🏯 [Dec 2020] Ninja Tower Event - FAQ & Discussion

Yeah, I mostly play for titans and wars. Quests like Ninja Tower do not appeal to me because the rewards are not worth the time and effort. Clearly it was intended for players who have already gotten enough “stuff” and are just looking for more challenge.

Players who want more challenge are not going to be satisfied with a once every two months event.
Players who want more loot are not going to bother with a difficult event that doesn’t yield much in rewards.

Just seems to me like the gaps continue to widen between players, and these attempts to “meet everyone in the middle” are not particularly appeasing any party.

Take a feature like Ninja Tower:
Fun challenge for players with top rosters, but don’t happen often enough.
Pain in the butt with little rewards to make it worth it for players like me in the middle.
Impossible for players below me.


The question is do you prefer Legend of Taverns or Ninja Tower?

Ninja Tower do not use empty slot, it took half of Legend of Taverns’s slot.



If they wanted to make NT for everyone, they would make “rare, epic, legendary” tier like for Santa.
And maybe up to 25 lvl each.

Current form … Sure you can play and it doesn’t use WE but for many it’s a waste of time.


I was actually able to complete Tavern personally, twice.

Again, for me unfortunately, the rewards were not worth, so I probably won’t bother a third time.

Ninja Tower is even more levels for, according to all that I’ve read, even less reward. Seems like it was strictly designed with full blown “end game” players in mind.

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Personally, I find Ninja Tower much more engaging. Tavern is way too easy, just doesn’t require much planning at all, I actually make it more difficult for myself by a ‘personal rule’ to make rainbow teams only… Still not a challenge, though better (in terms of challenge, not rewards) than the seasonal ladders where easy, normal and half of hard were completed on autoplay with the same set of heroes. Don’t want to brag about it, just show perspective how the game looks from top 100 alliance player perspective.

There are more rewards in Ninja; before they added the chests Tavern probably provided a bit more summon ‘coins’ compared to NT. With battle items and emblems as rewards, NT beats ToL by far. The new chests will likely provide enough Ninja coins for yet another free pull which will make the amount of free Dawas doubled as compared to ToL :sweat_smile: No but seriously rewards are still crappy in both events, just play them for challenge. It’s baffling why easy stuff like rare quests gives rarest ascension mat just like that and the really difficult stuff gives rewards so negligible, but that’s just one of many mysteries unsolved (read: nonsenses) in this game.


Has anyone tested if they flee with an oni curse on a hero with turns left, if that hero cops a permanent oni curse?

Edit to add: preliminary feedback from other sources indicates that fleeing makes the curse stick.

Edit again: confirmed


Tavern was a challenge for me, as I planned it out for exactly one team per level. If I ended up failing on one of the later stages, I would have had enough epic and legendary heroes left to finish the final stage.

Guess that just shows how sad my overall roster is. I just barely have 30 level 70+ heroes for wars; go past my top 30 heroes, and now we’re digging low into 3* hero territory.

When it comes to events that require finishing several levels to complete, I need the rewards to be worth the time. Meaning, I need something of value from it - unfarmable ascension mats, emblems, free summons, etc. And no, it’s not good enough for me to get 1 free Dawa after X hours of grinding. I’m going to need something better than that for it to be worth my time.

I just look at both of those quests as being something that most people probably just do for fun anyway, usually people who don’t particularly need any more heroes or mats or anything. Personally though, I need a lot more of a lot of things, and I am not going to waste a lot of time on an event that isn’t going to give me anything I need.


We’ve all been there. In a year that will likely change, while the events will remain the same difficulty. And you’ll probably be looking to take on bigger challenges then, provided you won’t get tired of the game by that time. It’s just the game started introducing challenges to players all over their ‘player tenure lifecycle’ which is really positive after the end game players were ignored for so long and beside throwing money at Monthly Challenge Events there wasn’t much to do. Someone above suggested to in that case make Ninja available only at player level 50 and above. Well, while that would probably make sense, I am pretty sure we would only have an outrage of lower levels players who wanted to play it for ‘at least some of the rewards’ or to ‘test themselves’… same as the level requirement was criticized in the class quests of higher difficulty. So NT is more available, but should be obvious that a level 40 player finishing his second set of legendary heroes will quite likely not reach the top; otherwise there would be no challenge in it for end players.

How about just let’s pretend that reaching level 10 is “easy”, level 20 is “normal”, level 30 is “hard”, level 40 is “very hard” and level 50 is “ultimate”. That’s really all it is, just labels are missing.

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I agree,… I still remember and this make F2P much more struggle… but I hope there are a flask in the high-level chest, maybe? Or inbox in day-2/3/4?

EDIT: specially if the connection is error or game-crash! one of my alliance member have lost connection and can not go to 10th floor sadly :man_shrugging:


I always complete Tavern and I also complete the last Ninja Tower.

There is positive and negative on both.

If this game is supposed to be a work then I will pick NT because it is more rewarding.

If this game is supposed to be for fun then I will pick ToL because playing ToL is easy while playing NT is stressfull… It took me 1-2 hours per day in the last levels… and I have to be in constant vigilant to prevent getting cursed…


I got absolutely hammered with them this time round and nearly lost my top heroes by level 10.

Literally this. And only the players at the top are really going to reap any benefit.

So by this logic literally everyone else outside the top 100 alliances should suffer for your being engaged? Sounds very elitist and does not create any possibilitiy of a level playing field.

It’s not like they take your Ninja Coins and transfer to top players, right? By playing with your roster you can get to let’s say 30 level, still gain tens of Ninja Coins and emblems… not all rewards it has to offer but I wouldn’t call it suffering. If you suffer by playing the event because it’s hard then don’t play it… To turn around your argument, why would top 100 alliances suffer just so you are able to beat everything with mediocre heroes?

I mean, games are there to provide challenge and what I liked about this one for a long time was that it did provide challenge in PVM battles for quite a while (seasonal ladders, S2 hard stages, hard class quests etc) but then out of sudden it stopped; once you get the right heroes, it becomes a breeze. Got so used to everything being beatable without a second thought it got dull; I don’t even play the S3 stages anymore because they are just soooo boring. Now they finally started introducing some challenge again. If you don’t like that, just keep farming 8-7 on autoplay if that’s the kind of gameplay that doesn’t make you suffer :roll_eyes: and appreciate the fact there’s something in this game for everyone’s needs.


they didnt change anything on this tower, its really disappointing
still ■■■■■■■ hard if you dont have a big roster
loots are just meeh, not worth all the battle item we need to complete it

only good thing is 5% for a ninja troop on troop summon

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I think those who can complete 30 floor can complete ToL

For those who can complete 30 floor, it is more like taking 200 legends coins and more effort but only return 50 ninja coins and emblems (don’t know how many)

I would like NT and ToL can appear together. Let NT stay every other month but keep ToL every month.


Ninja event makes me to miss TOL , I’m missing very hard TOL which replaced by ninja event every other month . Can TOL comes every month ?


As of this writing, 4 players have already completed the Ninja Tower event:

On the very first day !!!

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I know i am not forced to join it…
And I am not joining this in my opinion horrible event.

Lot of time to invest, Near nothing as a return.
Have fun if you decide to do.

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See how easy it is? Piece of cake

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