🏯 [Dec 2020] Ninja Tower Event - FAQ & Discussion

Now Live: The Ninja Tower Event

:spiral_calendar: Schedule

Start Time End Time Duration Frequency
2020-12-16T07:00:00Z 2020-12-21T07:00:00Z 5 Days Every 2nd Month

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:japanese_castle: Ninja Tower Overview!!


  • The Ninja Tower Event a brand new event which is accessed via the “Quests” page.
  • It is broken up into 50 individual stages.
  • Each stage features 1,2 or 3 monster waves followed by a boss stage.
  • You CANNOT repeat or replay or rerun a completed stage.
  • Gameplay features a new tile called an “Oni Curse” (more on that below).
  • Completing 3 stages gives you a choice of one of three “Oni Blessings” which apply to all heroes in your roster for that specific event.
  • Heroes can be used on as many stages as you like, as long as they don’t get “cursed out”. Read on that in the “oni curses” section below.
  • The higher you go up the tower, the more difficult it becomes.
    • Gameplay becomes harder
    • Oni-Curses appear more frequently
    • Different Mob & Boss configurations
    • Appearance of “Deadly Chamber” effects (more below)


  • Like map stages, the ninja Tower offers a preview of the mobs and bosses you’ll face before selecting teams.
  • This will allow you to strategize better and select the heroes you take based on what will appear!

:zap: Flags/ Energy!!

  • Ninja Tower uses its own Flag Energy Currency. Separate from World Energy etc…
  • You have a limit of 10 flags
  • Flags are regenerated once per day & completely refills your flags
  • Basically, it behaves VERY simmilarly to the Tournament Energy Flags.
  • There is also a new “flask” which has been added called the “Tower Energy Flask”. It is as yet unclear how this will be available / where you get it as loot.

:japanese_goblin: Oni Curses

  • Oni Curses are a new tile that randomly appears on the Board.
  • On appearance, the Oni Curse is allocated to one of your 5 heroes
  • You then have 3 turns to remove the curse. If you fail, that hero recieves 1x curse.
  • Heroes who are cursed 2 times throughout the event are no longer usable in the event (still able to be used elsewhere).
  • If you FLEE with an Oni Curse (either with the countdown still on it or timed out) on a hero, it sticks (i.e. that hero is cursed).

:angel: Oni Blessings

  • Rewarded on completing every third stage
  • Blessings are fixed & are the same for everyone (i.e. player A gets x,y&z blessing at stage 3. So does player B, Player C etc…)
  • Blessings apply to ALL heroes in your roster for that specific event.
    • They do NOT apply outside the Ninja Event

:skull_and_crossbones: Deadly Chamber Effects.

  • There are three Deadly Chamber Effects in the Ninja Tower:
    • Toxic Vapour - All heroes take ‘x’ damage every ‘y’ turns
    • Fragile Floor - The number of battle items you take are reduced by ‘x’. Cannot be less than 1
    • Erratic Time - All Status Effect Durations are reduced by ‘x’ turns.
  • Table below has more details of the deadly chamber effects & how they increase in severity though the Tower Event.

Click for Deadly Chamber Effects
Stage Range Toxic Vapor Fragile Floor Erratic Time
1 - 5 - - -
6 - 10 50 damage per 3 turns - -
11 - 15 " 1x less of each item -
16 - 20 " " Effects 1 turn shorter
21 - 25 75 damage per 3 turns " "
26 - 30 " 2x less of each item "
31 - 35 " " Effects 2 turns shorter
35 - 40 100 damage per 3 turns " "
41 - 50 " " Effects 3 turns shorter

Note: " means as above

:money_mouth_face: Rewards

  • Below there will be a graphic showing the Rewards for completing each stage and the overall placement rewards

  • Each stage rewards some emblems & one or more Tower Coins

Progression Reward – Tower Chest

Added in V33 update, there is now a Tower Chest which unlocks on completing every 10 levels.

Note; this also creates a “Completion” reward of sorts where the 5th and Final Tower Chest will only be available on completing all 50 levels.

Each Tower Chest features a mixture of Fixed and Random Loot.

  • The Fixed Loot looks to be a set number of emblems and coins (type of emblem varies).

  • Random loot includes Crafting & Ascension Materials & Battle Items.

Tower Chest Stage Unlocked Tower Coins Emblems
1 10 10x 10x
2 20 10x 10x
3 30 10x 10x
4 40 10x 20x
5 50 25x 30x
Total - 65x 80x

Click for Guvnors Example Loot - Dec 2020

Tower Chest 1

Tower Chest 2

Tower Chest 3

Tower Chest 4

Tower Chest 5

:world_map: Cap’s Infographic Guides

NOTE!!! All below infographics are based on LAST Ninja Tower Event & may change. Cap will update when time permits if there are changes.
Credit: @cap
Source: 🏯 Cap's Ninja Tower Infographics & Guides

Click for Rewards Summary Graphic

Click for Boss Special Skill Info

Click for graphic on Deadly Chambers & Oni Blessings

Oni Blessings

Deadly Chamber Effects

@Zartanis Infographic:

Click for Zartanis' Infographics (Part 1 & Part 2)

@Brenna85’s Infographics (Polish):

Click for Brenna85's Polish guides/ infographics

:spiral_notepad: Guides to the Ninja Tower Event

Some helpful guides to completing and playing through the Ninja Tower have been written by some prominent Beta Testers which I am sharing here now :slight_smile:

Credit to @madmarv for this writeup.
Source: 🧪 Early Information on Ninja Tower Event [Part of The Beta Beat v31 & V32]

Click for guide by @madmarv

:money_with_wings: Tower Coin

A new coin currancy added to the game. Used exclusively to summon in the Ninja Portal.

