What will you do differently in the next Path of Valor?

Note: we do not know what changes, if any, will be made to PoV next time around. So, let’s operate on the premise that it will be the same in terms of rewards, cost for the Valor Pass, type and number of challenges, and point distribution. If everything is the same as the current PoV, what will you do the same and what will you change?

This is not the place to gripe about rewards or difficulty. Save that for the main thread. This thread is for tips to make the next one a better experience.

Things I will do differently:

  1. I will hold off on using my saved summons tokens until the end, so I don’t waste a bunch of them rushing to finish that challenge early.
  2. I’ll start tracking titan kills in our alliance banner from day 1, so everyone knows whether we’re on schedule, ahead, or behind.
  3. I will advise anyone in my alliance who isn’t absolutely certain they can finish it, to wait until the very end to purchase the Pass. This will help them evaluate exactly what they’re getting for their purchase.
  4. I’m going to rush less and enjoy the journey more. It’s set up so that it can be completed in the allotted time with normal gameplay. I don’t need to try to finish it early.

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Probably wont buy the pass…or at least not at the beginning (like I did this time).
I think every level without pass should have a present.

Cheers :slight_smile:


I’m going to do everything I’ve done this time but I may try harder on the raid tourneys. I won’t complete the final one this time but if I don’t miss anything else I should be okay.

I’m okay with purchasing it though. I used some of the food along the way and I feel the extra rewards were worth it.

I’m saving up my summons too, more out of curiosity as to how far along I’ll be before I have enough.

I was never worried about the titans because I trust our leadership to make the titan kill/escape calls and they were excellent at keeping us informed of our progress,

I’m looking forward to being more relaxed about the whole thing next time.


Finish the daily quests in the morning so i don’t fall asleep before i do em at night


Give even less credence to the complaints of unfairness as now, in addition to the month advance notice we were given last go round, f2p will have a full 10 days after this round to accumulate summons.


Was okay imo.

An advanced & active player in an average alliance shouldn’t struggle to reach milestone 50.

I’m already @100 summon tokens for the next one, since that was the only challenge that wouldn’t have been completed without putting some money for additional summons.

The Brave Becomes Valored :wink:


I won’t rush to finish the raids one by using my flasks. There was clearly plenty of time to get that one done without that.

I will also try to be better prepared about the titan hits for any daily “hit the titan three times” tasks, by not doing all the hits first thing in the morning right before the daily task refreshes at 8 am my local time.

I am getting my forges upgraded and everything researched already so that hopefully I can do all of those tasks next time around.

I am not going to bother saving silver summon tokens, as that is not the only thing stopping me from completing it, but I may do that in the future when I am better at the tournaments and challenge events. If it gets to the point where the summoning challenge is the one that is stopping me completing it, I may start saving them.


Did i miss an announcement somewhere?

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After a hiatus of 10 days the next PoV will start.


Thanks guys. I’m a little slow apparently. Glad someone’s payin attention lol


What I will do differently for sure:

  • Hope we don’t have as many duck hunting tasks. That’s the only daily task I’ve even been in danger of failing to complete, and I’ve completed all of them, but the ducks have taken me until reset to finish once, and about 10 minutes before one other time.

  • Try to look for ducks in between other game play. I already started doing that, but it doesn’t always help.

  • Adjust my thinking on what’s going to be hard to finish, now that I have expectations. Specifically worry much less about titans and raids. Raid challenge has been done for weeks for me, and I’m not a big fan of raids - I just fill my chest.

  • Adjust my expectations on what I can achieve. My somewhat realistic goal was 44, and my crazy hope was to reach 48. I’m at 40 now, and will finish the war attacks and challenge stuff in 24 hours, with titans probably finishing mid-week. I wasn’t expecting to be doing this well, honestly. However, I realize that I can get farther if things stay the same.

  • Not skip doing raid tourney attacks because I don’t need them for raid chest. I could have 10+ more attacks if I had used up all my allowed defeats.

  • Save some summon tokens up beforehand. I’m essentially free to play now ( there’s a chance of a VIP offer or gem sharing being bought, admittedly) and I don’t get that any summons. I did have a bunch of gems saved for a target 10 pull, and that has helped. Again, there was no plan to even try for completion, because I was sure it was well out my reach.

  • Also what I do will depend somewhat on what the level 50 prize is for free to play. The Mystic Rings are of almost zero use to me. I have 7 now, and no 5* Red heroes to use them on. By them time I get 2 5* Red heroes we’ll probably have had gone through Mount Umber at least 2 or 3 more times.

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Probably nothing different just go with the flow and also depending on what is thrown at me this time, As will it be directly the same?
I think I’m just gonna full short on this one! the summons I haven’t finished 22/45 but pulling 15-20 tomorrow n got 100+ sliver tokens. Also 3 titans left to kill but I will finish them. Tournament I’m on 15/30 so that’s the one I’m iffy about. I haven’t bought it I and won’t even if I do finish it.


I won’t do anything differently. I’m f2p and I’m on pace to finish every quest. Maybe I’ll consider stocking up on tokens for the ten day gap to make it easier to hit that goal next time.

I do hope some of the challenges improve. Killing titans or winning raids are natural parts of the game. Playing dense fog levels or hunting ducks are annoying at best. I would like to see PoV as a way to increase the incentive for certain in game actions.


I won’t be using any tokens till the very end so as to let the free Daily summons do the work and then just top up what I need to complete it. Save the rest for the following PoV.

I would like to see different daily challenges from one PoV to the next because if it never changes it will become just a another boring chore and grind in the game and are plenty of and enough of those as it is.

Daily Challenge options;

  1. Kill that dragon, that’s a must have for sure, lol
  2. Fill 1 monster chests
  3. Fill one raid chest
  4. Complete 1 daily quest
  5. Level 5 troops

PoV Challenges;

  1. Log in once a day
  2. Participate in 10 wars, this could be divided up into accumulated panels.
    3.The current war hits challenge would fall in line with No2 here so as to encourage using all war hits in each war you take part in.
  3. Don’t leave an alliance for 40 or 45 days, this wouldn’t include being booted but would slow down players leaving alliances to merc for titans. So basically only affects the leave button and not the boot button.
  4. Do 30 raid revenges, could also be done in accumulated panels over the 50 days.

That’s al, I have for now.


I like your list of ideas, but not sure about this one. If you don’t have any ‘spare’ troops to use to feed, could be extremely difficult to muster up enough to knock out the daily challenge.


I will remember to do all of my titan hits on all 3 profiles. As that was stalling my progress on that challenge. My main is getting a huge expansion to the roster with my recent pulls. Got 2 Wu’s and Telluria so I am definitely set for legendary Avalon. I think Pirates I am the least prepared for. If I had Li Xiu’s costume, my holy team would be tearing the pirate bosses a new one.

I will also be more vigilant on the duck hunting. Although in reality I wish they would do away with this particular challenge because everytime I do not complete it, I always have that dang dog from the Duck Hunt game laughing at me.


just be more consistent about checking the daily challenges before I jump into the normal game routine I have… so I can farm more efficiently… killing two birds…err… 15 ducks… with one stone.


Only thing I’d do differently is instead of farming 1-2 during Atlantis for backpacks, I’d push ahead as much as possible so I don’t have to miss out on the dense fog stages for the daily challenges. Those 125 points really start adding up.

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I would like to see less people hunting for titans. If you need to change alliances to complete the titan challenge, no concerns. But as I think we saw with this one, the titan challenge was not as challenging as many made it out to be. Many did not finish (or will not finish) til close to the end (I still have 2 left), but many of those who did it will say they did nothing different at all.