Helping a neophyte finding his way trough

Hi there! I’m new on this forum and glad to be among you. I spent on this beautiful game lot of time but still not sure of what i’m doing c’ause i don’t really aknowledged the mechanics.
So i’m asking you some hints and advice on this points:

1- Heroe’s positions on field. All i learned till now is that the “tank”, best in health and defense, must be at the center. To the extreme sides of team goes the “snipers” the ones who hits hard.

Is this true? What are the others “rules”?

2- There are different teams and strategies for each type of battle, is that right? One for wars, one fot titans, ecc…

Which are the rules of positions and heroe’s characteristics/powers needed for the different situations?

I show you my roaster so, maybe, i can help you to help me. Thank you everybody!

One piece of advice regarding hero placement for defense: when heroes on your defense have full mana the order of firing goes from left to right. Therefore, left wing/flank is ideal for defense droppers/attck boosters/revivers/etc. Basically, you want heroes further down the line to benefit from the specials fired before them in your lineup. In my defense I have two def droppers left of tank as an example.

In addition heroes with slow mana are a risk in the wing positions. The exception to that being revivers such as Alberich and Mother North at the left wing.

Hi @Son_of_Anarchy maybe this thread will be useful to you?

There’s abviously tons of resources on these forums (the search function is my best friend and can be yours, it’s not picky) so browse around. But the above link is golden :slight_smile:

Hope it helps!


I hope this will help you.

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Hiya, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Have a look also at some of the other links people have given :slight_smile: lots of good knowledge on the forum here!

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