Refine "Complete a Challenge Event" Valor Challenge to Provide Flexibility in Completing Path of Valor

I’m writing this up based on a discussion on Line amongst several players.

Current State

The current Valor Challenge for Challenge Events requires completing each Tier (Rare, Epic and Legendary) for each of the two Challenge Events during Path of Valor:


This format for Challenge Events requires fully completing all 6 possible Tiers in their entirety, and provides no room for error.

Milestone 50 requires 46750 Valor Points, out of a total of 48750 available.

This means there is a margin of 2000 Valor Points that can be missed while still reaching Milestone 50.

Because Complete a Challenge Event III is worth 3150 Valor Points, it’s impossible to reach Milestone 50 without completing it, even if no other Valor Challenges or Daily Challenges are missed.

This means that a player who can not or does not complete all of Rare, Epic, and Legendary in BOTH of the Challenge Events during Path of Valor cannot reach Milestone 50 in any circumstance.

Players have identified this as troublesome for a couple of reasons:

  • A dedicated player may still fail to complete all 90 Stages in total due to real life timing/concerns; all other Valor Challenges provide a margin of error, while this one doesn’t

  • A player who misses completion of any of the first Challenge Event during Path of Valor will spend the rest of Path of Valor knowing they can’t reach Milestone 50, which is a discouraging experience for both morale/game enjoyment, as well as desire to purchase Valor Pass


Provide full points for completing all 6 Challenge Event Tiers, as is the case now, but realign the Valor Point distribution to make it possible to complete fewer and still reach Milestone 50.

After much discussion, we arrived at a potentially elegant solution — changing from “Complete a Challenge Event” to “Complete Challenge Event Stages.”

Rather than requiring completing the entirety of each Tier (Rare, Epic, Legendary), the first completion of each Challenge Event Stage in each Tier could be counted.

The Valor Challenge could then be structured as:

Tier Description Points
1 Complete 15 Challenge Event Stages ?
2 Complete 20 Challenge Event Stages ?
3 Complete 25 Challenge Event Stages ?
4 Complete 30 Challenge Event Stages <= 2000

Importantly, Tier 4 is fewer than or equal to 2000 Valor Points, so that if it is not completed, Milestone 50 can still be reached by completing all other Valor Challenges and Daily Challenges.

The distribution of the other Tiers can be determined by the game designers.

This allows for flexibility to complete the entirety of 4 Challenge Events (e.g. Rare and Epic in each of Avalon and Pirates), OR to complete a mix of Stages across Tiers (e.g. 1-10 in each of Rare, Epic, and Legendary in each of Avalon and Pirates, or whatever mix a player chooses).

Players who fully complete all Stages are rewarded Valor Points exactly as they are now.

And other players are still tasked with the challenge of completing at least 67% (60 out of 90) of all Challenge Event Stages — and can then only reach Milestone 50 if they also complete everything else from the other challenges.

I’d like to add my +1 to this. There are many in my alliance who are not quite able to complete all of either Epic or Legendary. It’s not from lack of trying but from the short time they have been playing this game. I think this small change would result in SG actually making more money and newer/busy players being less stressed about attempting to complete all 15 levels in all 3 categories.

I’m going to see how my alliance would feel about a change like this but I already know the answer. Thank you for posting!!


I really like this. It’s an elegant solution that realigns the requirements for this challenge to be closer to the others.


YES!!! Please this tier could not be properly tested prior to release ; now that it is out the above is a HUGE imbalance from other tiers!

I know someone who completed 44 stages of the last challenge event and because they could not finish that last stage they now have zero chance on finishing PoV!!

For every person I have talked to which have not finished the recent challenge event (and they did the math) felt very irritated, cheated, or wanted to rage quit. It’s been a few people too…

I for one did complete all 45 stages so I come from a place of sympathy for those who only played 13 days into PoV and with 37 days left and are crushed to find out they can not finish!!

By focusing on challenge stages instead will keep morale up and allow people to enjoy PoV all the way to the end and give people an opportunity to finish if they do better next challenge event.

Last note, overall I am loving PoV, I do think it should be a challenge & it would be cool if there was an added bonus for 100% completion…, but I do think it is wrong to penalize someone for beating 89 of 90 stages…


So well written, all I can say is, Thank You! I also agree there should be something, even if just an avatar, for those that have a perfect POV score.


PoV’s effort to reward ratio is the worst in the game.

I am on track to complete, so this is not “sour grapes”, but the crappy rewards at each stage mean that I will probably not investing my $$$ in it next time.

Would it kill SG to increase the rewards & decrease the strict standards just a bit? After all, we players are giving them money for imaginary digital creations that cost them essentially nothing to produce! Do they have to keep squeezing blood from us stones? Eventually, they’ll kill thier golden geese…

Give us a break, SG!

Quit nerfing the loot/hero drops, & making the odds impossible for the F2P & C2P players!
Give us a break, & let us have a better chance at loot!

Many players I know have reduced thier spending due to the nerfing & increased complexity of new events like. Costumes, emblems, troops, new heroes, S3, expensive new bldgs & weapons… all cost way more $$/resources than they produce, so it gets discouraging after a bit…
How many harpoons, time stops, large mana, tornadoes, etc. do you want to spend to get A loot on a titan that doesn’t even drop 1 A.Mat?


SG: You CAN do better.
Please do!


