Version 33 Release Notes & Status


2020-11-23T09:18:00Z: We have now rolled out the update for both iOS and Android. Pleaes update your game!

Release Notes

  • Santa’s Challenge Event updated:
    • New Easy difficulty added
    • Balance changes to Normal and Advanced difficulties
    • New Rewards
    • New Enemies
    • New Heroes
  • New Costumes added
    • Legendary Costumes for:
      • Thorne
      • Khagan
      • Obakan
      • Marjana
      • Justice
      • Leonidas
    • Epic Costumes for:
      • Gormek
      • Cyprian
      • Wu Kong
      • Grimm
      • Colen
      • Kelile
      • Chao
      • Scarlett
      • Sabina
      • Hu Tao
    • Rare Costumes for:
      • Oberon
      • Gan Ju
      • Ulmer
      • Kailani
      • Jahangir
      • Nashgar
      • Graymane
      • Valen
      • Dawa
  • Smaller fixes and changes:
    • Rainbow Pin and Alliance Banner added
    • New Progression reward Chests added to Ninja Tower
    • Removed the ‘Close’ button from Raid Opponent Online pop-up
    • Fixed challenge event showing the score and rank of another difficulty before you played a stage in the selected difficulty
    • Fixed a bug where nearby enemies got double damage if Jack’s Pumpkin Bomb destroyed the target when it exploded
    • Elemental link Special Defense buff can now be bypassed
    • Fixed an issue where Ninja Tower boss Micas first charge gave -1% mana generation to its allies
    • Fixed an issue where Elemental reflect was non-bypassable by rangers and Cobalt. Titanium shield can also be bypassed now
    • Fixed a bug where Ninja Tower blessing counter icon and pop up would have different values
    • Fixed a bug where Hunter’s Lodge did not show what materials you were missing when you tried to add to the queue
    • If a player is defeated while an Oni Stone still has turns left, heroes will not get a permanent Oni Curse
    • Ninja Tower reward tiers show which tier you are currently on
    • Fixed the issue where the game crashed if you were still in a Tower battle when Ninja Tower event ended
    • Fixed Ninja Tower Event leaderboard not showing after Tower Event ended
    • Fixed a rare bug where if too many animations where running at the same time, some heroes froze and didn’t gain mana
    • Fixed a visual glitch where war enemy HP bar would change when tapping on it when inspecting the enemy
    • Friend invite reminder popup no longer forces you to go to the invite view
    • Fixed a visual bug where the Valhalla offer disappeared from view if you had bought all offers for that day
    • Fixed a bug where Mystic Vision would give rewards without watching the vision
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[KNOWN ISSUE] Lady Loki specials -- Sometimes misses even tho removes blind ailment first (will be fixed in V35)
Real rewards for Ninja Tower
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:palm_tree: Roc - 5* Holy/ Yellow from Sand Empire (NEW)
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Please Read this before posting a bug
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Bug in Watchtower for Revenging when Online
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So if you had enough for 3 ten pulls where would you use it this month December 2020?
[Solved - V33 Update] Reflect buffs can only be bypassed by Ranger Talent, Ninja troops, etc. IF there's another defensive buff casted on top of it
:test_tube: Early Information on ROUND 3 Costumes [Part of The Beta Beat v33]
:japanese_castle: [Dec 2020] Ninja Tower Event - FAQ & Discussion
:test_tube: Early Information on ROUND 3 Costumes [Part of The Beta Beat v33]

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