?


Beta tester #1 job is bug testing.

#5 ish is feedback.

But no power here to make actual changes ( unlike a table top RPG, everyone uses the Devs rules, currently no mods or house rules allowed).

Only the Devs can do anything you suggest so you should be pinging the Devs instead of poor volunteer Mods.

I understand 5* are the money makers but I wish Devs had a 4* & 3* HotM. I find Revive/ Miracle scrolls Useless, but a 3*/ 4* self revive like Atomos would change that.

Fighters are rumored to get a severely weakened version of this special skill.


Which i see average mana :thinking::thinking:

FWIW, I have offered specific feedback about Atomos and how to make him more balanced. The biggest challenge was to debug him, though, as his new mechanics were very buggy initially.


i dont understand this. when alby uses his special he resurrects heroes? how do you undo/debuff that - other than killing them back? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

imagine this alby left corner - mother right corner; only ones standing in field aid war…
alby resurects all, mother heals and minions all after… back to square 1. end game :slight_smile:

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Atomos is self-resurrecting when his buff is active on himself.


That sounds pretty awesome

Do you agree that he needs a serious reworking?

Serious? No. But I’ll keep,particular comments on a beta hero on the beta boards.

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Ariel is not coming out the same as her leaked original beta card, that was way too overpowered.

Atomos seems interesting and could use a small tweak.

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Really, I find this whole thread inappropriate. Heroes are being tested and adjustments are being made. Comments like this with only partial knowledge are dangerous. I support discussions about information in beta as they are healthy, but this is not - it’s conjecture.

Please allow the beta process to take its course. Not everyone will be happy with all heroes. Not everyone will hate so called “worst heroes of the game.” And also note that sgg has final say in what they want. I’ve seen quite a few suggestions made and never implemented by sgg as it’s their prerogative. That said, it’s evident they value beta testers opinions and do make several changes.

Atamos is currently early in the beta process so I suggest just letting it play it’s Course. Hopefully, you will get him and be happy. If his design does not satisfy you, feel free to save some money for a month.


Atomos with an average speed splash hit + undispellable revival (with 32% of total health) at 3 turns would be insanely broken if put in the tank position. He’d be a nightmare trying to remove in time. Not every hero needs to be amazing or a must-have; I think it’s awesome that they’re trying something new with Atomos (self-ressurrection), but it doesn’t need to be game-breaking.

I appreciate you caring enough about these heroes, and this game, to speak up about it, but please don’t bring me into this. I have nothing to do with Atomos’s design, or changing him to better fit your idea of him. This is beta content, that has yet to be fully tested, so things could change dramatically from now til then.

I don’t mind giving feedback or having a discussion about it, but I really don’t appreciate being brought into the middle of this, especially when I don’t have the power to change these things like you may think. I have no control over how SG decides to release their new heroes or other content, nor do any other beta testers. The best that we can do is make comments in the beta lounge, but if I do that, it won’t be because someone told me it should be this way. It’ll be because I [personally] deem it appropriate or sensible, or think it might possibly help, since ultimately I’m the one testing it, and responsible for my own account. If someone has an idea or a suggestion that I agree with, then sure, I might bring it up. However, I don’t have an inside ear to SG. Telling me to make it so, won’t make it happen.

SG reads these forums, so if there’s a suggestion you’d like to make happen, create a post for yourself and leave others out of it (unless you’ve asked their permission to include them). SG always makes the final call, not beta testers. Please remember that.

I’m sorry if that sounds harsh, I’m not trying to be rude, but again: I don’t appreciate being held accountable for something that I have no control over. Too, I’m still fairly new to beta; I’d like to be a helpful, contributing member of the E&P community, but I cannot do that if I’m being told how I should approach changing certain aspects of a hero, or any other part of the game. Technically, I’m still playing catch-up, so I’m sorry, but I cannot help you.

Again, I appreciate you caring enough to speak up, but please leave me out of it next time. Maybe SG will consider it after reading your post; I don’t know if they will for certain, but I do know that it has nothing to do with me.


Shorter posts might help them read it lol

just wonder if it would be Jan Atlantis or Feb ?

if it for Feb , any sneak peak bout Jan ?

i need to keep my gem to decide will pull or not

Assuming they keep with the usual schedule, February is when we’ll see the introduction of the Atlantis family 5*. It should feature two of the three heroes, so Ariel, Poseidon and Atomos; rotating them until their cycle is complete. Then, it’s anybody’s guess on what happens next.

Jan atlantis will be same as prev Dec ?

It will feature Kageburado and Inari as the two featured Atlantis heroes, and two other past HOTM (which I’m assuming at least one will be either Delilah or Thoth, since they have yet to make an appearance).

It will be interesting to see what SG does with the old HOTMs this month because, yes, Thoth is overdue and Delilah is next in line behind him, but we will already have dark and holy heroes this month in Kage and Inari. We also have a holy HOTM in Onatel. I’m guessing that this rules Delilah out. Perhaps Thoth too. I wouldn’t be shocked if the devs added color diversity by bringing back Alby and giving Alasie her first run.