In Game Tool-Tip:

Used for a free summon at the Ninja Summon. You need 100 coins for one summon.
This Item can be received as a reward from the Ninja Tower

Thus far there are only two sources of these Ninja Coins:

  1. as completion rewards for each individual stage of the ninja tower. Each stage will grant 1-3 ninja coins (depending on progres).
  2. End placement rewards.
  3. And I guess offers but that’s an obvious one.

:left_speech_bubble: Share Your Teams & Results for Ninja Tower Level!

Post your teams in a comment down below, and how you did!

  • Which team did use for each Stage?
  • What Battle Items did you use, if any?
  • Which Stages did you defeat?
  • Would you do anything different next time?
  • Anything else interesting to share?

:woman_superhero: Ninja Tower Summons & Offers :money_mouth_face:

For information and discussion on Nina Portal Summons & Offers, as well as sharing your Summon results, please see:

🏯 [Dec 2020] Ninja Portal - Summons, Stats, Results & Offers

Ninja Tower Heroes

A part of the Ninja Tower Event, a series of new heroes & troops have been added to the Ninja Tower.
Please note this thread is NOT designed for discussing the power or Effectivness of the Ninja Tower Heroes. For discussing the new Ninja Heroes please use this thread:

🏯 Ninja Hero Thoughts & Discussion Thread

Beta Information on the Ninja Heroes: 🧪 Early Information on Ninja Tower Heroes (Epic & Legendary) [Part of The Beta Beat V32]

:balance_scale: Changes

Version 33 Changes:

:question: Questions?

If you have questions about the Ninja Tower Event Quest, please post them down below.

:link: Related Threads

Historical Ninja Tower Threads:

Beta & Announcements


Still oni curse has its effect to remove heroes permanent ? Oh no boring event , I liked TOL better than this one .


Sorry, but this boring event is back already???
I hope the rewards are a bit better this time otherwise its a big pass for me.
Effort versus Reward is totally out of whack.

Much rather do TOL.


I’ll do the bare minimum in this event again I think. Really not fond of it.

Finally get to use my troop tokens to see if I can get some ninja troops though


Interested to see how the changes, to include increased rewards, look.


Too bad you are forced to play it lol

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Nothing really forcing you to do it…?

Can ignore it if you want.


Im looking forwad this event. Last NT i got my Garnet and somewhat i knew it was my event. Its unlikely to pull another Ninja but id love a Jade or Cobalt.

Waiting to see the improvements they add in the rewards. (The milestone)

If I HAD to guess, I would say that the “progress” chests are similar to something they added to an event in Puzzle Combat.

At set points thru the event, a chest is unlocked. Inside the chest is a fixed amount of summon tokens and some RNG based loot.

So in PC, the event has 4x chests, one every 5 stages, which drop 1, 2, 3 & 4 tokens (summon cost is 10 tokens). In the first chest its basic 1* stuff but in the final chest, there was the chance to get unfarmable items.

Progress chest thing:

Event has run twice now so some example loot from the two times:

First chest:

Second chest

Third chest:


Fourth & Final chest:

Assault backpack & Kevlar Vest are equivalent of Orbs and Hidden Blades


So I didn’t really enjoy NT last time around. I am however looking forward to it a bit more this time. I have a few more maxed heroes, have some more battle items prepared and have a goal set for myself ( reach level 30 this time, got to 23 last time before raging/ giving up). The emblems should be sufficient to make up for resources spent if I dont go too overboard)

Here we go again :rofl: wonder if I’m gonna move past 15th level this time

50 tiers are an overkill, I’m surprised they didn’t nerf it already because of time and resources consumption…


Unlike monthly challenge events, I find NT event rewards not enough tempting to push for high scores. Too many very expensive Hunters lodge items are needed for a really good score. Like the last one, I will try to complete it, unless oni curse take my best heroes and decides the other way, LOL. If I finish it - good. If I dont finish it - I will not be stressed too much about it.


It seems that there haven’t been so many changes.

Last time I was able to finish NT after having spent a lot of resources. In this one I’m not going to make the same mistake. I’ll try to get enough coins to make one single pull.


I gave up at 42. My goal will be to pull a single pull and to get some coins more… stop. And I will pull friar tuck or Nashgar :joy:


Completed it once, probably not going to again, but I will check what the new chests are about.

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most likely I will ignore this event because a lot of resources and nerves are spent and in the end I get the hero Bane

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Can’t be bothered with it thinks its come around again to quickly but thats only my opinion


Looks like I might be in something of a minority in looking forward to the Ninja Tower. Like ToL, I like the challenge of using more of my heroes and while I didn’t get to finish it last time, and likely won’t this time either, I find it more challenging than simply doing all the levels of an event with the same team.

Last Ninja Tower I ran the first few levels with unlevelled three star heroes, but since then I have been levelling a lot of those up so hope I can eek out my three star bench for more levels than last time, thus leaving my better heroes and my rather pitiful five star hero bench to come in at higher levels than they did last time.

I have been saving my ETTs and some gems, and still have 46 Ninja Tower coins left from last time, so I am going to be hoping for some ninja troops as well as at least one more ninja hero so I can get that family bonus. I was lucky enough to pull Ametrine last time and have nearly finished levelling her. I had hoped to get her finished before tomorrow, but sadly not. She will no doubt still get used though since I really do run through my whole bench for this event and ToL.

I won’t be spending a lot of resources on the event, but do hope to reach higher than I did last time. If only I could remember where I got to… somewhere in the twenties or thirties, I think.


Just wanted to share my graphics to the event :slight_smile: they’re in Polish but should be clear for everyone :slight_smile:


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