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I am struggling in raid defence. My raids loose trophies about 300 per day. Do you guys know how to make a good defence team with decent 3 and 4 * heros (creature) and with Horngal ( green 5*)i might send a pic later :slight_smile:


Unfortunately it is almost impossible to make any suggestion without having some kind of picture/ overview of what heroes you have available & levelled…

A quick overview of defence strategy in general:


You may be struggling because you have raided up to a cup level you can’t hold. If you are finding that raid up and then drop daily, then it’s either where you end up, or your defense. So where are you when you log off before you lose cups?

My personal take, is that I got sick of caring about them, so I just set up a team of 5 heroes, whatever happens, happens. However, you do care, so what options you have and where you are starting from both matter.

Congrats on getting Horghall! Unless you have Kashrek or a select few other tanky 4*, I’d put Horghall as your tank front & center.

Aside from that, I don’t really know what we’re working with here. But if it helps, I’ve got a sheet here where someone’s graded every 4*-5* hero in the game and a lot of 3* heroes too.

If you go to the Defense Team ratings, it’ll also tell you how different heroes do in the Tank, Flank, and Wing positions as Guvnor explained.

Another little tip: If you can reach and hold 600 trophies, I would intentionally stay around 600-trophy increments as much as possible. I’m at 1800 trophies, and I purposely keep my defensive team just weak enough that people drop me just below 1800 again. That way I get platinum arena prizes whenever I crack open a chest, and I fight 1800-trophy players for them instead of 2100-trophy players. Revenge battles from the watchtower also get easier, because weaker players can beat me this way. Not everybody likes playing this way, but I just want to get my wins and move along.

What @Zteev said. When I started, I would reroll looking for easier opponents, until you end up in a place with no easy opponents, which will cost you a lot of hams. It’s important to keep balance between cup count and your teams’ strength (not to be confused with team power).

What I do is I reroll when I’m filling the chest. Once the chest is filled, it’s an off-season. Practice against whatever opponent the RNG throws at you. You’ll get better, even when you lose, and it will drop you down to your natural level. By the time your next chest activates, the cycle starts again.


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Rigard is a must, and you may be able to run Sonya as a tank. I’m just not a big fan of Horghall as I don’t run into much trouble from him (slow). No experience playing Proteus, but people love him, just don’t know about defense, his special seems like better used when timed. Kelile can be a pain in the lower back, but she must be protected, so maybe put her on the flank. Tiburtus is a good hero to have for def down, but you’ll be running 2 purples (3 if you take proteus). Li Xiu is tanky enough to hold her own, and she can be a pain.

Maybe Li Xiu - Tiburtus - Sonya - Rigard - Kelile? If you are set on Horghall in the middle, you can put Sonya instead of Kelile.

I’m no expert, though. It’s just the heroes that are giving me trouble in raids sometimes.

Given that roster, you look like you should be able to hang somewhere in Gold without much issue. Most of what you have to work with are 3* heroes, and that won’t cut it in Platinum.

It looks like you are working on:
Blue: Sonya
Yellow: Li Xiu
Green: Melendor/Horghall
Red: Kellie.

I am unsure why you have 2 of Kellie being leveled. You’ll be better off stopping the second one, and finishing Hawkmoon.

I also recommend putting the 5 heroes you are working on leveling as team 1. Easier for you to find them to feed them, easier to show everyone. Best tip I ever got from the forums, and I’ve gotten a lot.

thank guys i am so looking forward for the new defence team :grinning:

It just I am in gold -so cloce to platinum level- bit my defence can’t hold the incoming actackers when I am not log in.

Ha that was me 2 months ago. I somehow managed to raid my way into gold after only 3 weeks of playing, but of course as you can imagine, a team of 3/60 4*s just won’t cut the mustard in gold and I usually lost 200-300 cups overnight and got sent back to silver. Decided it was better to build up my roster and try for the gold later when I had the bench depth to do so. Plus no more wasting ham rerolling for easy opponents. Now I can very comfortably hold 1800-1900 cups overnight, so success!

You definitely won’t be able to hold platinum with the current roster. You need at a minimum a team of fully maxed (4/70) 4*s, preferably with some emblems. I currently raid in low platinum (<2000 cups) and even there the teams range in TP from 3600 to 4100.

As for your defense team, Horghall is probably the tankiest hero given his level, but as mentioned he’s definitely not the ideal tank since he’s slow, and his special doesn’t do all that much damage (the atk down is nice though).

You have both Tiburtus and Li Xiu costumes, and I see Li Xiu’s costume is already on the 4th ascension. Costumes level 2.5x faster so it might be worth to quickly power up costume LX to 4/40 or thereabouts where you’ll get 92% the stats of the hero at 4/70 so not too big of a deal.

Tiburtus costume with the def down to all is awesome and you should definitely level him up so he can be on your defense. If you run Horghall as tank, then Tiburtus costume and Li Xiu (costume) would make for nice flanks. Typically for the wings you want fast heroes since wing heroes tend to fire less often, so Kelile and Sonya can go there.

So your final defense would look something like Sonya-Tiburtus costume-Horghall-Li Xiu (costume)-Kelile

(my own defense I run Caedmon-Tiburtus costume-Boldtusk-Li Xiu costume-Sonya costume and this setup keeps me in low platinum)

So i have to power up my four stars to max level? not 3 stars?

I shall try that too! :wink:

If your goal is to not lose 200-300 cups overnight and eventually make it to platinum, then yes you absolutely need to max out your four stars. Three stars don’t even really do that well in gold, and by the time you reach the 1500 cup range, you’ll very rarely (if ever) see any teams with 3* heroes in them.

Thank that why i don’t see any three stars in gold level Plus i am about 1520 trophies for average. but i don’t know how did a three stars team from seson 3 can bring me so high in raid and map in every world.

The thing is that you are using those good 3* on offense, where you can pick and choose who to bring.

Imagine what happens when you have them on defense, and the people attacking you are picking between all or almost all S1 4*, most of the 5*, and a smattering of event/Atlantis/Valhalla 3-5* heroes, plus maybe some HOTM thrown in.

Your defense is toast. Focus on 5 heroes to level, one of each color, and hang out in Gold, try to raid up to Platinum to open the chest, but if you can’t it’s okay. the loot is highly variable, and sometimes not very different.Since I stopped caring I open about 70% Platinum chests.

Got close to Diamond once or twice, but it’s just not happening for me, so I stopped bothering to raid up too high.

I’m actually kind of amazed you managed to raid to 1500 cups with your current roster, that’s a pretty remarkable feat.

Honestly, it’s between Alliance Wars and Raiding, and in my experience, you are better off focusing on alliance wars. Raid and cups just don’t matter as much, I honestly don’t see the difference between platinum and gold chests, so I don’t worry too much about losing cups.
Plus, like someone already mentioned, those 3* bring you diversity, they will allow you to color-stack instead of always running a rainbow.

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