🌴 Roc - 5* Holy/ Yellow from Sand Empire (NEW)

Probably SG will buff him before next Sand Empire to earn some money on pulls.

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Roc, 5*, Average Speed

  • All enemies receive 306 damage over 3 turns.
  • All enemies get -50% decrease for any healing received for 2 turns. This effect can’t be dispelled.
  • Dispels status ailments from all allies.

Kellie, 4* Costume, Fast Speed

  • All enemies receive 304 Burn damage over 2 turns.

So Costume Kellie isn’t too far behind Roc, special wise.


I will say damage wise Kelie Costume is better because the damage is done in 2 turn instead of 3 turns. Anyway Roc is way to weak to make it to main team he needs a buff

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Can and Will Roc get a buff in the upcoming update ?


Hope so, in beta he looked good, release version though, what use is 306 damage over 3 turns. 102 per turn, that’s not hurting anybody. Nice potential, but I’ve seen no reason to level mine past level 1

In Version 33? No.

You can check the release notes for any / all changes: Version 33 Release Notes & Status

Mine is at 3/70 hoping that SG is going to fix him. His DoT is weak, no direct damage and is too slow. He started out desirable in beta but they neutered him upon release

Wow Still No official reply or inkling as to what’s happening with this hero , we’re completely in the dark


Im sure we will hear some news close to summer(sand event) . So , as a roc owner i dont lose my hopes to a probable future buff

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There are over 100 heroes. Why would SGG specifically answer every time time there is a buff/nerf thread

Well done for bumping this thread up , that’s my true intention to keep it firmly going .

Roc , will have to be addressed sooner or later

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I think that Roc is decent in comparison to s1 heroes, but that isn’t a high bar. Hopefully they will get around to buffing him, Inari, red hood, Thoth-Amun and Khagan. All of them will need love sooner or later.

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13 days since the last post !!!
Seems like everyone is sleeping on this hero there’ll be no change if there isn’t any feed back here

I feel that Roc is missing something. The cleanse is so good but the rest of the ability is kind of weak for an average hero. I like to compare Roc to JF. JF offers a similar damage dot but hes fast speed.

JF ability has a lot of utility , yes, its not a cleanse but an ice def up plus a resistence against def down (which flips into a def up) i think Roc deserves , at minimun, to be fast speed. If we start to comparing him with others 2020 heroes like JF you will notice roc is a step behind. And if we compare roc with the new seasonal heroes (kilhare, francine, vanda, krampus) then…well…the gap is even bigger.


Can we bump this Thread up as we need this change for this SEVERELY under par hero who was Awesome in beta when tested, but has been disarmed in the live game .


Compared to other “new” event heroes Roc misses attack power.

As surely he wont be set to fast speed again, maybe add something “cooler” like:

  • each cleansed status ailment adds 1 round to rocs sand damage and healblock

With this, roc could cleanse 5 status ailments and will therefore tick sand damage for 8 rounds and blocks heal (only by 50% what isnt that hard) for 6 rounds.

Why not :slight_smile:


Who’s paying attention to this thread in 2021 ?

Lets keep the faith that Roc gets the buff he deserves!!!


I’m hoping he gets a buff( or an adjustment), because I think he needs it.

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I am still here @Pillage77 :wink:


Likewise Enni , lets keep the faith here on the next round of balances hopefully

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