Hero Buff & Nerf Balance Change History - (See Post #2)

@jinbatsu where is Kadilen buff time increase?

Think v28 is still unfolding lol

Probly should be prepared to add to the list @jinbatsu

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Red tank meta


Athena, alberich, guinevere off the top of my head

And what she means is that any hero in beta isn’t technically nerfed since they haven’t been released and are always subject to change in beta but people act as if whatever form is their favorite is permanent and will be released as is, then get ticked off when it gets altered pre release

After release is technically a nerf and is something devs try to avoid and have improved on since the early days


I never saw those pre-nerf, I don’t think. If I did, I didn’t have them at that point. Almost makes me wish we could have the originals with the way the new heros have gone.

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Athena had no cap to her defense down
Alberich healed more than he does now
Guinevere buffed dark defense by 94% and healed for more as well

So, the last update that really did any hero adjustment was v20. Do we know if they plan on releasing a similar hero adjustment update?

They have

They called it costumes


Yeah, but that’s just season 1 heroes. What about the rest of them?

They haven’t ruled out costumes for hotm and event heroes

Just wont be soon

And considering hotm and event heroes are typically steps above s1 heores as is, it’ll be awhile

Just for clarification, I think these mana skills changes in Version 28 deserve to be in the buff/debuff history.
Negatively affects heroes’ mana reduction resist passive like Red Hood, Seshat, Poseidon .
Positively affects heroes like Gazelle, Onatel, Pixie, Hansel, Gretal.

Changes related to mana skills:

  • Mana Drain is now called Direct Mana Reduction, to better describe the effect.
    • Skill & passive descriptions updated (Red Hood, Seshat).
  • Mana Steal cannot be resisted by Direct Mana Reduction preventing status effects and minions.
  • Resist Direct Mana Reduction passive skill doesn’t resist mana reduction from status effects anymore (e.g. Gazelle’s spirit dance, Onatel’s mana steal, Spell Slay by Pixie, Hansel & Gretel).
  • Resist Direct Mana Reduction passive has a new icon.
  • Mana shield talent can resist the mana steal status effect, but steal cannot be resisted once the mana steal status effect is applied to the hero.
    • Please note that Red Hoods Fox minions resisted steal previously.
  • Poseidon’s Resist new negative mana effects status effect won’t affect Onatels mana steal debuff if it’s already active.
  • Mana Shield no longer triggers randomly from non-mana related items.
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I think it was bugs in version 27, then fixed in V28. Well I think I should also remove counter attack, because it was also bugs in previous version V26.
I mean this, I will remove now:

It does not belong to nerf/buff categories.

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@Rigs, this is before my time - do you know what the early healing numbers were? It’s not listed in the table @jinbatsu put together (though the dark defense change is). As you can imagine, search for “Guinevere + nerf” was a largely unproductive activity. :roll_eyes:


Same as it is now

In beta they tested a reduction from 612hp to 548hp but didn’t release it

I thought they did. Looks like she’s recieved 1 nerf from what i can tell which is the one u already mentioned


Great work… adding a few that I found, though, which weren’t in your list.

Note: there were also many mechanics which were tweaked in earlier versions, such as blind. Didn’t list them here as they affected multiple heroes and items too…

Conclusion: balance changes have been going on since the very beginning… just look at all the vanillas who’ve been tweaked!

Version 1.4

  • Isarnia : max attack of Special Skill increased from 215% to 235%
  • Colen : max attack of Special Skill increased from 170% to 180%
  • Horghall : max attack of Special Skill increased from 210% to 225%
  • Quintus : max attack of Special Skill increased from 230% to 250%
  • Li Xiu : max attack of Special Skill decreased from 170% to 150%
  • Carver : max attack of Special Skill decreased from 145% to 125%
  • Boldtusk : max healing of Special Skill decreased from 32% to 27%

Version 1.5

  • Azlar, Colen, Kelile : Burn damage increased
  • Isarnia : Effect of Defense debuff increased by 10%
  • Wu Kong : Gamblers Stance accuracy penalty lowered by 5%
  • Magni : Defense buff is applied to nearby allies instead of all allies

Version 1.7

  • Gan Ju : Special attack +15%
  • Dawa : Special attack +15%
  • Kailani : Defense stat increased slightly
  • Elkanen : Special attack +15%
  • Thorne : Stats adjusted for slightly stronger attack and slightly weaker defense
  • Quintus : Special attack +10%

Version 1.8

  • Captain Sargasso: The healing reduction should now work as expected instead of getting less effective when leveled up. Max healing reduction is now -58%.
  • Guardian Owl : max healing over time increased from 645 to 765 hp. Damage per dead ally increased from 30% to 45%.
  • Musashi: max healing from physical attacks increased from 40% to 50%.
  • Elkanen : attack power increased from 270% to 285%
  • Kadilen : duration of defense buff increased from 2 to 3 turns
  • Azlar, Marjana, Colen & Kelile : total damage done by status effect Burn increased slightly
  • Guardian Kong : The type of elemental defense buff changed from Fire to Ice
  • Kashhrek : The type of elemental defense buff changed from Ice to Fire
  • Alberich: Fixed bug where he would not cast the special if there are no enemies dead.
  • Certain Special Skills deal extra damage against opposing elements. This effect is decreased from 150% to 140%. Heroes currently affected : Hel & Athena.

I wasn’t around then but am sure I have heard people talk about a Wu Kong nerf, where his attack up % was decreased?

It’s also funny, or NOT, how some heros have never been buffed but need one badly. Thoth-Amun, for example. 215% dmg with poor stats!

C’mon SG! Give me something to work with!!!

Great post @jinbatsu ! :upside_down_face::wink:
And thanks @Sir_Killalot for requesting the info. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Finally found the answers to the cobalt/ mitsuko debacle, as I believe this is an important piece of information. Everything else is blocked, but not reflected back to the opponent. So wouldn’t this mean bypass is blocked as well?


That was Version 24, and changed back to Version 33.

Version 33

Discussion on this case:
[Solved - V33 Update] Reflect buffs can only be bypassed by Ranger Talent, Ninja troops, etc. IF there’s another defensive buff casted on top of it

Tbh I don’t even understand what that v33 even means. It’s should be plain simple. Skill is a skill, talent is a talent, they are both different things. A blue ranger bypassing mits is logical because talents are not covered under mits, but this applying to cobalt makes no sense at all because cobalt’s bypass is from a skill

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