🧪 Early Information on ROUND 3 Costumes [Part of The Beta Beat v33]

I personally don’t mind waiting one more month. I am still missing some excellent available 3* and 4* costumes (Rigard, Kiril, Renfeld - I never thought I would type this, Renfeld!) so I have one more chance to get them before the pool gets diluted.

Don’t get me wrong, many of the new costumes are excellent, but so are these.


I’m literally already there, there is nothing that I have that won’t be finished in a week. :cry:

I thought I read the new costumes would be in portal this month. Some say next month. Can someone confirm. I can find where I read this.

Nevermind. Looks like it’s the same BS with this game. Told December then suddenly moved to January.

Kindly cite where “the game” ever said December.

Many players, myself included, expected December, but the devs never said that. You keep assigning blame to the devs for things players assume.


Must be referring to release note of the v.33 update:

They release that note after November costume event. They said that the costumes were added. If the costumes is added at 23 November 2020, that means when we open the costume chamber this month, they should be there, no?


Posted by Staff does not require confirmation. And in this post, you can see the new costumes of Dawa, Scarlett and Hu Tao. Enjoy:



Anyone know, who will be featured in January 2021 costume event ?

Marjana and Thorne, according to https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1iMdyPLWnm0EaBvAa32YOCUrt2MAYrI1tt67cSPIXfgk/edit#gid=593221076

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Yes but I wouldn’t be surprised if they featured 2 new outfit heroes since it’s the introduction of those. Makes more sense to me and has been done before.

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Marjana and Thorne would both be new, and it would make me VERY excited if these were the featured ones, as I really want both, and I’m sitting on a boat-load of keys.

@avrukh, any indication that this is more than just a wild guess by whoever created the spreadsheet?

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:face_with_raised_eyebrow: :face_vomiting: no thx…yes would level his costume…but probably not beyond 3.70

Well, I have base Thorne at +16 and use him on the regular, so if I get nothing but the stat boost, that’s a win for me. Didn’t get Magni, Isarnia, or Richard until the last few months, so it was Thorne or nothing.

I was expecting new costumes for this month, so I deliberately skipped ninja pulls for this. Disappointed but nevertheless I did a ten pull because magni and domitia were great costumes. Got nothing, thanks a lot

I understand the disappointment but it makes sense to me. There’s already a lot going on this month. I’m saving whatever keys I have for January.


I don’t know, unfortunately. I think that it’s based on some kind of assumption, but it’s still probably highly tentative.

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You’re right, what a brainfart haha anyways I already got Thorne but Marjana would be a nice one to pull for me.

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Never ever…not even in jest, suggest loot be nerfed!

Love that you are so prepared for your next 5*…but most of us needs the good loot!


wish SG released c.marjana this month as she will be probably the first 6star hero b4 s4 heroes…very viable in offence/defence and utility heroes for red allies…you cant find any other hero as useful as c.marjana, so she should be the first 6star hero in this game…

Guardian Panther & Evelyn

I know all snipers are good for defense, but what make C. Marjana differ from them?

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