🧪 Early Information on ROUND 3 Costumes [Part of The Beta Beat v33]

Agreed, being able to shave off 1 tile from an average speed hero due to costume bonus with relatively low investment is probably one of the best jumps one could get. Together with shaving off 1 tile for very fast hero with mana troops lvl 11. Those give you a completely different experience with such heros, and it can be done early in the game.


Ariel is just half part of that analysis.

Nowadays, there are a lot of mana control heroes, Lianna will be less affected than Thorne just like fast will be less affected than average.

With level 29 mana troop, fast hero will still fire with 9 puzzle under -24% mana regeneration ailment. Meanwhile, with level 29 mana troop and costume bonus, average hero will need 11 puzzle under -24% mana regeneration ailment.

Liana is perfect wing thou and thorne cant make it on wing

@Guvnor can we know who will be featured this December in costume portal?
I have around 50 summons for C.Marj.

I don’t think it’s official yet, but with a new v34 release, there’s a good chance that all the remaining costumes will be in this month’s event

It is official.


Poor Khagan… he’s being mediocre from the beginning till now, there are many players suggests to make him average mana but their voices were ignored, so really no expectation on his C version, may be devs are actually dislike him so keeping him mediocre all the time ? Anyway if C version is slow sniper than he should able to deals at least 700 damage to opponent but remove all buffs.

C Wu become common AOE is another disappointed change to players, and his new special is even poor than Hu Tao although average mana.

Of course their basic state is buffed thanks costume bonus but both C versions are really disappointed.


I really should read the Release Notes more carefully :smiley:

Going to do a 10-pull. Looking forward to costumes finally for Khagan, Thorne, and Scarlett

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…and yet you have the choice to not field an average speed hero if you’re so concerned about the mana ailment. Ariel cleanses away that ailment too so it’s really not that huge of a deal if we’re just going to keep analyzing it like this.

All I was trying to get at is Thorne’s costume turns him from a hero that 90% of the players just “LOL” at, to a hero who is actually desirable now (ok maybe not to you).

20chars of reposting.


20chars of FTFY

sorry couldn’t resist :crazy_face:

I agree with you.

I think that a 9-tile costume hero serves the same role as a fast hero in 90-95% of scenarios (mana cutting, diamond/bomb matching, tournies with no level 4 troops allowed are notable exceptions)


It seems we will not see the new costumes this year. Sounds pretty bad, i thought that this would happen and i need to rethink my strategy for the 10x pull.

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With so many bugs in place, I think it’s a good call to postpone them to January.


Do we have to wait till January to see artworks of new costumes or somebody can share pictures this month? I really would like to see new artworks…

Ahh, so bad, I thought we will see them this time around already. Might as well not have a costume event this month for me, not going to pull for the old ones, just save everything till January.

One good thing is they announced it before the end of Ninja tower… Would be quite disappointing if people saved gems for costumes only to see no new ones released.


I will just save a gems for next month.

I think they can replace costumes with Mythic Titans this month.

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There’s been no indication of any kind whatsoever of that.

Costumes is still going ahead this month, just without any new costumes.


Even though they were added to the game last month? Is there a reason why they aren’t coming this month? Going to have to wait again before I can finally get some new heroes to level I guess

Do you have a source on this? I believe you, I just can’t fine anything else that would suggest otherwise. Also, what sounds bad, is there a technical issue or balancing issue they are dealing with?

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