The Future of the Tank Position

I personally don’t think that Malosi changes anything much in terms of the tank role…

So I don’t think that Malosi will affect any of that statement I made months ago now…

If you’re referring to the “very fast” aspect being what will neutralise everything not the Buff Silencing, it still relies on you getting the tiles you need & be able to match them together (rather than being randomly distributed everywhere).

In terms of him killing tanks cause he’s very fast, his sniping damage is actually quite tiny… comparatively:

So in summary

  • Tanks will still be tanks.
  • Malosi damage is tiny so not effective at killing off tanks
  • Silence only affects Status Effects (debuffs & buffs), doesn’t diminish damage dealt etc…
  • All still relies on you:
    • getting Malosi
    • levelling Malosi
    • getting the tiles you need ON the board
    • being able to match the tiles

With all that in mind, I wouldn’t say that Malosi is game-changing or will change the Tank role at all… He’s a different hero yes. A useful one yes. But not a game altering & paradigm shattering one…