I agree, my 2 cents is that when you finish a pov challenge it should respond to a new challenge. Like the defeat hero’s. Finished in 10 days. But I might not de able to finish the tournament challenge. Not strong enough yet.

I have a 4K team. I should be able to finish the pov challenge 10 days before the end. And it should be possible for a 3500 - 3000 team person to compete the pov.


Thank you @zephyr1 for always thinking about us lowly players, being honest with us, and for bravely presenting our case to your almighty overlords (in spite of all possible risks to your life and limbs)

Full admission: no, I cannot complete the legendary level on any challenge event. My highest current TP is still below 3800. I hope to reach 4k TP one of these days weeks months years, but until then, I’m only able to finish rare and epic levels (and even those require burning through several metric tons of battle items in some cases).

I knew as soon as Valor was released that I’d never finish it. And I’m okay with that, because I wasn’t planning on trying that hard anyway. And now I’m 100% okay with the fact that I didn’t try, because I still would have failed even if I had tried (and that would have just pissed me off).


If you can get the right heroes, the legendary is possible with a weaker team. Proteus is (apparently, I can’t seem to draw him) the king here, but Peters, Merlin, Hansel, Gretl (basically anybody that nerfs mana/specials completely) can do the trick with enough mana. Or concentrate on getting through the mobs and nuke the bosses with everything in your arsenal.

As to the idea given above, I wholeheartedly agree, even though I plan to complete the challenge as it is.


Don’t have

Don’t have

Don’t have

Don’t have

Don’t have



Yup. Sooner or later one of those is going to drop, but until then, it’s going to be really hard. I managed it with the old version without any good mana control, but the new bosses make that pretty infeasible. Certainly there are people who manage it with weak teams, but I doubt that I could do so…

Maybe Little John? But he’s a pretty weak mana control.

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I was so excited when I finally pulled Little John. Leveled him, ascended him, emblemed him.

… what an utter disappointment he turned out to be.


What about Leonidas, Chao & Li Xiu? They both mana control too?

Not as good as some of the others but still work, especially when combined with little john

100% support this idea. I have absolutely no problem completing all modes on challenge events, even always competing for top tiers but it’s not a good idea (and disign) a whole POV depending on just ONE missed mini challenge that gives so many points.

You perform well on the whole path, completing all challenges and then you miss just the last tier of the challenge event (for any reason) and your final reward is bye-bye. Why? Absolutely no logic in this one. It’s not inactivity on a 50-day event, it could be some personal reason, unavailability at that period or just some other technical issues at that moment…

Btw it’s nice to see people that have no problems with completing the path are actually working on improving it and bring a better version for newbies (and everyone else). Nice job @zephyr1, completely supporting you in this one.


How come this post makes more likes than the one with make path available for new players, I completed my first legendary event at level 38. People don’t seem to get the difficulty of finishing it

I literally just pulled Leonidas a couple of days ago. My first 5* yellow (about damn time). SG probably just gave him to me to shut me up after all of my forum complaining about bad pulls, LOL. He’s not nearly leveled enough to be put into play yet, though.

And yeah I also have Chao and Li Xiu, I have most (if not all) of the season one 4* heroes, I just really doubt that a fancy combination of vanilla epics is good enough to complete every stage of a legendary event. I have enough trouble as it is finishing the final stages on the lower levels, I’m not about to go wasting all of my battle items and world energy flags trying to complete quests that were designed for 5* heroes with a 4* roster. Same reason I don’t bother even attempting quests that have 4000+ suggested team power.

Could I maybe beat them if I brought the right combination of heroes and battle items and the boards all cooperated? Maybe. But if not, I just wasted all those flags and potions for nothing. Not worth it for me. Kudos to anyone else who manages to win fights well above their weight class, but I’m just going to stay in my lane until I’m more comfortable with my roster.


Just a reminder that a challenge is meant to be challenging :wink: Not all players are meant to complete each challenge, and reach the end of the path, so they have something to look forward to in the next PoV (they are every two months).

That being said, I do agree that some rebalancing of the different valor challenge could make sense. More Defeat Heroes tiers comes to mind (finished that one quite early). But ultimately, it is still meant as a challenge and to get people to be grinders. Then, it is up to people to decide whether they want to or can be grinders and pay for the pass or not. Personally, I am waiting until the end of PoV to decide whether to pay for it or not. No rush to decide, since you get the rewards retroactively.


Both @scarecrow & @madmarv I believe have created YouTube videos showing how to beat the legendary tier with just Vanilla 4* heroes if you do some searching.


I really appreciate you trying to help, honestly, but I’m currently way too casual a player to put that kind of effort into trying to beat quests that I have no business starting in the first place. :smile:

I get it, the challenges are supposed to be challenging… and they are. Plenty challenging enough at my own level as it is. I’m not even going to attempt the legendary quests until I have a legendary roster (which should be one of these days… I think I finally have a decent assortment of heroes to build a proper 4k team, just have to finish leveling them all up… I should finally be making my way up to diamond tier in a few months or so) :wink:


A beautifully thought out idea @zephyr1
Big thank-you to all who contributed to it
I really hope SG pick up on this one!

At the moment you could complete 89 of the 90 available stages and still miss out! That just doesn’t seem right.
I myself had to frantically level a bunch of 3* heroes during Avalon, just so I could complete Rare, which previously I hadn’t bothered doing. I don’t have a problem with that, but missing just, say, the final stage of Legendary would be a real shame for mid-tier players.