Where to place your hero’s. How goes that work best?

I’m still new compared to you vets. Going with P2W and I am making good progress. I have heard you speak of hero positioning. Placing certain hero’s in certain points in the line up as well as placing certain players next/ or in the middle of others.

I am beginning to get it but I can’t seem to let go of some of your comments.

Can any of you help? I understand the concept but I’m not yet able to place hero’s with as much strategic ease as you.

Any help… Ideas?

It seems to give one an edge as you get to the top edge.

Thanks all!

Understanding the terms

Essentially when we talk positions there are three roles.

  1. Tank
  2. Flank
  3. Wing

In each team there is 1 tank (the center hero). The two positions on ether side of the tank are flanks (cause they flank the tank) and the ones on the very edges are wings.

One thing that is the general consensus is that you put average heroes closer to the tank and fast ones further out… Reason being that the tank protects the flanks and the flanks protect the wings. When the tank is alive, the flanks & wings can only be hit by 1 column of tiles each. When the tank dies, the flanks can be hit by 2 columns each with the wing still only able to be hit by 1 column. This means that the wings will get the least “tile hitting mana generation” so need to charge quickly on their own.

Another important factor to consider is that the AI (your defence team) will fire your hereos left to right. So the left wing fires first, followed by left flank, tank, right flank then right winger.

So when choosing which heroes go where, it’s important to understand each positions role.

The Tank

The tank is the position that is most prone to tile damage with 3 of the 7 lanes hitting it. Tanks g one of two ways. Either they survive a long time or they charge really quickly and do max damage before dying.
Some examples of the “soaking” type of tank include Aegir, Kunchen, Guinevere.
Some examples of the “fast damage” type of tank is Gravemaker. Not many others fit this role.

The best tanks are the ones people fear to face. Ones which can last forever and affect/ damage the enemy teams performance. Someone like Guinevere will heal, provide a purple buff AND cut mana. Yunan will soak up tiles, do both DoA and DoT AND give a healing inhibition. Kunchen will soak tiles, heal his team and lower enemy defence for the snipers.

The Flanks

The flankers are your first of your support heroes. Again, these go one or two ways. Either the flank is a support hero (healer/ inhibitor) or they are a sniper.
A supporting flank is primarily used to keep the tank alive longer. So either they heal the tank, provide him a buff, inhibit the enemy etc… Some examples include Vivica, Ariel, Hel, Kingston etc…
A sniping flank is there to mana up quickly and deal damage to the enemy. These flanks are there slowly to kill the enemy. Some examples of sniping flanks are Magni, Kageburado, Joon, Lianna
There are some times when the flanker can do both roles. Examples include Drake Fong (blind and fast damage), Kingston (sniper and attack down), white rabbit (damage & defence down) and Frida/Evelyn (damage, debuff and elemental down).


Like the flanks, these guys are a support role. Usually they’re fast/very fast snipers or healers/revivers.

The most effective healer/revivers are Alberich and Mother North (left wing). These guys have a chance at reviving dead team members as well as providing a healing buff to your team.

Many other people chuck in some fast snipers in the wings like Captain Kestral, Joon or Finley.

Other people throw in their damage over time/ healers. Heroes like Morgan Le Fey and Lady Locke are popular there.


I’m personally the kinda person who goes on the offense with my defence.
My team is below. The fast mana generators mean that it’s firing specials quickly. Yunan will sit there and do big damage if he goes off while sheltering my wings and flanks.


Nice write up! :+1:
It is worth saying that positioning is mostly important in your defense team. In offense there is no tank position, since all 5 heroes are hit randomly.
I’d keep in mind only possibility of autoplay and buffs that your heroes put on their neighbors.


Awesome write up. 20 times yes.

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This is true to an extent.

Potentially true for regular slash attacks. I haven’t really tested or checked if the centre ones get hit more or joy.

In raids there is a higher probability that centre heroes will be targetted by DoA (AOe) attacks. E.g. White Rabbit. He hits the target & one on either side. That means that there are 3 targets that white rabbit could make to hit the tank and either flank but only 2 targets that will affect each wing.

There is also strategy in positioning for attack because a large number buffs affect only the caster and nearby allies. E.g. Khiona or Elena… You wouldn’t put either in the wing. You could put seshat or BT there as their specials either a) don’t affect allows or b) affect all allies.


Nice write up.

You should post this on the Player Guides sub forum


I agree.

I have created a forum wiki post.

([Guide, Wiki, Tactics] Placement of heroes when attacking - titans, bosses, raids, Jabberwocky, Gato)

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Eh, maybe haha.

I’ll look at it tomorrow lol.


I now feel like a newbie all over again. I have seen some of the heroes discussed but only have one if I’m not mistaken. For those of you like myself who had to take a few months off, (two deaths in the family). Think of a V. The one in the front will be the first hit. Now think of the others behind slightly to the left or right of the hero in front of them. Only half of their body exposed, less damage as long as the hero in front survives. It get more complicated then that as you go along (is. opponent has ability to keep regenerating his team; attack drops down on all of your heroes; etc.). But to begin think of the V and very soon you will see for yourself how it works. Hope this has been of some assistance to at least one new player.


I know on a defense team where the hero’s are placed matters and there is a lot of info in that area. What about attack? And if one uses a reposite hero in attack it is best in the middle. And there are some hero’s that will give a buff Like Khoina to the adjunct hero’s so the don’t go in the wings. Beyond that since we as player are controlling fire, does the position in an attack formation make any difference?

Hiya @hothom,

Moved your thread to one which asks the same question. I typed up a longish response further up in Post 2

Thank for moving me.

I read your post but the comment strike me to make more sense from a def point of view. The computer does not attack the point as a rule of thumb like most of us do so we can ghost the tiles through the middle.So it back to asking from an attack point of view where the play has most of the control, does position really matter?

From an attacking perspective

To that, I would say that from the attackers point of view that you should line up your attack team in the order you want them to be used (as available of course) EDIT @hothom. The positioning is in order so that every turn you follow a progression of play. There are always play circumstances involved such as keeping a charged hero but not using the special as tilles will work just as well . The AI clearly does not think that the tank is a target of any real merit over any other; because it is using low power AI hits and AI specials not tiles and specials. Then by the same token defense is different because you will be attacked by a human using tiles and specials and as we all should know you cannot make three horizontal tiles hit a single target other than the tank first (a wing?? I have no idea, the tank is hard to avoid). So your tank needs a quality like beefy defense stats, flanks need complimentary defense/attack or a defense/heal skills (and colour!). Attacks will be primarily be tiles so you want strong attacks against the tank be weak against the flanks and vice versa.
That all might seem reasonable, and even intuitive, but it took me a while to internalize it. (yes, I am a limited person).

Have fun.

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