You won't complete Path of Valor #1 (Probably) Analysis, Complaining, and Suggestion

I still feel PoV should simply reward dedicated players (regardless of their level) and believe the changes are a move in this direction. I do not like that alliances that are pushing their limits are forced to strategically fail to avoid having its members merc.


They took this suggestion :slight_smile:

Well, they could have independently increased daily values from 125 to 150. It’s not necessarily because of this thread.


I think the changes are good for the game.


username checks out


I completed POV with 6 days to spare. This was due, in part, to having a good alliance that hit the titans, and being progressed far enough into the game to be able to complete all the major challenges. For the less seasoned players in my alliance however, there was some frustration over the monthly event challenges. They simply do not have the heroes needed to complete the legendary tier.

I do believe the extra points for daily challenges solves this. Rewarding dedicated players, as opposed to veterans only, will draw in more people. This will also mean that if some players miss a key category they can still get the items that drew them in to begin with. The epic ascension items at 48 - that is amazing. Overall, the summon/item value of POV is unmatched in any other promotion the game offers, and SG is granting easier access to those most valuable items.


I wouldn’t mind some greater variation in the daily challenges though. Perhaps

“Complete a level with only green heroes”
“Defeat the Dark Lord in 3 minutes or less”.
“Make 20 of your kingdom’s inhabitants wave at you.” haha.
“Post 5 messages in your alliance’s chat”
“Defeat a stage with only 1 hero”

Just saying things got a little repetitive towards the end. I think there could be some challenges offered that promote creative gameplay and alliance interaction. :slight_smile: :grinning:


Hi there and welcome…

Try posting these (your) comments here instead

As your comments are more based towards future PoV than not making the last one.

OR even here


Thanks Ozy1. Will do!


@400LBGorilla If I may suggest to avoid duplicate posts is maybe copy and paste those above posts into the relivent topics and then delete these above ones here.

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So dose it start where you left off ,or do you have to pay again ? Just started playing the game

Pay for a new PoV VIP Pass with every new PoV that starts.

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It starts over. Especially if you are new to the game, wait to purchase the Valor Pass until you see how far you can get. Then decide if the rewards you’d get are worth paying for

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Somebody mentioned that if you don’t use the rewards like Bundles etc…before the next POV starts you will lose them. Is that true? I found it hard to believe.

Not that I’m aware of. They sit in your inventory until you use them

Didn’t think so. That would be pretty bad and seeing the replies on this thread to other things…it wouldn’t go over well.

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Your not wrong there m8, as I am collecting and storing them for a massive feeding frenzy after every 2nd or 3rd PoV, lol.

If I was to lose them I would be pissed as I paid for them, lol.


I’m just curious if this thread will get another 1000 comments by the end of the next POV. SG has pretty much dumbed this thing down so you can half ■■■ and still complete it… oh and even made the good rewards 2 levels earlier in case your a colossal f up and forget to log on for a week… while ur in self isolation. And whoever it was that Said killing fifteen seagulls was too hard… well you only have to be average life skills now and kill 10/12 for the daily challenge. POV… they should give out participation ribbons, “have fun out there” and not even keep score and random draw prizes so everyone “feels like a winner”.I do appreciate the cleric emblems in the next one though SG… I just leveled SnowWhite and they will come in handy


More than likely as I expect complaints about the raid arena levels and the 250k XP to be the main focus of complaints on this next PoV, lol.

NOTE! Not from me but they will be there.

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250K xp isn’t bad considering we have S3 now and we have Springville & Challenge events. Summons will be tough but i have 60 tokens saved so far. Hoping that works out a okay

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Your probably right Oz. But, AR would finish the experience one and there is so much room for error and won’t make a difference. I’ll wait … and if it hits 2000 comments I’ll unload some sarcasm just for kicks.


Just complete a monster chest each day and you’ll complete the monster quest and the experience quest.


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