Atlantis Family 5* Team – the new norm for defense?

I know the slim odds of actually getting even 1, but does anyone else think the 3 Atlantis Family 5s will be the new norm for top tier players main defences given the +20% defence bonus for each 5? Ive been looking forward to this February season 2 draws, and even considering skipping pulls on wonderland to soley draw on atlantis. Let me know if this is a good gamble before i go for it at the end of the month!

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Admirable goal, but I wouldn’t sleep on the Wonderland heroes…

Just sayin… that Red Queen looks beastly.

That is very true, im thinking maybe just 1 little baby x10 pull and hope for the best lol. Good advice.

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Well I think you’ll need a lot of luck to get 5 of one family (I have four so far).

The 20% defence bonus is nice, but does this make such a big difference?

Because to have a really good team, you’d need even more luck. You’d need to get the 4* and 5* ones out of the same family.

If not, I don’t think the family(3*/4*/5*) will be better than another team of 4*/5* heroes.

Of my 500+ Atlantis rolls, still not a single one of the Atlantis 5*. I hope your luck will be infinitely better.


@havok333 is it really so hard to get a 5* Atlantis heroes? feeling depressed now… but wayne. my hope never dies to get a 5* :smiley:

I think I’ve just had unusually horrible luck, but the odds are really low to get the Atlantis 5* heroes. I have gotten standard 5* and some past/present HOTM from Atlantis pulls.

Go into it knowing the odds and expecting the worst, that way you cannot be disappointed. :grin:


Might be better to change my attitude! Always full of hope and afterwards disappointed… :frowning:

My summoning attempts, Event/Seasonal/Elemental/Epic/Atlantis have never produced any regular 5*, seasonal/event heroes of any tier, HoTM, or Atlantis 5* for me.

It never fails for me to quote Kratos from God of War 4, when he offer his son Artreus his fatherly advise…

Keep your expectations low, and you will never be disappointed.


Ive spent about 800 solely on s2. 2 5* s2 heroes, all the 4*,3*, plus 2 s1 5*

Results will vary, but I love Inari and Misandra.

I have gotten one: Mok Arr. better than not getting any? Debatable.


So there is still hope for me? :rofl:

But I like the advise, thanks @Shohoku79 and I will remember it now!

… and will be luckily surprised if the outcome is positive :blush:
(Is there a word in english that means the opposite of “disappointed”?)

Would you or anyone else agree that the extremely small chance of getting Ariel-Poseidon-Atomos ( even just 1 of each) would be some of the best defence in the game to date? What im kind of thinking is the +40% Defence would be so tough to kill. Even if Atomos has supposedly around 811 defense, he would then be around 1130. Basically at the end of the day if you were to make pulls on any given event i kind of have it in my head that this is it? Does anyone else share that?

I’m surprised Mok-arr isn’t used on more defense teams. His skill does an absurd amount of damage and at average speed. If I had one I would ascend.

The word is “Delighted”

Getting 5 of the family wasn’t too bad. I’ve had harder time getting all event heroes.

I was all excited about the mana bonus for the Sakura family. However, it wasn’t the game changer I thought it would be. It is awesome, don’t get me wrong, and even more so when Inari and Danzo add their mana buffs. It’s just too hard to setup due to the random chances and the 4* heroes go down fast.

I may give it another shot if I can get the extra mats to max Inari, but right now I’m passing on family bonuses.

I wouldn’t throw rocks at him, lol. admittedly it would be tough to give him tabards.

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I would, but only because I have 4/80 khiona, boss, panther and node 5 proteus.

Quintus? I have two of him and just am not quite that desperate for him to be my 4th 4/80 purple 5*

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That would be a wicked purple mono team.

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@Steve9999: Thanks for the help :smiley: