Help with hero's placement

Hi all so I have a few fully ascended hero’s and with talents but having a bit of a hard time finding the best setup for defense here’s a pic of my roster of main hero’s if anyone wants to help or give an opinion if appreciate it much thx

Hi, @OGdirty1Kanobi.

Here goes some information on heroes placement for defense! Hope it helps!




I’d go with something similar as what @Radar1 suggested: Sonya-Melendor-Gormek-Proteus-Chao.

Your only maxed green hero is Melendor so he should be the team’s healer. Although Boldtusk is stronger, especially with his costume bonus, you’ll have to go with Mel. Two healers would be too much.

Also, Melendor should be the left flank since healers are not very useful at wing - by the time they are charged up, most of their allies will be already dead.

Once you max another green hero, I’d recommend replacing Mel with Boldtusk.


Cool gonna try that setup as gormek is a good tank at 1502hp just a wall of meat lol but Proteus has definitely uped my war/raid game

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Quick side note…I deleted the forums app and can’t find it to re download anyone able to help out with that? RN using Chrome for it can’t find it in Play store and can’t remember where I got it before

You most likely just saved the website to desktop.

You can google how to do that :stuck_out_tongue: basically in chrome go to the top right corner & hit Options. Then hit “save to desktop” or homescreen or whatever it says

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Found it on a headline in the forum’s lol was right in front of me :roll_eyes: lol

Seems I was staying in platinum better with a setup of Proteus Sonya Cyprian Boldtusk and Chao in that order…gormek has alot of HP at node 11 but seems as a tank he can still be bypassed… anyone have any other setup suggestions? My roster is still the same for maxed hero’s

You could try Sonya-Boldtusk-Cyprian-Chao-Proteus (I’m not a fan of Proteus in the corner but it could work).

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Just got another compass and getting Li Xiu maxed I may reset Wu Kong for the emblems as he without them is still good for offensive attacks but she’d be better on defense with talents but next healer will be riggard when I get the mats but now getting close to 2 maxed war team’s

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