Progress in path of valor

Hi all , how far are you all now in path of valor?

I can’t finish titan task as my clan has only 5 members and others r small players ,

Level 33 and no concerns about not finishing


PoV progress - Guvnor

Here is my progress

My alt is a little less advanced being newer and younger (and not receiving nearly as much attention lol).

Level 24 account and is at 21/50 in PoV… Aiming to try getting to 35. Anything more is a bonus :slight_smile:

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Reached milestone 30 this morning, no complaints here

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Note on this, just go looking and Merc some flags during pass titans :slight_smile: that will get you up over the amount needed quite easily

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At level 33 as well. No worries about finishing.

I did have to level up my first threes for the challenge task. Managed to finish Avalon with an unleveled Namahage, and partially levelled Hawkmoon, Mnessus, Rudolph and Melia. Will be more ready for Pirates!

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Getting there!

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I wasn’t able to complete the first challenge event. Because of that I will have no way to hit level 50. I have done every other thing in the challenge but missing one thing will cost me those ascension items. I think level 48 is as far as I can go

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